Carl (Talking Tom & Friends, seasons 2-present)

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Gender: Male
Type: Greedy businessman
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Brian Stack
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Talking Tom & Friends

Carl (better known as the CEO) is the main antagonist in Talking Tom & Friends. He was originally a minor character who was considered on the good side, but when he turned out to be evil in "Forgotten Kiss," he was remade as an antagonist.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. As of Season 2, he betrayed Talking Tom and his gang and he started to hate them for no good reason whatsoever, he hates them because... well, nobody knows. Aside from one possible implication of being remorseful for the loss of his goldfish to the point of having a personal vendetta towards Tom and his friends, that's all we really know.
    • It doesn't help by the fact that it never gives an explanation for why he became greedy and evil, which suffers as a major plot hole that has never been brought up in the series.
  2. Most of the episodes that portray him now always have to involve him trying to ruin Tom and Ben's career for whatever reason.
  3. Character derailment: Nowadays, his character is nothing more than just a stereotype of an evil, greedy businessman, which is a stereotype that has already been done to death in other cartoons, and Carl doesn't really bring anything new to the table.
    • It also seems like the writers were trying way too hard to make him like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons or Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants, but unlike those two characters, which are actually funny and redeemable stereotypes of greedy businessmen (with the exception of Krabs' counterpart in season 6-10), Carl is just an unfunny version of those characters with zero empathy towards anyone but himself.
  4. He said that Tom shouldn't be trusted because of his friends, which is an extremely unfair thing to do; your friends do not hint what your personality is at all.
    • Furthermore, his reasons for not trusting his friends are stupid, as his reasons for Ben, Hank and Ginger are just downright random whereas he doesn't trust Angela because she's a singer but she rides scooters, which is just dumb because everyone has the right to have two dream jobs.
  5. Because of all of these qualities, it can be hard to take him seriously as a villain despite his actions.
  6. He has done a lot of illegal activities and he surprisingly gets away with nearly all of them too:
    1. He also stole Angela's song to become mayor and end Tom and Ben Enterprises for whatever reason.
    2. He stole Tom's guide on being a good mayor just so he could win the debate.
  7. His voice can be extremely irritating at times.
  8. While this is not entirely his fault, his nephew Darren while not as bad as Carl but he is just as much of a hateable, annoying jerk who is always mean-spirited and one-sided to Ginger and his friends for no apparent reason. This means that Carl seems like he wanted Darren to be just Carl when he eventually grows up, kind of a bad influence wouldn't you say?
    • And no, "his uncle hates the gang" is not actually a reason, the gang and the CEO were not enemies until the episode "Forgotten Kiss," so their rivalry is still unexplained.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was somewhat likable before season 2, mainly due to the fact he wasn't greedy beforehand and he was actually a nice person to Tom and his friends.
  2. He can have a few funny moments at times.
  3. He gets his fair comeuppance at times, like when he confessed his illegal activities to the town and he lost the mayor debate in "Vote for Tom!".


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