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    Bubsy T. Bobcat
    "What could pawsibly go wrong?" How about...EVERYTHING!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Narccisistic 'Jokester'
    Species: Bobcat
    Portrayed by: Brian Silva (Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind)
    Rob Paulsen (Bubsy’s Pilot, Bubsy 2 and Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales)
    Lani Minella (Bubsy 3D)
    Doug Erholtz (2017-present)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bubsy

    "What could pawsibly go wrong?"

    Bubsy T. Bobcat is the main protagonist of the platformer game franchise of the same name, Bubsy. Created by the late Michael Berlyn, Bubsy served as the mascot for Accolade during the 90s. He is infamous for talking way too much and starring in one of the worst video games of all time, Bubsy 3D. He also came back in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, and in Bubsy: Paws on Fire. Some of the other characters returned from the failed 90s pilot.

    Why He Makes Things Go Wrong

    1. He was only conceived to cash in on the 90s mascot craze, being jump-started by the success of Sonic the Hedgehog since Bubsy is a playable character of his own mediocre to terrible platform games, including the infamous Bubsy 3D, only known for being one of the worst games in existence. Especially when that game killed his very existence for a while.
      • It doesn't help that the makers of Bubsy 2 hated Bubsy himself so much, that they tried making Bubsy dolls hanged as if they were executing him!
    2. He has an incredibly grating and nasally old voice; not only does he have a lisp, but in the original games he never once shuts up. His voice in Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back and Bubsy: Paws on Fire is slightly better than his voice in the original games, but is still terrible due to him sounding old and raspy.
    3. He often gets talkative and constantly says unfunny things that can get annoying fast.
      • His jokes, wisecracks, and cat puns as a 'comedian' in the original games are very cringe-inducing and badly written (if hit-or-miss at best). Both games, Bubsy 3D and Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back took this element WAY too far and as a result, this made Bubsy look a whole lot more obnoxious and completely devoid of anything witty or genuinely funny, especially in Bubsy 3D being the worst example of the two.
    4. He acts way too smug and sassy for his good, which can also get extremely intolerable to put up with him since Bubsy never takes a break from acting extremely cocky and clownish, to the point it's more irritating than charming.
    5. Because of having no self-awareness of what he says, including his annoying catchphrase, his egomaniacal behavior gets obnoxious many times as opposed to being funny/charming.
    6. He gets way too accident-prone and self-destructive in the first game. Especially for how much damage he can get through fall damage in the first game and just about anything can hurt Bubsy, which leads to cheap kills that further show how frail he is.
    7. In the pilot of his failed television show titled "What Can Possibly Go Wrong?", Bubsy gets flanderized into being an extremely unlikable jagoff. In the games, he was just a smug chatterbox who liked cracking jokes and tried too hard to be cool, here? Bubsy is downright annoying and infuriating due to the fact he's so egotistical, selfish, glib, negligent, irresponsible, too flippant and constantly abuses his roommate, Arnold the Armadillo (who wants nothing to do with him and Bubsy treats him like a punching bag despite calling him his "sidekick", especially when he makes things worse for poor Arnold). He, worst of all, has on repeated occasions constantly said the catchphrase "What could pawsibly go wrong?", in the most unnecessary and aggravating ways possible.
      • He is also a lazy jerk, who would rather watch TV than look after and celebrate his niece and nephew's birthdays.
      • He is also moronic and very oblivious as well, as he begins to treat Arnold like an inanimate object to the point that he even mistakes him for a wrench in one scene and is still blind about his actions harming Arnold due to Bubsy being mindless and full of himself.
      • He believes himself to be a 'hero' despite usually making things worse or sometimes fixing issues by mistake (making his catchphrase much more ironic), out of his sheer obliviousness most of the time. He is rather generic when he does something heroic as the "protagonist" overall.
    8. He always tries way too hard to seem cool and hip to such an excessive degree, that he usually comes out as desperate and a complete dork.
    9. In Paws on Fire, not once has his cocky and sassy demeanor come across as endearing. Bubsy becomes a whole lot more unfunny and unlikable than in the previous title The Woolies Strike Back (at least he had some genuinely fun one-liners in the previous game), and he gets excessively annoying with both facts in particular, which is saying something due to how infamous he already is. This means Bubsy will always be arrogant and an egomaniac.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His characterization as a bobcat with the ability to glide is kind of interesting (if silly and bizarre), but is executed poorly due to the WHMTGW #6.
    2. Since he can break the fourth wall, he openly mocks players and the developers themselves (who kind of deserve it by the way).
    3. In Bubsy 3D, his cartoonish buffoonery was hilarious, surreal, memorable before and after it was memetic, engaging & rather interesting to watch.
    4. Bubsy has his funny moments in Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. at times, which can make him come across as tolerable.
      • In The Woolies Strike Back, some of his jokes can be hit-or-miss at best.
      • Speaking of that game, some of his one-liners here can range from being either mediocre and/or decent to being rather pretty funny.
      • Some people can find his fallible ego to be considered charming or comedic.
    5. His design is overall passable as it looks quite close to what an actual bobcat looks like, especially compared to Bonkers.
    6. Despite WHMTGW#2, his voice is not always grating. It only got slightly bad in Bubsy 2 and Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales, then got bad in Bubsy 3D (and the cartoon pilot).
    7. He has many memorable quotes.
      • "Oh come on! You know I'm your hero!"
      • "And because I'm a hero for crying out loud! And if that's a crime, then book me!"
      • "Oh, look! An arrow! Aren't these game designers wonderful; giving you a guidepost to help you?! How convenient!"
      • "Pilot's license? What for??"
      • "Woohoo! Now, if you lose a "Bubsy", you'll start over here instead of at the beginning of the level! Ain't life grand?"
    8. To be honest, he doesn't have many personality flaws, although he is selfish, this is not a problem (since many characters want to be the center of attention and are likable), but unfortunately he is overshadowed by his mania for talking and his bad jokes, and maybe because of its bad games, especially Bubsy 3D.


    • Bubsy and his death scenes became internet memes when his death animations in Bubsy 3D were very memorable.
    • He was originally going to wear green tennis shoes in early concept art. These were likely removed to not make Bubsy seem too similar to Sonic.
      • In Bubsy: Paws of Fire, the concept of him wearing shoes has been included in his redesign.
    • He was originally going to wear pants, but Michael Berlyn wanted him to have a Donald Duck-styled appearance.
    • Contrary to popular belief, Rob Paulsen did not hate voicing Bubsy, as he said in a Q&A section on the latest release of "Voice Lessons".
    • Bubsy's real name is unknown, but we can assume it is "Theodore Bobcat", as Bubsy is most likely a nickname.
    • Despite being infamous for being one of the weakest video game characters of all time, he simply has gotten a bit ultra-powered in the game Super Smash Bros: CMC+ v.7, where his attacks and Nerf gun can even take out most of the a.is in levels like The Ladies of Waluigi fear him as a threat to be reckoned with, and act less overpowering than how they are with many other characters like Mr. Incredible, Crash Bandicoot, etc.




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