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    Buck "Ace" Cluck
    "You gotta be ready to listen to your children, even if they have nothing to say!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Neglectful Cruel Parent
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Anthropomorphic Rooster
    Portrayed by: Garry Marshall
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Chicken Little
    First appearance: Chicken Little

    NOTE: Please have massive respect for Buck Cluck’s actor, Garry Marshall, who passed away in 2016. May he rest in peace. Anyone that does not respect his death shall be banned from Miraheze.

    Buck "Ace" Cluck is a major character in the 2005 animated film Chicken Little. He is Chicken Little's father and Chloe Cluck's husband. He is voiced by the late Garry Marshall.

    However, he was heavily disliked by audiences alike for his terrible actions for his son.

    Why He's Not an Ace

    1. He is a very neglectful father who is shallow, petty, blithering, idiotic, passive-aggressive and cruel. He flat-out allowed his son to be abused constantly and practically participated in it from afar.
    2. The film tries to paint him as if he fails to understand his son. However, the problem is that he never even makes an attempt to understand his son, and just seems to be more focused on his public image.
    3. He is a nervous wreck, and will easily break down and resort to the worst decision when under pressure, especially if it involves his son, making him an spineless coward.
    4. He is an incompetent parent, failing to give decent care to his son, coming off like he wants nothing to do with him while being embarrassed by his son's existence and distancing himself from him - and the film only calls him out on this near the end.
      • Much like Big Tex, he uses his son to lie to the townspeople just so that he can be his cash cow.
      • The funny thing is, Disney would do another character like this in Encanto with Abuela Alma, but that was done more tastefully and painted her in the wrong for neglecting Mirabel from the start.
      • Some of the things he has said to his son are unsettling and potentially scarring.
    5. When the entire town was bullying Chicken Little for thinking that the sky was falling, he practically didn't do anything to support him, let alone defend him. He straight up gives a look of disappointment to him, which is pretty much the worst kind of bullying a parent could do to a child.
    6. Like the rest of the Oakey Oaks (sans Abby, Runt, and Fish), he was an idiot for not believing him about aliens and didn't even understand how the alien invasion was more of a rescue mission to rescue Kirby.
    7. The only times when he seems to want anything to do with his son is when it benefits him. For example, when Chicken Little wins a baseball game, Buck is happy because that means everyone will forget about the 'sky is falling' incident, coming off as not acknowledging his son until he wins his first baseball game.
    8. He's not exactly the villain of the movie, which made him even more unlikable because his portrayal is fitting enough to be an antagonist instead of the parent of a protagonist, making him a heartless scumbag who is painted as "the good guy".
    9. His design is lousy and tacky, just like the rest of the characters in the movie.
    10. He's also a pathetic punching bag at times like how he lets the people of Oakey Oaks residents treat him harshly over Chicken Little trying to tell them the truth twice and how he almost got himself captured by the aliens. Though at times he does deserve it.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Although it's not enough to save his character, he at least apologizes to Chicken Little at the end of the film, and he admits his parenting was awful.
    2. Despite being a punching bag, he's not entirely at fault for the citizens for not believing Chicken Little. The others didn't see the spaceship at first, so yeah.
    3. He does have some hilarious moments such as:
      • There is a brief scene where he cooks popcorn and when it's about to explode right in front of his face, his reaction (including his facial expression) looks hilarious.
        • When he enters Chicken Little's room to see if he's okay, some popcorn can be seen falling off his head.
      • After the second time Chicken Little fails to prove that there are aliens in their world, a lot of the citizens in Oakey Oaks call Buck to talk about how unhappy they are about what happened and there is a part where someone harshly criticizes Buck for what happened and Buck goes "Hey! Hey! Hey! Watch your mouth! Yeah? Oh yeah?!" which does sound funny.
    4. He is a pretty good fighter and a relatively sporty person.
    5. He does love his son, despite his neglectfulness and cruel actions.
    6. He was much more likable and tolerable in the deleted scenes and early production of the movie.
      • Surprisingly, in the storyboard test scene of the early storyline of Chicken Little (where Chicken Little was a girl), Buck realizes he’s wrong about Chicken Little being like everyone else, so he apologizes to her and tells her that he loves her.
      • An alternate opening has Buck letting the paparazzi stay away from his son.
    7. He rightfully defends Chicken Little from being accused of kidnapping Kirby by telling Melvin that he didn't kidnap him and that he and Tina were the ones who abandoned him.
    8. The late Garry Marshall did a passable job voicing him.


    Buck Cluck was universally despised by audiences due to his awful parenting, with many considering Buck Cluck the worst father for movie characters.

    Buck received minor attention on social media in 2020 when Disney used the character as a positive example of a family that is "there for you". They immediately received backlash as Buck is widely regarded as a negative portrayal of parenthood.

    There is a controversy with people's hatred of Buck for his incompetence and negligence as a parent, considering him the anti-hero or villain. Despite his embarrassment at Chicken Little's ridiculing, he tries his best to support him.

    • The Mysterious Mr. Enter (or Mr. Enter) is the best example thereof.



    • Despite the negative reception, the character has spawned several internet memes.
    • Before Garry Marshall was cast as Buck Cluck, Charlie Sheen, Christian Slater, Joseph D. Reitman, Peter Falk, the late Dennis Hopper, and Mick Jagger were originally considered for the role.
    • In the Latin American dub, he was voiced by the late but recognized actor and comedian Xavier López Rodríguez A.K.A, Chavelo. Who would unfortunately die on March 25, 2023, due to abdominal complications.


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