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    Broken Glass (Object Redemption)

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    Broken Glass is one of the female contestants in Object Redemption. She got eliminated in "Streaming the Sakes", the sixth episode in said object show.

    Why She's Broken

    1. She's bland, forgettable, somewhat rude, and a Mary Sue.
    2. She's one of these object show contestants that are left out from the team.
    3. Her character is rushed due to the fact she told Heart to shut up for an unknown reason, proven in episode 7 of Object Redemption.
    4. She doesn't do anything to help out or make her team win challenges.
    5. Of course, she's another poorly written character from a generic object show like this one.
    6. She gets less screen time.
    7. She is one of these characters that aren't meant to exist.
    8. What makes Broken Glass a good friend of Heart's to tell to shut up for no simple reason?
    9. She is a generic annoying dull character who has no potential to be interesting.
    10. For some reason, she does not look like a broken glass; she looks like a shuriken instead.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Despite it not looking exactly like a "broken glass", her appearance is nice.
    2. She's nowhere near as unlikable as Hairpick.


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