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    Brooklyn T. Guy (SML, mid-2022-present)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Serious topics will be discussed here.

    Brooklyn T. Guy
    "Hey, did someone call flanderization on me?!" -Brooklyn Guy's reaction to his flanderization.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Hilarious Workaholic Turned Nutjob

    The Dark Side of Brooklyn Guy
    Incompetent Comic Relief

    Age: 46
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Chris Netherton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

    Brooklyn T. Guy is one of the main characters of the popular web series SuperMarioLogan (or SML for short). He has a lot of jobs and is often used in Jeffy videos. He is the husband of Karen and father of Penelope. He is portrayed by Chris "Pooby" Netherton. ...Netherton.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in mid-2022.

    "Brooklyn Bad Guy" Qualities

    1. He went on from a decent character with so many jobs and actually helps into a complete self-centered, idiotic nut job.
    2. He now commits crimes and police brutality to get what he wants in the following examples below:
      • In "Jeffy's Medical Problem", he has gotten Mario and his family high three times, in which he gave them brownies that were doused with drugs that his friend brought from the dealer. He should've actually arrested the dealer and confiscated them from his friend to use as evidenced against the dealer.
        • Also, this joke was later reused in "Jeffy Gets Captured", but this time, with catnip.
      • In "Mr. Goodman's Cat", he committed animal cruelty/abuse by using a taser to tase Mr. Goodman's cat then later putting fireworks near it, killing it in the process. Additionally, he hid the evidence by using the cat's fur to make a coat and tells Goodman about the coat (which he doesn't tell the truth). Mario should have told Goodman about Brooklyn Guy killing his cat, considering he saw the entire thing.
    3. He has started to become very rude to other people.
    4. He has too much screen time nowadays and most of it is just filler where he talks about random things that hold back the actual plot.
    5. He became very selfish with things he is obsessed with and cares more about it than Karen and Penelope. For example, he was too obsessed with his Jimmy Butler jersey in "The Stain".
    6. In "Jeffy's Santa Freak Out!", it's revealed he punched a child's tooth out just for throwing candy canes at him and stomping on his foot. He did this in public and didn't even get fired from his job as a mall elf let alone arrested.
    7. Speaking of said episode in WHML"BBG"NWSBF#5, he goes to Mario's house just for talking about it, then was irresponsible enough to leave it to be under Mario and Rosalina's watch when Jeffy would clearly cause some trouble for them with the jersey, which results in the Jimmy Butler jersey getting ruined throughout the video. He was also idiotic enough to think that his ruined jersey was like this from Jimmy Butler and even went sexist towards Rosalina, though he did get his comeuppance when she told him that she was glad she and Mario ruined it much to his shock, but not much.
    8. He became racist as he is shown to have a racial profile towards Joseph and Tyrone.
    9. He is a bad father towards Penelope at times. To point it out, he wanted to watch the Super Bowl instead of finding Penelope when his brother sort of kidnapped her in "Penelope Gets Taken", and in "Jeffy's Pregnancy Scare", he pushed Penelope down the stairs when he thought she was pregnant, and that fall from the stairs would have injured her badly or killed her, which is child abuse.
    10. For a grownup, he acts very childish and like a spoiled brat. For a couple of examples, he keeps on bragging about people forgetting his birthday like it revolves around him and is somewhat a bully, like in "The Hair Problem", when he bullies Mario over being bald.
    11. In "Scream", he used the murderer's knife to open the foil of popcorn that Chef Pee Pee made after the latter was killed by the murderer; also, when his blood was on the popcorn, he thought he killed the popcorn when food is not even alive.
    12. In "Jeffy Gets Stream Sniped", he was not only cheating on Fortnite, but he scammed the other streamers; when Cody got vitamin C poisoning, he didn't help him.
    13. In "Breaking Bad", he nearly got Mario killed with one of his Skittles when he was taking his X-ray.
    14. In "Brooklyn Guy's Credit Card", he allowed Hansel to use his own credit card hoping to have a drink but was a complete idiot when Hansel uses it for his own needs and even tried to have Mario pay him back.
    15. In "Jeffy Plays Soccer", he didn't give some of the million dollars to the two members of Jeffy's team and harshly scolds Mario for saying the word "Soccer". While Mario did say it, it wasn't his fault that he got confused for that with Dahbi being very harsh of the word and yet Brooklyn Guy puts the entire blame on him for that.
    16. In "The Broken Crown!", He eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch With Glue, and sells Jackie Chu's Crown and gets a Million Dollars. Plus he tried to take all the money from Marvin which makes him greedy.
    17. In "Jeffy The Uber Driver" he demands Jeffy to poop in a Tupperware after he drank his milkshake while he is working as a Uber Eats driver instead of taking a refund, which not only is it very disgusting, he even wants to eat the poop as well. What is also worse is that he refused to eat vegetables and thinks it wasn't even real food. He does the same thing in "The Halloween Purge" except he stupidly arrested Jeffy over candy and tried to murder him for that.
    18. He tends to leave Jeffy off with a warning in exchange of something to get out of police custody, when in reality he should have taken Jeffy to jail for his crimes and not accept bribes.

    Good Qualities

    1. He was an Incredible Character before mid-2022.
    2. He can still be funny if he's not too delusional or if he doesn’t hog up the screen time.
    3. More has been revealed about him in recent episodes, such as his family members and that they treat him and vice versa.
    4. Despite his idiocy, there are moments that he is actually smarter than Simmons.
    5. Chris Netherton still does a great job voicing him.
    6. He did spawn a Kable10 incarnation of himself, who is much more tolerable.
    7. Suprisingly in "Jeffy's 19th Birthday!", he didn't even complain about people forgetting his birthday and most likely moved on from that.
    8. Despite being a bad father, there are still moments that he actually still cares about Penelope.
    9. He made a decent rap song in "Jeffy's Mind Control Helmet!".
    10. He does respect the slashers in Monster Mash as he states that if they don’t do what they have to do they won’t make anymore movies.



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