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    Buck Diamond (Kid vs. Kat)

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    Buck Diamond
    This guy doesn't deserve to be a police officer.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Psychopathic and Corrupt Animal Protection Officer
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Brian Drummond (impersonating Patrick Warburton)
    Status: Unknown (Possibly Incarcerated or Deceased)
    Media of origin: Kid vs. Kat
    First appearance: Bootsville's Most Wanted

    Buck Diamond is a false animal protection officer and a one-time character who appeared as one of the main antagonists in the Kid vs. Kat episode "Bootsville's Most Wanted". In the episode, he tried to lock up Coop and Dennis, because of a malicious trick played by Kat but got arrested by Foreman and Paicot afterwards. He is voiced by Brian Drummond impersonating Patrick Warburton.


    Diamond first appears after he locks up Scooter the Turtle's owner for three days of solitary confinement. He then gets a call from Old Lady Munson telling him about Coop Burtonburger and Kat's fight. He was about to imprison Coop to a week in solitary confinement, but Burt, Coop and Millie's dad, stands up against Diamond by threatening to call up Bootsville City Hall to find out if Animal Protection Officers (both real and fake) are actually allowed to arrest people (to which, in real life, they are not allowed to), to which Buck lets Coop go and warns him that if he catches him fighting with Kat again, he'll lock him up in a week of solitary confinement and swallow the key, before rushing off. Of course, during the near end, while Buck is maniacally chasing down the child and cat duo, alongside with Dennis and outright threatening to harm the three of them, revealing Buck's crueler darker colors as a psychopath who harms animals and other humans for his own corrupt selfish gain, a volcano from nowhere wrecks his van and also foils Kat Kommander's invasion plan, making him flip out in anger, Buck crash lands into Old Lady Munson's wrecked house, with Annie being greatly angered over Buck's atrocious act, and Buck fearfully facing her wrath revealing himself to be a coward and runs away in fear, but not before being arrested and sent to jail by Foreman and Paicot.

    Why He's an Animal Protection Fraud

    1. Much like Millie's scout leader in the episode "Nuff Said", Buck Diamond is a character who only appears in one episode and has no purpose in the series other than act like an infuriating, detestable, and mean-spirited jerk who just tortures Coop and Dennis.
      • Like the scout leader, Buck has almost no personality or characterization other than being dumb, blind, and unrealistically cruel and toxic towards Coop and Dennis.
      • What makes Buck worse is that he's even crazier than Millie's scout leader and he has more screentime than her to show just how detestable and poorly written he truly is.
    2. He is an utterly horrible villain, not because he's mean but it's because his motivations are poor, dumb, and nonsensical (based on the writing).
    3. He is very mean to both Coop and Dennis and does everything he can so he can arrest them just because he thought that they were abusing Kat, even though they really weren't.
    4. Buck is infuriatingly paranoid as he never tries understanding any situations properly and keeps jumping to conclusions without any proof.
      • For example, in the first part of "Bootsville's Most Wanted", when he stops Coop and Kat from fighting, he roughly asks the latter "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIS FUR!?", even though he just met them and doesn't even have any proof.
        • He also doesn't have enough proof Coop is actually abusing Kat in the first part of the episode.
    5. His voice, thanks to Brian Drummond, is garbage as his voice sounds like a terrible Patrick Warburton impression as Drummond tries too hard to sound like Warburton, but fails as his voice for Buck Diamond sounds like a badly done impression, similar to Rob Paulsen impersonating Tom Kenny while voicing Coconut Fred, and Fred Armisen impersonating Larry David while voicing Cranky Kong.
      • He also shouts and makes annoying noises for the majority of his lines, which can get very grating.
    6. A lot of his dialogue is pretty poor and cringe-worthy to the point where it makes Buck sound like an utter man-child.
      • 'Next time I catch you hurtin' that cute little kitty, I'll lock you up and swallow the key!"
      • "Freeze!... I said, punk: You're goin' down down, with a capital DOWN!"
      • "Don't worry, Mr. Pussy Wussles. Buck's gonna make the rotten kid go away... for a long time."
      • "Don't worry, kitty. Buck promises those two are gonna get washed away by a cleansing rain of justice!"
      • "Gotcha, punks! Prepare for sweet SWEET JUSTICE!" Justice? Yeah, right. Do you even care about doing the right thing, Buck?
    7. While Buck's design isn't bad by itself, some of his facial expressions, especially the ones where his eyes become all veiny, are extremely annoying and punchable.
      • There are also a few times where his neck goes veiny too which looks pretty ugly.
    8. Much like Old Lady Munson, he is shown to have inhuman abilities that make no sense. One example is the bizarre scene where he instantly breaks a boulder to pieces by using a simple punch from his bare hand.
    9. He locks up the mayor just because he didn't change the water in his pet turtle's bowl, which is just plain dumb and unreasonable. Plus, how did he even know this? Has he been stalking the mayor or something?
    10. He has committed numerous traffic violations, as revealed by the police.
    11. His rabid love for animals is so insane and intense that even he makes Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures and PETA look like better animal lovers.
    12. He is very stupid and falls for Kat's plan that he was pretending to be hurt or injured whenever Coop or Dennis is around him.
      • Throughout the middle act of the episode, Buck drives around Bootsville and Coop and Dennis are always a few feet away from him. He does look in multiple directions, but for some reason, he can't notice Coop and Dennis being normal people doing nothing bad and also always only looks at them exactly right after Kat finishes setting up each scene to make it look like he's being abused by the two boys. How come Buck can't see Kat playing the victim and framing Coop and Dennis for things they're not responsible for even though they're just right in front of him and it's painfully obvious?
        • The way Buck keeps noticing the situations at the wrong time is so exaggerated and unrealistic to the point where it's painful to watch.
    13. He also tried affecting Coop and Dennis's reputation by making them viral all over Bootsville, saying: "Tonight, on a special episode of 'Bootsville's Most Wanted': We're advising the public to keep an eye out for these two. They're wanted for extreme kitty cruelty."
      • Because of that Burt was at his worst in that episode for grounding Coop three times.
    14. He is at his absolute worst in the climax of the episode where he is also shown to be very destructive by driving like a complete maniac around Old Lady Munson's yard and destroying it, which is just plain horrible. He even laughs like a psycho during the scene while his eyes go red. Seriously, what's with this guy?!
    15. He keeps threatening to lock Coop up in solitary confinement if he sees him fighting with Kat again.
    16. He is shown to be a coward because after Old Lady Munson berates him for acting like a maniac and destroying her yard, he literally tries to flee like a scaredy-cat and doesn't take responsibility for his actions. Of course Old Lady Munson would lash out at you for destroying her yard. Do you ever think about how your actions could affect the feelings of other people? Did you not see this coming, Buck?
    17. Old Lady Munson doesn't get arrested for hiring him so he can arrest Coop and Dennis.
    18. In the ending of the episode, it is revealed by the police that Buck isn't actually a real animal protection officer but is in fact just a fraud pretending to be one and this twist doesn't really make his character better or give a valid explanation to why he acts all crazy. In fact, it just further sticks out how much of a pointless filler character he is to the series.
    19. Plot hole: If the police revealed that all of Buck's cases get thrown out, then why didn't they sentence him to life sooner if it's implied that he has done some actions just as horrible and psychopathic as the ones he did towards the mayor, Coop, Dennis, and Old Lady Munson?
    20. He never realizes Kat's evil nature and the fact that he's the bad guy responsible for all the bad things that happened throughout the episode.
      • He also doesn't realize that Coop and Dennis are innocent, especially since they're only minors.
    21. Like most of the human characters in Kid vs. Kat, Buck is infuriatingly blind and oblivious of Kat's true colors in a way that it is impossible not to notice a single thing.
    22. For all the reasons above, he's the second most insufferable human character in Kid vs. Kat and possibly the second worst character in the entire series who only gets one appearance, since much like Old Lady Munson, his writing is even more ridiculous and mean-spirited than Kat.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Buck Diamond can have some funny moments here and there.
    2. He does get his comeuppance at the end of this episode where he was guilty of many crimes and got arrested by the police.
      • He also did get scolded by Old Lady Munson for purposefully destroying her yard by driving around it.
      • Unlike Millie's scout leader, Buck does get his karma for all the bad things he has done.
    3. His design is passable as mentioned above.
    4. As he was a one-time character because he only appeared in "Bootsville's Most Wanted", he was thankfully never seen again after that.


    • He only appears on "Bootsville's Most Wanted" and is never seen again thereafter, implying that he was permanently fired from his job and sent to prison for the rest of his life under solitary confinement.


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