Calamity Mary (Magical Girl Raising Project)

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"Don’t oppose Calamity Mary. Don’t cause me trouble. And don’t piss me off."

Calamity Mary is a character from the Light Novel/Anime series Magical Girl Raising Project. She is a sadistic manipulative Magical Girl who uses magical firearms and grenades.

Why She Sucks

  1. She's very sadistic as she loves seeing people suffer horribly in battle and is not very honorable at all.
  2. She's mostly only used for shock value and fanservice since she mostly only wears revealing clothes and also used for the unnecessary edgy content of the series.
  3. She is like a prototype version of Sarina Shizukume from Magical Girl Site, they are also both sadistic and cruel who do things that are very juvinile.
  4. Her design is that of a stereotypical blonde female 1800's gunslinger.
  5. She also violently abused a child character which was her own daughter.
  6. She tries to show sympathy for her actions and evil deeds but does it in a very easily manipulative way though many readers/viewers will easily find out since many of the things she has done are very unsympathetic and abhorrent.
  7. She's also very obnoxious and juvenile as she tends to overuse profanity and act spoiled when someone criticizes her.
  8. She hates and wants to kill Ripple for an immature and very bad reason, which is that she thought she was looking down and belittling her.
  9. Her behavior is less worst than Rina Shioi, Sarina Shizukume, and Kaname Asagiri, from Magical Girl Site.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She looks kind of cute.
  2. She is not as mediocre as Sarina Shizukume from Magical Girl Site.
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