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    Carl (Talking Tom & Friends)

    Gender: Male
    Type: Stereotypical "Greedy Businessman"
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Brian Stack
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Talking Tom & Friends

    Carl (better known as the CEO) is the main "antagonist" in Talking Tom & Friends. He was originally a minor character who was considered on the good side (though could often be annoying and selfish), but when he turned out to be evil in "Forgotten Kiss," he was remade as an "antagonist". He is voiced by Brian Stack.

    Intentionally Bad Qualities

    Bad Qualities in Season 1

    1. He takes things way too seriously, such as in "Funny Robot Galileo," where Ben makes a joke about his goldfish, making him remember his late pet goldfish, and then kick Tom and his friends out of the building as if they insulted his family or something more personal than a goldfish. Which makes him come off as pretty obnoxious and very overdramatic, much like another money-obsessed "businessman" who always exaggerates about anything.
    2. His voice by Brian Stack can be irritating to listen to at times, despite the fact that Brian Stack usually does a greatly passable job voicing him. The worst examples includes his unnecessarily over-the-top yelling and his sobbing that makes him sound too dramatic.
    3. He can often be cruel and mean-spirited, such as in the season 1 episode "Untalking Tom," where he was shown to be unsympathetic to failing contestants in his competition.

    Why He Has Sucked Since Season 2

    1. As of season 2, he randomly turns out to be "evil" and "villainous" for no clear reason other than the fact he's sadistic and maniacal , making it a weak excuse of being a "egotistical money-loving villain who likess antagonizing a group of animals".
      • In addition to this, despite being just "evil" rather than actually having a reason to specifically hate Tom and his friends, he is only rude to Tom and his friends, making it look like the writing team forgot that he is supposed to be completely evil rather than just an enemy of them. This makes him a generic doomsday villain who will only do horrid misdeeds just to spite them like a petty-minded rival does.
    2. Most of the episodes that portray him now always have to involve him trying to ruin Tom and Ben's career for some reason.
    3. Flanderization: Nowadays, his character is nothing more than just a one-dimensional stereotype of an heinous, greedy businessman, which is a stereotype that has already been done to death in many other cartoons that depicts businessmen as "selfish money-obsessing cheapskates", and Carl doesn't really bring anything new to the table, making him very cliched.
      • It also seems like the writers were trying way too hard to make him like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons or Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants, but unlike those two characters, which are actually funny and redeemable stereotypes of "greedy businessmen" (with the exception of Mr. Krabs' counterpart in season 6-10), and those two have entertaining aspects about their cheapness like facing comeupance, Carl just fails in comparison and comes off as an generally unfunny version of those characters who shows zero empathy towards anyone but himself.
    4. Because of all of these qualities combined (as well as his extremely silly and over-the-top behavior), it can be incredibly hard to take him seriously as a villain despite his actions and being a archenemy of Talking Tom and Friends, thus making Carl an overall nusiance.

    CarlCEOdeeming Qualities

    1. He can provide a few funny moments here and there.
    2. He, while not good, was still only average for the time in season 1.
    3. Brian Stack does a greatly passable job voicing him.


    • He resembles Donald Trump a lot, which was probably intentional.


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