Buck Cluck

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Buck Cluck
Buck cluck.gif
Never once has there been such a neglectful Disney parent.
Gender: Male
Type: Cruel Rooster Parent
Species: Rooster
Portrayed by: Garry Marshall
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Chicken Little

Buck "Ace" Cluck is a major character from the 2005 animated film Chicken Little. He is Chicken Little's father and Chloe Cluck's husband. He is voiced by Garry Marshall.

Why He's Anything BUT Ace

  1. He is a very neglectful father who’s shallow, petty, blithering, idiotic, and cruel.
  2. The film tries to paint him as if he fails to understand his son. But the problem is that he never even makes an attempt to understand his son, and just seems to be more focused with his public image.
  3. He is a nervous wreck, and will easily break down and resort to the worst decision when under pressure, especially if it involves his son.
  4. Like Professor Membrane, he is an incompetent parent, failing to give decent care to his son, coming off like he wants nothing to do with him whilst being embarrassed by his son's existence and distancing himself from him.
    • Much like Big Tex, he uses his own son to lie to the townspeople just so that he can be his cash cow.
  5. When the entire town was bullying Chicken Little for thinking that the sky was falling down, he practically didn't do anything to support him, let alone defend him.
  6. The only times where he seems to want anything to do with his son is when it benefits him. Like when Chicken Little won a baseball game, Buck is happy because that means everyone will forget about the sky was falling incident. Coming off as not acknowledging his son until he wins his first baseball game.
  7. The stuff that he says to Chicken Little is not only bad, but it could even scar most kids!
  8. He's not exactly the villain of the movie, which made him even more unlikable because his portrayal is fitting enough to be an antagonist instead of the parent of a protagonist.
  9. He is a major hypocrite: He claims that the antagonists were bad parents for "leaving behind" Kirby, when he himself neglected and ostracized his own son.
  10. He is way too similar to Professor Membrane as they don't believe their own sons (Dib and Chicken Little).
  11. He asked Chicken Little if he was hit by an acorn, causing the whole town to think Chicken Little is crazy; therefore, the town only thinks Chicken Little is insane because of Buck!
  12. His design is lousy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he apologizes to Chicken Little at the end of the film, and he admits his parenting was awful.
  2. He kinda became better near the end of the movie.
  3. He is a pretty good fighter and a relatively sporty person.
  4. He can be a good father at times, but sadly, rarely.
  5. He’s not entirely at fault for the citizens for not believing Chicken Little. The others didn’t see the spaceship at first, so yeah.
  6. He really does care about his son, despite his neglectfulness.
    • He even made him breakfast in a deleted scene.
  7. He was much more likable and tolerable in the deleted scenes and early production of the movie.
    • Surprisingly, in the storyboard test scene of the early storyline of Chicken Little (where Chicken Little was a girl), Buck realizes he’s absolutely wrong about Chicken Little about being like everyone else, so he apologizes to her and tells her that he loves her.
  8. Garry Marshall did a passable job for voicing him.



  • Despite the negative reception, the character has spawned several internet memes.


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