Candy Kong (Donkey Kong Country TV series)

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Candy Kong (Donkey Kong Country TV series)
Candy Kong.jpg
"Donkey Kong! Anytime you show up, things always go wrong."
Gender: Female
Type: The Mean-spirited side of Candy Kong.
Age: 25
Species: Kong
Portrayed by: Joy Tanner
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Donkey Kong Country (TV series)

Candy Kong is a character of the Donkey Kong series created by Rare and owned by Nintendo. She is the first female character seen in the series while Dixie was the first playable one in the series. She is also Donkey Kong's girlfriend. Sadly, she wasn't that great in the TV show series.

Why She Sucks

Note: This doesn't apply for her video game counterpart whatsoever.

  1. To start off the point of this character, her design looks nothing like her video game counterpart, she looks more like an African-American than her in-game design.
  2. She constantly gets mad at Donkey Kong when it's not his fault. For example: Bluster Kong threw a cake at her and she blames Donkey Kong for it. For another example: Diddy slammed a cake in her face because he thought she was the Candy clone, but when he realizes that she was the real Candy, he runs away scot-free and DK gets the blame and gets the cake slammed in the face by Candy.
  3. She once accused Donkey Kong for taking a banana cake without any evidence for it. (Though she wouldn't believe in him anyway because DK started to blame it on Diddy Kong.)
  4. This version of Candy also showed off a very quick temper.
  5. She sometimes gets no comeuppances for her actions.
  6. Candy is so bad that even The show's most prolific writer, Erika Strobel hates her.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She is sometimes nice to Donkey Kong.
  2. Joy Tanner did an okay job voicing her.


Since Candy's hair is drastically different to its appearances in the games and the cartoon, it's speculated that Candy's hair isn't real and that she wears wigs.


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