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    🎵🎶I'm just a brat who's four, each day I scream some more, I ruin children, I'm Caillou! So many crap to do, each day I whine some new, I'll badly influence kids, I'm Caillou! My world is breaking, tantrums each day, with mommy and daddy barely punishing me! Growing up is very tough, such as when I've screamed enough, there's lots of badly influenced kids, I'm Caillou! Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou! That's me!🎵🎶
    Gender: Male
    Type: Big Bratty Jerkish Boy Who Won't Grow Some More/The true reason why this character is hated
    Age: 2 (Big Brother Caillou)
    3 (season 1, original series)
    4 (season 2-5, original series)
    5 (seasons 1-4, Caillou's New Adventures)
    6 (CNA S5)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Bryn McAuley (1997-2000; season 1)
    Jaclyn Linetsky (2000-2003; seasons 2-3)
    Annie Bovaird (2003-2010; Holiday Movie and seasons 4-5)
    Laurie Hymes (New Adventures)
    Logan Nicholson (CGI reboot)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Caillou
    First appearance: Caillou (1989 book) (1989; books)
    Caillou Makes Cookies (1997; Television series)

    NOTE: Please have massive respect for the second-voice actress of Caillou, Jaclyn Linetsky, who died in a car accident on September 8, 2003. May she rest in peace.

    Caillou is the titular main protagonist of the Canadian animated TV series of the same name, its 2016 reboot Caillou's New Adventures, and its 2023 CGI reboot of the same name. He is a 4-year-old bald boy who is Rosie's older brother. His interests include cars and dinosaurs and he owns a stuffed dinosaur named Rexy, a teddy bear named Teddy, and a pet cat named Gilbert.

    He was voiced by Bryn McAuley from 1997 to 2000, then the late Jaclyn Linetsky from 2000 until she died in 2003, and then Annie Bovaird from the same year afterward until the original series' ending. In the 2016 reboot, Caillou's New Adventures, he is voiced by Laurie Hymes. In the CGI reboot (2023), he is voiced by Logan Nicholson.

    He serves as the mascot of Chouette Publishing (Les Editions Chouette in French), the company responsible for publishing his books.

    Why Each Day, He Won't Grow Some More

    1. To get the elephant out of the room, he is infamous for his constant whining, crying, and temper tantrums whenever he does not get what he wants or whenever things don’t go the way he wants them to. Most infamously, in "Caillou Joins the Circus", he throws a fit after finding out that he is going to the circus tomorrow when he thought it was today. Not next week, not next month, not next year, but tomorrow. This proves he cannot handle not going to the circus.
      • These temper tantrums got so out of hand that many parents complained about their children's behavior changing after they watched Caillou.
      • His second most infamous temper tantrum is in "Caillou's Teddy Shirt", all because of Rosie wearing his teddy shirt. He even shouts at Doris so loudly that the whole house could hear him. And when Doris tells him that it is too small for him, he just shouts back at her by saying, "NO! IT'S NOT TOO SMALL FOR ME!", when it actually was too small for him.
    2. His voice is extremely annoying, obnoxious and grating, especially when he cries. It is even worse in New Adventures and the CGI reboot, where he sounds older than a 4-5-year-old most of the time.
      • On that note, his crying will most likely get on your last nerves. The worst offender of this is in the New Adventures episode "Caillou and the Bully", as it sounds so realistic.
    3. He is very selfish and often refuses to share.
      • In "Caillou Makes a New Friend", he refused to share the swings and the pail with Jim until his grandfather and Jim's mother sorted it out.
      • In "Caillou's Quarrel", he refuses to say hi to Clementine and wants to play dinosaurs instead of having a tea party with Clementine he also yells out this: "I don't want to play families, I want to play DINOSAURS!!!" When Clementine has the dinosaurs be their children it gets Caillou in tears and he says he doesn't like Clementine. Luckily, his mother made them apologize and they were friends again.
      • In "Rosie Bothers Caillou", he kicks Rosie out of his room because she wouldn't leave him alone and lies to his mother about it.
      • In "Caillou's Promise", he went a little too far with Rosie in this episode. Firstly, Rosie started throwing sand on the road he had made and then on his shorts, which made him completely angry he told his mum that he didn't want Rosie to play in his sandbox, and when he went to take it off the sand from her shorts, the sand ended up in Rosie's eyes, which made her cry. He also said the same to his father when he and Rosie called him into the kitchen, and very reluctantly. Worst of all, during lunchtime, Caillou tells his dad that Jason and Jeffrey are taking him to the circus, and when Rosie says she wants to go too, he says he won't take her to the circus along with Jason and Jeffrey. In other words, he singled Rosie out to go to the circus along with Jason and Jeffrey.
    4. He is cruel to his little sister Rosie as well. As seen in "Big Brother Caillou" there was an infamous scene where he gruesomely pinches her in the face as a newborn all out of jealousy that she was getting more attention than her. His book version is no better as he bites her face.
      • Speaking of, he was his absolute worst there.
    5. He's the male version of D.W. Read from the first fifteen seasons of Arthur, but even worse.
    6. He became an annoying Gary Stu in seasons 4 and 5 (the Cookie Jar era). Despite being better behaved, he is given a blander characterization, and his voice still sounds more louder and obnoxious than before.
      • Modern Caillou (the Caillou with the yellow shirt (while not as bad as Caillou with the beige/grey shirt)) also isn't any better than classic Caillou for the following reasons:
        • In "Caillou's Bad Dream", he got up to play in the middle of the night and when he tried to turn off his fire truck, he woke his mother up. Luckily, his mother made him go to sleep so he wouldn't get any bad dreams anymore.
        • In "Caillou Stays Up Late", he got up to go to a grown-up party when told to go to sleep three times.
        • In "Caillou's Cross Word", he and Leo insult Clementine by saying she is stupid and hurt her feelings. Luckily, he apologized to her and they were friends again.
    7. His modern flanderization got worse in Caillou's New Adventures.
      • In "Caillou and the Chores", he and Clementine refuse to go outside to help his dad do the work and instead just stay home just to play video games but he eventually gets grounded for that.
      • In "Caillou's Prison Break", he refuses to eat his vegetables and eventually gets grounded for it and then, later on, tries to escape his room.
      • In "Caillou and the Dress Up Day", he tells Jeffrey that his fairy costume is for girls and suggests others, making him sexist.
      • In "Caillou Steals Candy", he begs his mom to give him a chocolate bar, and she tells him no. In response, he puts it in his pocket and melts it on purpose, due to his pockets being very hot at the time.
      • In "Caillou and the Bunny" (which is where modern Caillou is at his absolute worst), he gets jealous of the bunny Nibbles. After Rosie adopts him, he starts becoming spiteful and reckless towards the bunny while trying to play with him, even going as far as to scare him once Nibbles flees and hides inside the rabbit shed. He then threatens to make Nibbles come out of his shed while making this face.
      • In "Detective Caillou", he acts incredibly spiteful to Rosie (although not as bad as what he did in "Big Brother Caillou"), by taking her carrots off her and even telling her where she was in the morning (despite Rosie not knowing it correctly), and looks at her angrily and tells her, "Carrots are orange too, isn't that right, Rosie?" while pulling his weird smug at her, making her cry. Not to mention, when he sees Gilbert with his ball, he chases him because he just wanted his ball back, literally going as far as scaring the poor cat before hiding under the couch.
      • In "Leo's Birthday Sleepover", he infamously spilled a glass of juice on the carpet while he was looking for a spaceship, and then tries to hide it with presents so Leo and Caleb wouldn't notice, but ended up embarrassing himself once Leo picked up the present and sees the juice spilled on the carpet.
      • He was shown as a massive idiot in "Rainy Day", where he and Rosie disturb their dad while he's on the phone and doing work on the laptop, not to mention that he even scared him once he made his coffee but then, later on, made his dad spill his coffee in his jumper, and bother their dad even more further once he and Rosie started throwing balls at his face and then hid under the table so their dad won't notice, and once their dad politely told them to leave, their dad was left with no time.
      • Not helping matters is that Caillou would be reverted to his seasons 1-3 (Cinar era) self in Caillou's New Adventures, where he's back to acting like a whiny spoiled brat, with a hint of his seasons 4 and 5 characterizations thrown in, although he doesn't whine as much as he did in the original series. Worse, he's louder and more obnoxious compared to the original series.
      • The CGI reboot series shows that he has become a Gary Stu again, but this time it's worse than his seasons 4 and 5 (Cookie Jar era) self.
    8. His design in New Adventures is pretty unappealing (and ugly) to look at, at least in the episodes from 2016-2022. His CGI design from the 2023 reboot is no better.
      • Plus, in season 1 of the original series, he had a slightly more generic design, as he wore a beige/grey shirt.
    9. While not often, he can sometimes be treated like a Butt-Monkey since things never seem to go his way. Not that he doesn’t deserve it however due to how much a brat he is. For example, during his first day of daycare, he plays with blocks, only for Leo to come near him and take the blocks from him while saying "Hey! Those are my blocks!"
    10. He is truly and completely at his absolute worst in Caillou's New Adventures, and the grounded videos out of him.
    11. He's the main reason for how much this show is hated and controversial, since he's the protagonist, and people probably won't like a show with a mean-spirited protagonist.

    Qualities That He Can Grow Some More

    1. When he is not misbehaving and throwing tantrums (especially in seasons 3-5 and the CGI reboot), he is kind of cute sometimes, and there are some episodes where he is decently portrayed. The same can be said about his design as well, and his yellow shirt from season 2 onward makes his design look better compared to the beige/grey shirt he wore in season 1, though the same can't be said about his character design in the 2016-2022 episodes of New Adventures, or his design in the CGI reboot. Speaking of his character design in New Adventures, his design of "Doctor Caillou's Patient" is an improvement over the previous one due to it looking less rigid and more accurate to how he appeared in the original series.
    2. He sometimes teaches good life lessons about social values and behavior, along with exploring the world.
    3. Even though it is still louder and obnoxious than the original, his voice in the 2023 reboot is at least a slight improvement over the last two shows, especially since he is finally voiced by an actual child (which is Logan Nicholson) (and it sounds okay).
      • Also, Jaclyn Linetsky did a great job voicing him in seasons 2 and 3 (unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident on September 8, 2003).
    4. Much like a lot of other characters here, he does often get his comeuppance for his actions such as when his father scolded him for throwing a tantrum in "Caillou Joins the Circus", where he says "Caillou, stop all this racket! You woke up Rosie! I want you to come downstairs right now!".
      • And he was also scolded by his parents twice in "Caillou's Promise". Firstly, when his mom told him the litter box belonged to him and Rosie, and she said, "No buts!" quite triumphant. And finally, when his father scolded him for not being very nice to Rosie and because Jason and Jeffrey's mother hadn't told him anything about the circus in the park, which made him not allow him to go with them.
      • On top of that, in Caillou's New Adventures, despite reverting to his characterization from seasons 1-3, he does end up getting his comeuppance. To name two examples:
        • He got grounded for not listening to his mom for not getting off of the video game he was playing.
        • Another time he got grounded was for banging on the table, for not eating his broccoli, and for trying to escape his room to play with his friends in the aforementioned "Caillou's Prison Break".
    5. His bad behavior can be excused somewhat, due to his young age.
      • On that note, since his parents are such wet blankets, it's understandable that he never learns his lesson thanks to his lack of discipline.
    6. He does have his fair share of likable moments that happen once in a blue moon. Special mention goes to the series finale, "You're Not Miss Martin!", where he redeemed himself and doesn't act like a Gary Stu.
      • Despite some season 5 New Adventures episodes showing him as a bratty, selfish, idiotic, moron in episodes such as "The Floor is Lava", "Caillou and the Dress Up Day", "Caillou Has a Nightmare", "Caillou at the Restaurant 2", "Caillou Steals Candy", "Caillou and the Bunny", "Detective Caillou", "Pottery Chaos", "Leo's Birthday Sleepover", "Rainy Day", and "Caillou Builds a Go Kart", he at least apologized and (intentionally) learned his lesson at times.
    7. Caillou can be hilarious at times, especially since he has had a lot of funny moments in the series.
    8. He learned to share his toys with Rosie in “Rosie the Giant”.



    • Caillou's Tantrum in "Caillou Joins the Circus"
      When the book series started in 1987, Caillou was a baby, but when it was time for him to age up, the illustrator found that giving Caillou hair would've made him unrecognizable, thus explaining the character's baldness. They made him bald so that young kids (the franchise's demographic) wouldn’t get confused over the character's appearance.
    • He, along with Dora and Little Bill, are main victims of grounded videos made in GoAnimate/Vyond and sometimes Plotagon
      • His misbehavior and unlikable behavior also caused him to spawn a parody series called "Caillou at 22" made by AOK and an appearance in a Family Guy episode named "Stewie's First Word".
    • He has a funny parody series that originally started in TikTok and later put into YouTube, made by TheVincentMottola. There, he along with his family are involved in several impression skits, raps, and crossovers. He at least gets punished when he does something wrong, is an obedient child at times, and is even sympathetic when taken advantage of by his sister Rosie and Angry Doris.



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