Carrot (Battle For Isle Sleep)

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Carrot (Battle For Isle Sleep)
Carrot Nov2014.png
"What? Why am I on this wiki for?"
Gender: Male
Type: So-called "Antagonist"
Species: Carrot
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Battle For Isle Sleep
Last Appearance: Z Dodgeball Ultimate

Carrot is the main antagonist from an Object show called Battle For Isle Sleep. He is a member of the Shining Lights and he got eliminated first in "Z Dodgeball Ultimate".

Why He Sucks

  1. Despite being the main antagonist of the series, he gets little to no screentime and he has only competed in only one challenge, which is standing on the beam to become an antagonist.
  2. He's just a stereotypical generic bully and he has absolutely no reason to cause havoc and bully the other characters from the show.
  3. He almost did nothing to help out the team in "Don't Capsize!". All he ever did was threaten Eggy and Brownie that he would twist their necks if their team loses.
  4. When he got eliminated in "Z Dodgeball Ultimate", all he ever said was "What?!", as a matter of fact, he hasn't gained that much vocabulary and his lines felt like they were overused from other Object shows. That also proves he cannot take criticism.
  5. He mainly lacks development, and hardly did memorable throughout all of the challenges he competed in.
  6. Of course, the reason why he was picked last when both Lamp and Candle were choosing their team members is that he's mean, but in a laughable way because most mean Object Show characters get picked last while the team captains were picking their teams.
  7. He's just another blatant example of a filler character.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His voice does fit for a "mean" character.


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