Buddy Thunderstruck (Get the Hock Out and Cannonballistic)

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Buddy Thunderstruck (Get the Hock Out and Cannonballistic)
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"What? Are we're made of money?" - Oh, Buddy! What have you done to yourself? Is that what you want to become a star is to commit crimes like stealing a lot of stuff and money, threatening other people like Darnell, and making Sheriff Cannonball and Deputy Hosionberry suffer a painful life?!
Gender: Male
Type: Dumb Character in Two Episodes
Species: Dog
Media of origin: Buddy Thunderstruck

NOTE: This page only applies to his appearance in Get the Hock Out and Cannonballistic. His other appearances are fine.

Buddy Thunderstruck is the main protagonist in the Netflix original series of the same name. He's a country dog who enters the truck races in Greasepit.

While he was a much more likable and tolerable character in Buddy Double - Robo-Truck of the Future, Thunderstruck Rab Cab - Haters of the Lost Arcade, and Mayor or May Not - present, sadly in Get the Hock Out, Stunt Fever, and Cannonballistic, he has been badly flanderized to being unlikable.

Why He Sucked (Get the Hock Out and Cannonballistic Only)

  1. He was one of the characters who appeared to be flanderized in Get the Hock Out, going from a dim-witted and toughest, yet mature, likable, and a bit intelligent country ace truck racer who has a lot of character development to a dumber and immature idiot in these two episodes.
  2. He is a much bigger jerk to everyone than he ever was before including his best friend, Darnell, and cousin Muncie which is animal abuse and also ironic since he's a dog, he did treat some of them like Darnell and Mr. Weaselbrat like dirt though nowhere as bad as Big Tex, but this went way too far in these two episodes to the point where he, along with Darnell were arrested in Cannonballistic.
  3. Speaking of Muncie, his development with her from Beaver Dam Fast Pizza was ignored by smashing her plates, lied to her that he and Darnell are good guys yet they acted like criminals in this episode and tricked her into looking at the ceiling just for him and Darnell to steal her tables and chairs which thankfully got caught by Muncie and thrown them out of the Concho Bolo mainly due to it being written as a sequel to Buddy Double (though he did become a mature cousin to Muncie after this episode).
  4. He’s also a total idiot that causes more trouble to himself and other people, examples are when Darnell stole Artichoke’s motorcycle mistaking it for a chopper, Buddy literality press his truck horn with his arm, making Artichoke notice the sound and his motorcycle stolen and planning to get his stuff back using his winning face instead of money when he should've ask Muncie, the Weaselbrats, Leroy or the Beavers to gave him money so that he can get his stuff back.
  5. Apart from Get the Hock Out, he is at his absolute worst in Stunt Fever, as he behaves like a literal man child over Tex Arkana Jr’s popularity for his stunts thus tooling his hated on him one step too far to the point where he breaks his aunt’s Tex Jr toy which costs $500, which not only contracts previous episodes involving him and Tex Jr, but he also loses all his character development (more so than in Get the Hock Out) in favour of behaving like an immature man child over his rival’s stunt show which is very out of character since Buddy would normally handles his situations in a mature matter & doesn't throw a fit about it.
  6. He made other people in Greasepit (including Sheriff Cannonball) depressed instead for turning against him just like what they did in Buddy Double by stealing other people’s things so that he can give them to Big Tex and firing Cannonball from his jobs as an employee at Zeil's truck shop and a co-announcer at Greasepit County Speedway so that he can be sheriff again.
  7. His plan is to get his and Auntie Uncle’s stuff back, but it focuses more on giving other people’s things that he stole to Big Tex than his own stuff.
  8. He is much dumber than he was before, a great example is when he and Darnell give Mr. Weaselbrat back his hot tub, he literality does a cannonball in the hot tub which has no water, doesn't listen to Darnell, lands in the hot tub and broke all his bones like an immature idiot nor thinking that the repo men method is the things on his aunt’s Do Not Do This list without even knowing that the last two methods on the blackboard are illegal in Greasepit.
    • Another example is where in Thunderstruck Rab Cab where he stupidly drops his passengers at the same wheat road instead of the place that they requested as if it's the only place to be dropped off, meaning that he knows nothing about taxi drivers and Darnell doesn't even mind or help Buddy with his bad taxi driver skills.
  9. There are even scenes where he and Darnell waste their time hanging out with Mr. Weaselbrat at his hot tub when they are supposed to steal it. This is easily noticeable since Mr. Weaselbrat only appears in this episode just to fill out the episode’s runtime and make Buddy’s flanderization worse.
  10. His motives were selfish rather than selfless, and he did not listen to other people, even Muncie and Darnell.
  11. He's also a massive hypocrite, In Get the Hock Out, he and Darnell claim that they're the good guys, yet they steal people's stuff and threatening people by damaging and vandalizing their properties just for their stuff to be taken to the pawnshop in that episode.
  12. He only seems to care more about being a repo man rather than getting his own stuff back in "Get the Hock Out".
  13. Some of his lines in Get the Hock Out can be laughable due to the rushed writing of the aforementioned episode such as his "What? Are we're made of money?" line, overshadowing the real reason why the puppet characters never change their clothes (including swimsuits).
  14. He and Darnell overuse a lot of poop and fart jokes in Cannonballistic.
  15. His actions in both of these episodes could even get him and Darnell arrested even though Sheriff Cannonball doesn't appear in Get the Hock Out despite them using two illegal methods to take their stuff.
  16. He's also a Gary Stu in these two episodes since everybody loves him when he wins truck races which is why nobody even bother to call Sheriff Cannonball on him.
  17. His flanderization is somewhat similar to Crash in the Radical Entertainment era as they’re both mean spirited bullies who barely acted like heroes and bulling people who cared about (Everyone including Coco in Crash Tag Team Racing and the Greasepit Citizens).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Buddy was much more likable and funnier in most of the episodes and redeemed himself after these two episodes.
  2. Much like the other characters, his character design is still great.
  3. He still cares for some characters in some moments like he once saved Big Tex from Artichoke who gotten his motorcycle stolen.
  4. Brian Atkinson did a great job voicing Buddy.
  5. Funny Money at least gives Buddy his development with Muncie back.
  6. He did get Karma from Muncie and Artichoke in Get the Hock Out and Robby Burgles in Cannonballistic even though he's not removed from the Karma Houdini category.
  7. Buddy Thunderstruck would likely not be as great as it is without him since he's the main star and all.


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