Captain Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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Captain Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Carol Danvers.jpg
It's marvelous how they managed to flanderize a bad incarnation of a good character.
Gender: Female
Type: Mary Sue
Species: Half-Kree Half-Human
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is the protagonist of Captain Marvel and a minor character Avengers: Endgame.

Why She's Anything But Marvelous

  1. She is based on the most controversial incarnation of Captain Marvel.
  2. The only face she can really make is the one seen in the movie poster, as Brie Larson has a single facial expression throughout both films. This makes her show zero emotion and looking disinterested. She also lacks the outward anger and arrogance that the comic version had.
  3. Although she was prone to anger and is rather arrogant, unlike in the comics, this trait is portrayed rather blandly.
    • She told the Avengers they failed to defeat Thanos because they "didn't have her" on their side.
  4. She's a Mary Sue whose character arc basically amounts to being validated. She also immediately received powers just because of a Tesseract-powered engine blast rather than infused DNA from a super-powered alien race known as the Kree. As a result, she ends up as woke pandering than an actual character.
  5. Her sleeping with her commanding officer would not go well with any Earth military.
  6. She attacks random people and causes damages but faces no consequences. Everyone even tends to forget this.
  7. She just abandons Earth for over 23 years due to her amnesia. There's also a lack of deep development about regaining her memories on Earth. Instead, she just interacts a couple of minutes with Maria Rambeau and after being subjugated by the Supreme Intelligence, she suddenly remembers who she is.
  8. Her portrayer, Brie Larson, proclaims Carol to be one of MCU’s most powerful characters, but it doesn’t feel earned. It is also not comic book accurate as Hulk, Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man films), Thor, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange and the Masters of the Mystic Arts should all outmatch her.
  9. Her whole existence creates plot holes. Why didn't Nick Fury call her when New York City was getting attacked by the chitauri or during Age of Ultron when Sokovia was getting lifted? Her explanation of other planets needing her doesn't hold any water as we never actually see her protecting any other worlds either. Where was she when Ronan attacked Xandar?
  10. She was shoehorned into Avengers: Endgame. You could take her out of the movie and it wouldn't affect anything other than having the possibility of saving Iron Man and Nebula from dying in space or on Titan. The only contributing things she did in the movie was to save Tony and Nebula from space and destroying Thanos' Mothership. And even that could be taken out of the film without affecting anything. In fact, she was set up as the person who would shoulder the threat of Thanos much like Scarlet Witch after her, yet she is barely in it and the people taking down Thanos are just Iron Man and the Masters of the Mystic Arts. If she was just going to be kept out for most of the movie, why bother having her?
    • She was just thrown off the screen after having been punched by Thanos with the Power Stone after hesitating a few seconds to finish him off, leaving her open to his attack. She doesn't even get back up to continue fighting him. Given her statement in WIS #3, this also makes her a hypocrite.
    • In fact even having her in the scene with Tony and Nebula was pointless as they could have just had them not start being left for dead in space or even on Titan, making her completely pointless.
  11. This incarnation also gave the original comics version and Carol Danvers in general a bad name, due to becoming a bland feminist soapbox.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her costume is really good.
  2. Her relationships with both Maria and a young Monica Rambeau are quite sweet.
  3. Brie Larson does give a decent performance, despite coming off as bland.
  4. Her introduction when she goes down at the atmosphere Earth when she destroyed Thanos' mothership was awesome.
  5. She is not an "All man are evil/idiots."-type propganda character which makes her the least bad of all of the poorly written female characters of the late 2010s.
  6. If it hadn't been for her, Tony and Nebula would have died.


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