Butch The Bully (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)

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Butch The Bully (Cool Cat Saves the Kids)
"I love being a bully! And a meme!"
Gender: Male
Type: One Dimensional Bully
Age: Possibly 8 or 10
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: 'Cool Cat Saves the KidsAMW'

Butch The Bully is a one dimensional character and the main antagonist in the infamous "Cool Cat Saves the Kids" movie. He is acted by Connor Dean.

Why He Sucks

  1. No character development at all. No reason is given to why he bullies the characters of the movie.
  2. Horrible quotes such is "I just punked her"
  3. Both him in the books and in the movies are supposed to be fat and this is an example of how Derek Savage likely dislikes overweight people.
  4. His voice is ear-piercing though not as much as Cool Cat's.
  5. According to the movie, he is a bully is due to him not having any friends, and if a kid does not have friends then it's because they are a bully. Which is not true as bullies are usually seen in packs, and some kids can have trouble interacting with other children.
  6. He's pretty laughable for being meant to be an antagonist bully.
    • Why would he prank call someone across the street?
  7. His fate is pretty stupid. He gets arrested just for holding a gun.
    • Worse, he is too young to get arrested
  8. in one scene, he finds a gun and takes it to school (in a kid's movie by the way).