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    Brooklyn T. Guy (SML, mid-2022-present)

    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Serious topics will be discussed here.

    Brooklyn T. Guy
    "Hey, did someone call flanderization on me?!" -Brooklyn Guy's reaction to his flanderization.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Flanderized Workaholic-Turned Nutjob

    The Dark Side of Brooklyn Guy

    Age: 46
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Chris Netherton
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

    Brooklyn T. Guy is one of the main characters of the popular web series SuperMarioLogan (or SML for short). He has a lot of jobs and is often used in Jeffy's videos. He is the husband of Karen and father of Penelope. He is portrayed by Chris "Pooby" Netherton.

    Sadly, he was flanderized in mid-2022.

    Brooklyn Bad Guy Qualities

    1. He has been severely flanderized as he went from a sarcastic, yet funny and relatable character with so many jobs and helps. and turned into a completely self-centered, idiotic, unfunny manchild who serves to be nothing but an incompetent asshole that spouts jokes at anyone's expense for "comic relief".
    2. He now commits crimes and police brutality to get what he wants in the following examples below:
      • In "Jeffy's Medical Problem", he has gotten Mario and his family high three times, in which he gave them brownies that were doused with drugs that his friend brought from the dealer. He should've arrested the dealer and confiscated them from his friend to use as evidence against the dealer.
        • Also, this joke was later reused in "Jeffy Gets Captured", but this time, with catnip.
      • In "Goodman's Cat", he committed animal cruelty/abuse by using a taser to tase Mr. Goodman's cat then later puts fireworks near it, killing it in the process. Additionally, he hid the evidence by using the cat's fur to make a coat and tells Goodman about the coat (which he doesn't tell the truth about). Mario should have told Goodman about Brooklyn Guy killing his cat, considering he saw the entire thing.
    3. He has started to become very rude and much more mean-spirited towards other people.
      • This becomes so much more prominent in the episode "Shrek's Endless Cheesecake!", where he was at his absolute worst and acted like a absolute prick towards Rosalina (forcing her to clean his ears like she did with Mario), ordering Mario to drive Brooklyn's car by saying "shot gun" out loud (which had Mario questioning him for that before Brooklyn disregards his own childish act), and his worst act has him being spending a large majority of the video with being spiteful and a terrible customer by heckling, fussing and insulting a innocent waitress by blaming her for any mistake at The Cheesecake Factory such as not giving all three of them menus, complaining about there not being "steak and tator ocolies" and even deliberately not tipping her with three dollars by placing it on the table and describing how he'd take away three of them for not meeting his standards unless she had a good point to say about Brooklyn and Shrek's selfish behavior (as well as him ordering food and a shake without Mario's consent for what he wanted), he also encouraged Mario to make the waitress act like their submissive servant by wanting to abuse his power as a "lawyer" and ordering her to wait and take their orders as if it's not a hard job at all, and even when Shrek's gift card was revealed to not be scratched and approved for legally eating a endless supply of cheesecake; Brooklyn Guy bribes the owner of the factory with two 20 dollar bills as a negotiation from the owner saying two 20s will make him, Marvin and Shrek never come back to the restuarant, and he quietly whispered to Mario that he tricked the owner by saying how he could've gave him another twenty but didn't to spite the owner with delight, and managed to leave the restaurant with Marvin and Shrek unscathed due to the owner yelling at Shrek to leave for asking for being gluttonous, dumb and wanting more cheesecake (which means that Brooklyn also got away with double-crossing the owner and not good at keeping fair deals without being dishonest).
    4. He has too much screen time nowadays and most of it is just filler where he talks about random things that hold back the actual plot.
    5. He became very selfish with things he is obsessed with and cares more about them than Karen and Penelope. For example, he was too obsessed with his Jimmy Butler jersey in "The Stain".
    6. In "Jeffy's Santa Freak Out!", it's revealed he punched a child's tooth out just for throwing candy canes at him and stomping on his foot. He did this in public and didn't even get fired from his job as a mall elf let alone arrested.
    7. Speaking of said episode in WHML"BBG"WSNBF#5, he goes to Mario's house just to talk about it, then is irresponsible enough to leave it to be under Mario and Rosalina's watch when Jeffy would cause some trouble for them with the jersey, which results in the Jimmy Butler jersey getting ruined throughout the video. He was also idiotic enough to think that his ruined jersey was like this from Jimmy Butler and even went sexist towards Rosalina, though he did get his comeuppance when she told him that she was glad she and Mario ruined it much to his shock, but not much.
    8. He became racist as he is shown to have a racial profile towards Joseph and Tyrone.
    9. He is a bad father to Penelope at times. To point it out, in "Jeffy's Pregnancy Scare", he pushed Penelope down the stairs when he thought she was pregnant, and that fall from the stairs would have injured her badly or killed her, which is child abuse.
    10. For a grownup, he acts very childish and like a spoiled brat. For a couple of examples, he keeps on bragging about people forgetting his birthday like it revolves around him and is somewhat a bully, like in "The Hair Problem", when he bullies Mario over being bald
    11. In "Scream", he used the murderer's knife to open the foil of popcorn that Chef Pee Pee made after the latter was killed by the murderer; also, when his blood was on the popcorn, he thought he killed the popcorn when food is not even alive.
    12. In "Jeffy Gets Stream Sniped", he was not only cheating on Fortnite, but he scammed the other streamers; when Cody got vitamin C poisoning, he didn't help him.
    13. In "Breaking Bad", he nearly got Mario killed with one of his Skittles when he was taking his X-ray and falsely believed it was a tumor
    14. In "Brooklyn Guy's Credit Card", he allows Hansel to use his credit card hoping to have a drink but is a complete idiot when Hansel uses it for his own needs and even tries to have Mario pay him back.
    15. In "Jeffy Plays Soccer", he doesn't give some of the million dollars to the two members of Jeffy's team and harshly scolds Mario for saying the word "Soccer". While Mario did say it, it wasn't his fault that he got confused for that with Dahbi being very harsh of the word and yet Brooklyn Guy puts the entire blame on him for that.
    16. In "The Broken Crown!", He eats Cinnamon Toast Crunch With Glue, sells Jackie Chu's Crown, and gets a Million Dollars. Plus he tried to take all the money from Mario which makes him greedy.
    17. In "Jeffy The Uber Driver" he demands Jeffy to poop in a Tupperware after he drank his milkshake while he is working as a Uber Eats driver instead of taking a refund, which not only is it very disgusting, he even wants to eat the poop as well. What is also worse is that he refused to eat vegetables and thought it wasn't even real food. He does the same thing in "The Halloween Purge" except he stupidly arrested Jeffy over candy and tried to murder him for that.
    18. In "Jeffy Catches A Predator" he is a coward considering he doesn't arm himself beforehand when Mr. Wrinkle pulls out a gun.
    19. He tends to leave Jeffy off with a warning in exchange for something to get out of police custody, when in reality he should have taken Jeffy to jail for his crimes and not accept bribes.
    20. In "Jeffy's Club", he gets Mario beaten up after flirting with someone's girlfriend, and he even has the nerve to tell Marvin it was him who did it
    21. He is shown to be an unfaithful and horrible husband to his wife Karen, as he is not only shown to cheat on her whenever given the chance, he even lets her get kidnapped in "Brooklyn Guy The Mind Reader
    22. In "The Acorn", he falsely arrests Charleyyy just because he actually picked up some weed from the ground and falsely for accusing him of the real drugs as well as letting a real criminal get away with a murder and shoots like an idiot over an acorn falling on the police car not to mention that he can't actually tell the difference between a falling acorn and a gunshot as he mistakes each of them to be the other due to his hearing problems. What is worse is that he throws yet a tantrum once again over it and got Rosalina almost choked to death.
    23. In "Sister Location", he build a Sister Location and literally got Penelope killed and possessing the animatronic, Circus Baby as well as abusing the animatronics by shocking them with shock collars which provokes them to turn murderous against him, Mario (Marvin) and Jeffy.
    24. He went from having an unhealthy obsession with Jimmy Butler to outright hating him after he lost a game he bet his entire life savings on. After which he proceeds to take every opportunity to talk badly about him and the Miami Heat in general as he cannot let that loss go. Eventually, his hatred of Jimmy culminated in Brooklyn Guy killing him in "Brooklyn Guy Tries To Help"

    Brooklyn Good Guy Qualities

    1. He was once a good and likable character and considered one of the most universally acclaimed characters of SML before mid-2022.
    2. There are still a few videos where he's likable and has his original personality such as:
      1. "The Cheerleading Competition"
      2. "The Tee-Ball Championship"
      3. "Air Bud"
      4. "The KFC Competition"
      5. "Scream" (depending on your view)
      6. "The Lego Podrace"
      7. "Jeffy's 19th Birthday"
      8. "Jeffy's Mind Control Helmet"
      9. "The Monster Mash"
      10. "The FNAF Series"
      11. "The Free Pizza"
    3. He can still be funny if he's not too delusional or if he doesn't hog up the screen time.
    4. More has been revealed about him in recent episodes, such as his family members and how they treat him and vice versa.
    5. Chris Netherton still does a great job voicing him.
    6. He did spawn a Kable10 incarnation of himself, who is much more tolerable.
    7. Despite being a bad father, there are still moments when he still cares about Penelope.



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