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    Patrick Star in human-form, but with nothing that made him likable.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Psychopathic Fat Toxic Friend
    Age: 'Unknown'
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Mike Patterson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: ToonMarty
    First appearance: Moonlighting Marty/Awful Waffle
    Last appearance: You Can't Handle the Tooth/The Hat Makes the Toon

    Burnie is the deuteragonist of the short-lived 2017 Teletoon/Nickelodeon animated series ToonMarty. He is Marty's best "friend" who has a rivalry with Holly. He was voiced by Mike Patterson.

    Why He (Intentionally?) Should Be Burned Down

    1. His design is really ugly, even for Teletoon standards.
    2. Similar to Jake Spidermonkey, he is a very toxic friend to Marty. Notably, he treats him like dirt to the point that it makes him look like a sociopath who only pretends to be Marty's best "friend".
    3. His voice is irritating and sounds terrible, to the point where it can give Bendy's voice a run for its money.
    4. In "Candy Cute," he rummages through Suki's pockets, which is illegal.
    5. Hypocrisy: In "ToonScout Marty," he calls Marty whiny for crying over losing his badges, yet he has also acted immature like this in the aforementioned episode.
    6. He stabs Marty in the back in "Chicken Fricassee" by turning against him and calling him a monster.
    7. He's so stupid to the point where he can't tell it's his best friend singing their song without his hat.
    8. In "The Hat Makes the Toon," he has the police arrest Holly just because she's annoying.
    9. He is a rip-off of Patrick Star as they're both fat characters who happen to be best friends with the main character, except with none of Patrick's likability, intelligence and charm.
    10. We're supposed to feel bad for him when Marty ends their friendship, but instead, he's doing the right thing.
    11. In one episode, he kills Holly, who thankfully resets in the end, speaking of which, he was aware then she will be back on the next episode, meaning even he wasn't willing to kill Holly permanently.
    12. In "Senseless Burnie", he flirts with Holly, who is a robot, which is mechanophilia.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He does have moments where we feel bad for him, like when Toonville made fun of him for having a bad haircut in "The Barber of Toonville".
    2. He was completely in the right to scold Marty for exploding at Blub and yelling at him to go home in "Rest in Pieces", though he came off as a bit hypocritical.
    3. He is likely meant to be hated.
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