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Reviweing97Shows/sandbox/Cad Spinner
Ah, buh, buh, buh.
Gender: Male
Type: Rude, highly selfish idiot
Species: Vehicle (Cadillac Escalade/GMC Yukon Denali)
Portrayed by: w:John Michael Higgins
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Planes

Cad Spinner is the main antagonist of Planes: Fire & Rescue, acting as the superintendent of Piston Peak National Park. His model resembles a hybrid between a 2002-2006 Cadillac Escalade and 2007-2014 Cadillac Escalade/GMC Yukon Denali, with a Pontiac/Lincoln-style grille design. Unfortunately, in an earlier version, there was a possibly that he was going to resemble the then-all-new 2015 Cadillac Escalade with customized blacked out visuals.

Bad Qualities

  1. He refuses to evacuate his lodge from a fire that could have killed hundreds and he didn't care about the fact that the firefighters needed the water from the main pipe and instead uses it to turn on the lodge's roof sprinklers.
  2. He only cares about his Grand Fusel Lodge.
  3. Confusing and very strange character development and appearances: In an earlier idea, how could he even manage to appear in a more alternative and conceptual design from a very rare TV commercial before or even during the release, development, and/or even the events of the film? Why was this a somewhat unused model from the finished actual film? Why did he not appear in the film as this version? Did he not have a name then or it could've been unconfirmed nor not revealed yet? Or how did they come up with this such idea?
    • Around 2014-2015, there were some brief rumors that he was somewhat rarely going to appear in the then-upcoming Cars 3.
    • Sadly, he in this version only got a very little bit of screen time way too fast for a lot, which was very disappointing and pretty much kind of a huge red flag to fans of the Cars series, the actual character, and the finished actual film itself.
    • And speaking of this version's elements, the only visually known identifiable elements used from this version of him was his white paint (of course), a gloss black grille, at least notably the visible Cadillac emblem, and maybe the same ground of Piston Peak National Park as later seen in the actual film. Unfortunately, the image nor commercial was sadly removed some months or years later, maybe because of the fact that this might've been of course, due to copyrighting issues in between with Disney/Pixar and Cadillac (General Motors). It seemed to be an odd or very strange parallel to the 2019 Escalade Sport Edition somewhat similar to a few possible renders or this one still but white, despite not being actually introduced right until 5 years later after the film.[1]
  4. He always mispronounces Pulaski's name like 4 TIMES every time he asks to him and never does even say his name right. His mispronunciations were "Who-ski?", "Pnewski.", "Papooski.", "P'tootsie". He never even said Pulaski's name right either.
  5. It does sometimes get annoying with his quote "Ah, buh, buh buh.", despite this latter coming across as a bit funny sometimes.

Good Qualities

  1. John Michael Higgins did a great job voicing him and gave such a pretty good performance.
  2. Both designs actually looked pretty good too. despite the first one being sadly forgotten and little-to-no screen time, but still though.
  3. There actually were some funny scenes involving him, like where he meets Dusty Crophopper and the rescue crew, the scene where he drives to some dumpsters and shouts "Then fire the old lady, and get somebody who can get them!" while calling with his antenna, and the scene where he accidentally mistakes Dusty Crophopper for Ripslinger at first despite the fact even though he is not in the second film (except aside from brief footage the first film where Dusty talks to Brent Mustangburger (a character carried over from Cars 2).
  4. Additionally, he can be likable to some Cars and Planes fans sometimes.


  • Filmmakers wanted to ensure moviegoers sensed that Cad Spinner is in fact a highly selfish and corrupt official, so they placed trash bins or dumpsters near the SUV in nearly every shot in which he appears.
    • Despite this, Cad is not the main antagonist, as most of the film revolves around firefighting against accidental forest fires.
  • Cam Spinner from Cars 3 has a name that is similar to that of Cad Spinner.
  • He even had his own short of the same name, titled "Cad Spinner" itself.
  • A black SUV with the same model appears at the stand in the short Vitaminamulch: Air Spectacular, with no noticeable differences, just only except missing the Piston Peak National Park nor Park Ranger badge on both his front left and right doors.


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