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    Brick (Garfield and Friends)

    The Orin Scrivello of the Garfield franchise.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Abusive Cat Boyfriend
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Cat
    Portrayed by: Gregg Berger
    Status: Alive (In Mexico)
    Media of origin: Garfield and Friends
    First appearance: The Idol of Id
    Last appearance: The Perils of Penelope

    Brick was the former male partner of Gwendolyn and Penelope Pussycat and the antagonist of the episodes "The Idol of Id", despite being a minor character, and "The Perils of Penelope". Although both females broke up with him, he was unwilling to let them move on to someone else (Garfield). He was voiced by Gregg Berger.

    Why Women Should Intentionally Walk Out on Him

    1. To start things off, Brick has shown unnecessary aggression towards everyone, especially Garfield.
    2. Not only that but he treats females in a denigrating and overall abusive way as shown with Gwendolyn and Penelope, with the latter being treated the worst of the two.
      • A good example of this is in Perils of Penelope, when Penelope asks for a bite of his sandwich, he yells at her by saying, “Are you women all the same? I wanna eat too, I wanna eat too! I wanna eat too! I only got one sandwich!”, which comes off as very misogynistic.
    3. His character design, while good, is lazy as he has the same character design as he is just a different coloured Bonzo, another cat from Garfield and Friends. The only difference is that Brick has brown fur while Bonzo has grey fur.
    4. His voice is inconsistent in both of his appearances (see below).
      • While he might have a large appearance, Gregg Berger did a weak job voicing him in "The Idol of Id" as he comes off sounding all whiny in that episode.
    5. He attempted to convince Gwendolyn a date with him and not with Garfield. This is despite the fact that She had already broken up with him, which makes Brick sound like a manipulator.
    6. Additionally, he seems to have no idea to move on from breakups and let his ex-girlfriend go to other men. This can be seen near the end of Perils of Penelope when Garfield finally stands up to Brick by saying that that Penelope is his girl. Brick gets mad at him and says that he is in “Big Trouble”.
    7. And speaking of which, he seems to have a hatred towards Garfield as he is seen mocking and even threatening him.
      • In "The Idol of Id", He openly trash talks Garfield by calling him a fat, lazy wimp and later on calls him a dog right in his face, though the latter is sort of justifiable as Garfield was in Odie’s body at the time.
      • In "The Perils of Penelope", he straight up threatens Garfield by saying that if he even looks at Penelope again, he will pound him so hard his kids will be born dizzy. This scares Garfield so much that not only does he run away from him, but he also tries to get Penelope to stay away from him under the threat that Brick might potentiality kill him!
      • In both of said episodes, he even chases Garfield as a sign that he wants to do harm to him, which is extremely mean-spirited.
    8. While his relationship with Gwendolyn might have been bad, he takes his abusiveness to Penelope up to eleven as he treats her so badly, it makes Akane Tendo’s relationship with Ranma look like a loving couple in comparison.
    9. A good example of him mistreating Penelope was when Garfield leaves after being threatened by Brick. After which Brick then shows her something to eat, which turns out to be half a rotten carrot. This angers Penelope so much that she dumps him on the spot with Brick wondering, “What got into her?”, unaware that it was his fault that Penelope broke up with him.
    10. That is not even the worst part. When Garfield is at the Mini Market, he says, “If Brick sees us together-”, it then cuts to Brick staring at the window and looking at Garfield and Penelope, which indicates that he might have been stalking Penelope all this time!
    11. It all reaches rock bottom after Garfield leaves the mini market where we see Brick literally harassing Penelope and telling her, “You're my girl and I won't let you go!”, while Penelope is struggling to get away from him.
      • He even goes as far as to tell her that no woman walks out on him, which, just like another certain character, is a refusal to accept "no” for an answer and that he does not understand what the phrase, "No means no." means.
    12. All in all, with Brick’s abusive behavior toward and the fact he wanted to kill Garfield, he is easily the worst character from Garfield and Friends, even worse than The Buddy Bears.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He thankfully gets karma in both of his appearances for his actions.
      • In "The Idol of Id", he gets chased by Garfield in Odie’s body which is a nice reversal of what Brick was doing to him just seconds ago.
      • In "The Perils of Penelope", Garfield manages to trick Brick into getting on a truck to Mexico, which locks and sends him off to Mexico where he is never seen again.
    2. Gregg Berger did improve his voice for him in "The Perils of Penelope" by having him sound a lot more menacingly then he did in "The Idol of Id".
    3. Ignoring the fact that it is a copy pasted version of Bonzo, his design is good.


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