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    Burt Burtonburger (Kid vs. Kat)

    Burt Burtonburger
    Grounding and neglecting your son for stupid and terrible reasons especially when it's Kat's fault makes you one of the worst fathers.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Comic Relief Filler Character with No Personality
    Usually Brainwashed Character
    Useless, Mean-spirited, and Overly Oblivious Father
    Age: 37 (season 1)
    38 (season 2)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Trevor Devall
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat

    Burt Burtonburger is one of the characters of the Canadian animated series Kid vs. Kat. He is the head of his household and father of Coop and Millie. He was voiced by Trevor Devall.

    Why He's Unfit to Be a Father

    1. He has no personality whatsoever. He lacks so much personality, that he can shockingly laughably hardly be considered a character.
    2. Burt also gets easily fooled by Kat's tricks and blames Coop for almost everything.
    3. He barely believes Coop for all the dirty work Kat has done.
    4. He punishes Coop for almost everything (usually in season 1), even for the things he never did, thus making him similar to Stephen Stotch from South Park.
      • He also doesn't have enough proof Coop is the one responsible for all the bad things that happen and doesn't even try to understand him at all.
      • Even if it's something Coop really can't do, Burt still blames him for it, which is pretty dumb.
      • Every scene where he unfairly blames and punishes Coop can be mean-spirited and painful to watch, especially those who don't like scenes like these.
    5. He is a bland comic relief filler character for the series for the most part.
    6. He never trusts Coop for anything when it's all Kat's fault.
      • Burt lacks faith in his son which is just sad, especially since Coop is only trying to do the right thing. However, Burt is completely oblivious to this, which is just annoying.
    7. Whenever other characters blame Coop for Kat's evildoings, he never stands up for him and instead believes that Coop is responsible for all the bad things that happened.
      • The fact that Burt is like this, makes him very useless.
    8. He rarely disciplines, scolds, or even punishes Millie for the bad things she does but instead tags along with her and spoils her rotten. How irresponsible of you, Burt.
      • He constantly scolds and punishes Coop for bad things he's not responsible for (without even trying to understand him), yet he rarely disciplines Millie for being a mean little brat. Weird, right?
    9. He can be considered another example of a bad father from another TV show.
    10. His design, while passable, looks like a Lawrence Fletcher reject from Phineas and Ferb, as well as looking a lot like the father from Calvin & Hobbes.
    11. He is so oblivious to Kat's true identity in a way that's humanly impossible.
      • It's also poorly executed, making it come off as very irritating.
    12. The things he says when unfairly blaming, punishing, and neglecting Coop, especially whatever Kat does are mean-spirited to hear. Examples include:
      • "Coop! First, you blow a crater in the backyard, then you sneak into Old Lady Munson's yard and now THIS!? I'd never thought I'd say this Coop, but go to your room!"
      • "The loss of those cookies is nothing to joke about young man! You're grounded until further notice!"
      • "That's it! The cabinet and magic props are going back to the House of Swap today! And you mister are grounded until we find Mr. Kat!
      • "Fine! Now you're confined to your room for the rest of the day!"
      • "Coop! You totaled my recliner and my vase, trapped the family, and almost cracked my lucky totem pole! That's a busy day even for you. So do me a favor and sit in that corner."
      • "And don't get up from that stool!"
      • "From now on you will not leave this square on the stool or not or you'll be grounded for eternity!"
      • "Young man, I told you what would happen if you left your square."
      • "That's enough shenanigans from you today, Cooper Burtonburger. Sit down by Ms. Brannigan and don't move."
      • "Coop, you broke your promise. Looks like you'll be defending the galaxy from your bedroom for the next two months. You're grounded."
      • "I was hoping the princess castle would last longer than six minutes, son; and that's the end of your game room too... (Coop tries to explain but Burt roughly cuts him off) No more 'buts'! Just clean!"
      • "Coop, no TV or video games for three months."
    13. It gets more mean-spirited when Burt yells Coop's name. Examples include:
      • "I called what number? 96840 times? It's how much per call?! COOP!"
      • "Well, well, looks like someone's feeling better, but why on Earth is the couch outside?! COOP!"
      • "COOP! What did you do to my sofa?!"
    14. He stupidly mistakes Chubby Cheeks (which is a nickname for Kat's stout replacement) for the real Kat and uses a fitness program to have him unnecessarily exercise way too much without taking breaks, which is animal cruelty. What is worse is that he wrongfully scolds Coop for saving the world by stopping Kat when he thinks he is torturing Kat, yet he is the one torturing Chubby Cheeks which makes him a complete hypocrite. Didn't you realize that he's different, but you even made him suffer through exercising without having him taking breaks?
    15. He has suffered from a large portion of torture in most episodes of the series, as Burt constantly tends to get injured or at times gets physically harmed by Mr. Kat notably in "Me-Oh Me-Oh Meow". Not to mention, that he pathetically tends to allow himself to get abused or even tortured by Old Lady Munson, who is being heartless to him. This not only makes him a butt-monkey, but he's a complete pathetic punching bag.
    16. Most of the time, Burt doesn't acknowledge how harsh he is towards Coop and rarely feels bad for the way his son feels. In addition, he mostly doesn't ever think about how his actions can affect Coop's emotions and feelings badly.
    17. In "Flu The Coop", he puts medicine on a sick Coop's chest when it was supposed to go down Coop's throat which makes Coop smell like Old Lady Munson and thinks the medicine's good for him. He also misheard Coop when Coop was telling him that Kat was bugging Coop.
    18. In "Class Act", he confiscated Coop's magic kit after finding Kat's cannon in Coop's room and grounded him until Kat was found.
    19. In "Just Me and Glue", he didn't bother reading the instructions for the project that he and Coop were about to build which made Kat destroy them.
    20. In "One Big Happy Family", he sends Coop to the corner, all because Coop was saving his life from Kat twice and when Coop accidentally gets him, Millie, and himself trapped, he thinks Coop did it on purpose. When Coop left the corner when he told him not to, he drew a square around where Coop was supposed to be or Coop would be grounded for eternity, which Coop did anyway because Coop needed to save Millie and his life from Kat.
    21. In "The Kitty Vanishes", he lets Coop go to Phoebe's sweetheart's party when Coop lies to her about doing yardwork and doesn't realize Phoebe's stalking Coop. However, Coop only went there because Kat teleported him there.
    22. He was at his worst in "Bootsville's Most Wanted", because he grounded Coop three times all because Kat got Coop and Dennis wanted by Buck Diamond and this is what he said:
      • "Inside, Coop! Your grounding starts now."
      • "Coop, haven't you destroyed enough property for one day? Go to your room and consider yourself double grounded!"
      • "Coop, didn't I say you were double grounded?! First, you disobey me, then I find out you're public enemy number one?! Consider yourself TRIPLE grounded!"

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He once found out the truth about Kat in "Fangs for the Memories", although this was only temporary since most of his memories were from Coop.
      • He can be a bit funny at times, especially in the good episodes.
      • Speaking of which, what he even said was hilarious. Examples include:
        • "Old Lady Munson?!"
        • "Mr. Kat?! Excelsior?! Am I still dreaming?!"
        • "My only advice to you is... live, live darn it! While there's still time, because, like me, your childhood memories are about to be scared… forever!"
        • "Dizzy, Burt. You better call Dwayne. The bikini is on the line! I repeat the bikini is on the line!"
        • "Mr. Kat is an evil alien?!"
        • "Tell Coop I'm sorry I never believed him!"
    2. He cares for his son Coop and his daughter Millie, despite never trusting him about Kat's true identity.
      • Surprisingly, Burt never actually physically abuses or harms Coop despite him grounding and neglecting his son Coop countless times in some episodes.
      • He does occasionally apologize to Coop for falsely grounding him in "Cookie D'Uh", proving Coop's innocence.
    3. His design, despite looking like a Lawrence Fletcher reject as well as looking too similar to Calvin’s father, is passable.
      • His past child self is cute, which was only seen in flashbacks.
    4. There are some instances where he can be likable in some episodes.
      • In "Birthday Bashed", he along with Millie even greets Fiona Munson when she arrives during Coop's birthday.
      • His alternate future counterpart in "Kat to the Future Part 2" is more likable.
    5. He sometimes do call out or catch Kat for his actions, notably being in "The Kat Whisperer", "Cheeks of Evil", and "Strange Kat On A Train".
      • Examples include:
        • "I know, son. It was the cat!"
        • "Bad Kat, drop that hamster, now!"
        • "Next time, we're hiring a pet sitter. KAT!"
    6. Even though, he doesn't punish Millie for her actions (as seen in WHUTBAF#8), he actually did punish her in the same episode as shown in RQ#2, where he once caught her for eating all of the cookies, which is a rare sign of him punishing her.
      • Here's what he surprisingly said:
        • "And as for you, Millie! I'm very disappointed! You'll spend an extra timeout in your room today!"
    7. It might seem tough dealing with two kids and one animal (who is an alien) in the house, making him a bit understandably sympathetic, though it doesn't entirely excuse all he has done. It could be because his unseen wife isn't there to help him handle the kids before whatever happens to her.
      • And on top of that, he can be somewhat sympathetic sometimes, such as the time when he was somewhat abused or tortured, notably by Old Lady Munson.
    8. Trevor Devall does a fine job voicing him.
    9. Despite him being a useless character and having no personality whatsoever, the Kid vs. Kat franchise admittedly wouldn't be as good as it is without him, as he is one of the main characters.
    10. He is at least more tolerable than Old Lady Munson, Kat, Millie, etc.


    • His voice actor, Trevor Devall also voiced Dukey Test and Mr. Teacherman from Johnny Test (2005), who replaced Louis Chirillo in seasons 5-6.
    • He (along with Dizzy and Dwayne) has bikiniphobia (fear of bikinis), as seen in "Bringin' the Heat" back in the incident that took place on his 8th birthday.
    • He had once known about Kat's true nature by having Coop's memories implanted into his head with the erasers on accident in "Fangs for the Memories".


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