Buck (Ice Age: Collision Course)

Buckminster or better known as Buck Wild is a major character from the Ice Age franchise who did his debut in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, later he had a brief cameo in Ice Age: Continental Drift, became relevant again in Ice Age: Collision Course. and became one of the three main protagonists (along with Crash and Eddie) of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild. Simon Pegg voices him in all his appearances.

Crash: "Were you flanderized?"
Buck: "Sadly yes, but I've redeemed!"
Gender: Male
Type: The Ice Age Version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe of Tony Stark
The Crazier Side of Buck
Age: Adult
Species: Weasel
Portrayed by: Simon Pegg
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Ice Age: Collision Course
First appearance: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Although he is a good character in most of his appearances, we cannot say the same in Ice Age: Collision Course.

Why He Should Have Never Left the Lost World

  1. First of all, he goes from being the Ice Age version of Jack Sparrow to being an unfunny clone of Tony Stark and being an astronomy know-it-all out of nowhere.
  2. He was also flanderized exaggerating his crazy attitude to a ridiculous level, although, in his other appearances, Buck was crazy, it was not as extreme as in Collision Course, to make matters worse, all of his charm that he had in the third movie is lost only leaving his exaggerated crazy attitude as if that were his entire personality.
  3. Continuing with the topic, Buck's humor only works when he's in the Lost World; his humor when he comes to the ice surface is quite out-of-place and forced, In fact, He and Crash and Eddie provide the worst jokes in the film.
  4. He along with Scrat is responsible for making the film more cartoonish than realistic to the point that it makes no sense, such as, for example, "Why did a weasel that lives with dinosaurs in an underground world know about space and even has a robot inside his subconscious?"
  5. He has so much relevance in the film that it seems as if he is the protagonist of the film since he acts as the leader of The Herd, making you question if the protagonist is him or Manny.
  6. Some of his dialogue is cheesy, such as "That, however, is a turd."
  7. Buck has the "liar revealed" cliché being that he had to hide that the trip was an escape from the Dino Birds and has no real impact on his development.
  8. Some of his subplots like his "existential crisis" and the "baby pumpkin" are some of the subplots that lengthen the film and do nothing beyond artificially making the film the longest.

"It's Time To Get Buck Wild!" Qualities

  1. He was a better character in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
    1. Thankfully the team learned from their mistakes and undid his flanderization in The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild, even if in the latter movie he was a plot device.
  2. He was funniest in the little bit he was in the Lost World where his humor did fit, the most notable scene being the Figaro sequence.
  3. There are times when he has some common sense, like when he stopped Eddie from licking animal poop and he did take the asteroid threat seriously.
  4. As always, Simon Pegg did a spectacular job voicing the character.


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