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    Bumblebee (Robots in Disguise, 2015)

    NOTE: Although there are plenty of people who like Robots in Disguise (2015), this character has a lot of flaws.

    Bumblebee (Robots in Disguise, 2015)
    "Ah, scrud!" -Bumblebee's reaction when the writers flanderized him in Robots in Disguise (2015).
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bumblebee in Name Only
    Age: Immortal
    Species: Cybertronian
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)
    First appearance: Darkness Rising, Part 1 (actual)
    Pilot, Part 1 (flanderized version)

    Bumblebee is a main character occurring in Transformers: Prime, Transformers: Rescue Bots and its sequel, Robots in Disguise (2015). He was sadly flanderized after becoming the leader of Team Bee in the latter show.

    Bad Qualities That Won't Go to Rev Up and Roll Out

    1. Bumblebee's new design is odd; say all you want about his both of his previous designs in Transformers: Prime, but they were in decent proportion compared to this; his design in Robots in Disguise (2015) gives him a giraffe-long neck, very broad shoulders (which the show is known for in contrast to Transformers: Animated being known for their chins), and very broad shins that are too big compared to his thighs.
    2. In this series, he is literally a coward despite the fact that he literally killed Megatron in Transformers: Prime.
    3. Bumblebee and his new team of Autobots (Team Bee) do nothing but fool around in the scrapyard 24/7.
    4. Which reminds you, he is a very annoying, corny, and trite leader of his team.
    5. His personality collapsed into a pile of rubble; he barely has any personality in this show as opposed he did in Transformers: Prime.
    6. He can be easily compared to Hot Shot (Unicron Trilogy); both of them start as childish, then they mature, and finally they become childish again. The only difference is that the former matures throughout Transformers: Prime after getting the stealth deco, but then becomes immature in Robots in Disguise (2015), while the latter starts off childish in Transformers: Armada, then matures in Transformers: Energon (in a boring way), and then becomes childish again in Transformers: Cybertron.
    7. He's also compared to Bowser Junior (SML, late-2019-present); both of them are immature and childish leaders, they both get their associates in danger, they made both Strongarm and Cody punching-bags, they pull some cruel pranks on their friends, they both get very annoying, and also made dumbest decisions. (Though the difference is that there are moments that Bumblebee is selfless and does care about them despite his atrocities while the modern SML Bowser Junior is very greedy and selfish.)
    8. In one moment with "The Trouble With Fixit", he somehow just gets tossed into the ground by Fixit. No really, he somehow just got tossed to the ground when Fixit was on guard mode.
    9. He was being way too overprotective on Strongarm which costs her mission in "Rumble in the Junge".
    10. His catchphrase "Rev Up and Roll Out!" and other knockout quotes aren't that faithful to the original iconic line "Transform and Roll Out".

    Good Qualities

    1. Bumblebee can at least talk again.
      • Will Friedle's performance is quite good.
    2. His toy versions are quite good.
    3. He was much more likable in Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Rescue Bots, and he would later improve in Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy and Bumblebee.
    4. Despite his flanderization, he still does care about his teammates and his human allies.
    5. Despite being a coward, he did retain some of his heroic traits on leading his fellow Autobots on stopping some threatening Decepticon forces like Megatronus, Steeljaw, Starscream, the Stunticons and the Decepticon-controlled High Council.
    6. Despite goofing off in the scrapyard, he and his team do stop any remaining Decepticons that are still stranded on Earth from terrorizing humanity and seal them in stasis pods to ensure the humans are safe.


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