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    Captain Crandall
    Teamo Supremeo? Yeah right!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Not-So-Supremo Kid
    Age: Kid
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Spencer Breslin
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Teamo Supremo

    Captain Crandall, alias Crandall, is the leader of the titular trio of Teamo Supremo. He is a young orange-haired boy who lives with his unnamed parents, his sister Jean, and his dog Action. He is fascinated with being a superhero, to the point that he believes that he actually is a superhero who hails from another planet, despite the family resemblance between him and his "Earth-mom". When Governor Kevin holds auditions to find a superhero after Baron Blitz escapes from prison, Crandall offers to take up that position, but not without gathering himself a team. He chooses two of his classmates, Hector Corrio and Brenda, as his teammates for their respective skateboarding and jump-roping skills.

    He was voiced by Spencer Breslin, who also portrayed Conrad Walden in live action Cat in the Hat film.

    Why He's Not So Supremo

    1. He gives away his secret identity by not wearing a mask and making his real first name the second word in his superhero name.
    2. He is bland and unlikable superhero.
    3. His character design is mediocre, lazy-looking and ugly, it doesn't make him look like an actual kid..
    4. His name is very unoriginal and laughable.
    5. His voice is incredibly appalling, and Spencer Breslin did a weak job voicing him.
    6. He never gets punished, making him a Karma Houdini.
    7. His smile is somewhat creepy.
    8. He's a total Gary Stu who fights the villains very poorly.

    Supremo Qualities

    1. He can be likable sometimes.
    2. He does have funny moments.



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