Bunny Ruckus

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Bunny Ruckus
Bunny Ruckus.jpg
Gender: Female
Type: Delusional White Supremacist
Age: 94
Species: Human
Media of Origin: The Boondocks

Bunny Ruckus is a character of The Boondocks. She appeared in the episode "The Color Ruckus". She is the mother of Uncle Ruckus.

Why She Sucks

  1. For starters, she, alongside her husband Mister, is responsible for Uncle Ruckus' hatred for African-americans, as she taught him to love "The White Man" as a child and made him believe that he suffered from "re-vitiligo", which she made up in order to help Uncle with his low self-esteem.
    • Though this is understandable, given Mister's abusive behavior, she is unfaithful towards her husband.
    • She decides to marry her white lover after Mister dies during Nelly's funeral and she did not mourn him, showing that she never loved Mister.
    • She never appreciates the hard work that Mister has done for the family.
  2. Despite the fact that she is an African-american woman herself, she denounces and disrespects the achievements accomplished by black people.
    • When she taught Uncle history during his childhood, she spoke lowly of George Washington Carver, claiming that he caused deaths through peanut allergies.
  3. She is lazy, as she never seems to put in effort to provide for her family and instead wishes that her life would've been easier if she were white.
  4. She is so deluded by her love for "The White Man" that she never takes the time to see the faults or flaws within white people.
    • She never sympathizes with Mister's misery caused by the abuse that the white people have inflicted on him.
  5. She seems to favor Uncle over her younger sons Darryl and Darrell.
  6. Bunny continues to manipulate Uncle with her lies even after Mister confesses the truth to him, letting Uncle Ruckus continue to be as deluded as her.
  7. She is a massive Karma Houdini, as she never gets any comeuppance for instilling Uncle with a racist mindset or being a useless bystander whenever Mister suffers from the abuse he received from his employers when she was supposed to teach Uncle how to proudly accept himself as a black person and offer Mister emotional support. Otherwise, Mister would never abuse Uncle and Uncle wouldn't turn out to be racist towards black people.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Star Jones did a terrific job voicing her.
  2. She did get called by Mister for raising their sons to be subservient to white people and fooling Uncle Ruckus into thinking that he has "re-vitiligo".
  3. Unlike Mister, Bunny shows affection towards her sons, especially Uncle.


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