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    Brianna Maxwell (Dork Diaries)

    Brianna Maxwell
    "B-but what if the TOOTH FAIRY is hiding in there?! OOPS...!!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Annoying Younger Sister
    Age: 6
    Species: Human
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Dork Diaries

    Brianna Lynn Maxwell is one of the characters who appears in Dork Diaries. She is Nikki Maxwell's younger sister.

    Dork Qualities

    1. According to Nikki, she is indeed annoying and bares similarities with D.W. Read, Arthur's little sister, from Arthur.
    2. Again, according to her sister, she has the IQ of a crayon box.
    3. Like her sister states once again, Brianna is "bratty and always gets her way".
    4. She doesn't like Brandon because "he has cooties".
    5. Due to her hatred of ballet, she vandalized a sign in ballet class, as she wants to do karate instead.
    6. Because she is fully aware about what's going on with Nikki and Brandon, she constantly teases Nikki about her crush on him and tries to embarrass them.
    7. When she tried to get the same powers as Elsa had in Frozen, she broke the family TV.
    8. Every time she eats mashed potatoes, she puts her nose on the plate pretending she's a goddamn piggy eating out of a trough.
    9. While giving Nikki a makeover for Brandon, she cut one of her sister's braids off.
    10. She's an irresponsible pet-sitter.
      • She even accidentally killed her class' pet fish, Rover, while bathing him in the sink.
    11. Her constant blaming on Miss Penelope (her hand) is completely immature.
    12. She's obsessed with Princess Sugar Plum.
    13. When she and Nikki hang out in the backyard, Brianna screams almost everything she says.
    14. The second Nikki uses her phone, Brianna sits next to her sister and starts poking at Nikki's side just for attention.
    15. In the sixth book, when she began gaining interest on a salon TV show, she snuck her mother's designer make up to give Nikki a makeover.

    Good Qualities

    1. She has a cute character design.
    2. Unlike Mackenzie Hollister, she doesn't constantly torture Nikki.
    3. She became more mature later on in the series.
    4. She is not as annoying as Manny Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
    5. She is good best friends with MacKenzie's sister, Amanda.
    6. She does learn from some of her mistakes later on in the books.
    7. At first, Brianna was afraid of the tooth fairy because her sister told her that she collects children's teeth to make old people's dentures, but the former got over it in Dork Diaries 2ː Tales from a Not-So-Popular Party Girl.
    8. Throughout the books, she wears different hair pieces and accessories to fasten her pigtails, which really gives off that 6-year-old image very wellǃ
    9. Despite her bratty behavior and troublesome antics, a lot of fans still think Brianna is very cute, and she's said to be a very cute girl.
    10. Her "kid crush" on Oliver is pretty cute.
    11. After she cut off one of Nikki's braids when giving her a makeover for Brandon, Brianna makes up for it by giving her sister a dress for the dance (which is really from their grandmother).
    12. Nikki still loves and cares for her, despite Brianna being annoying.
    13. Her bad behavior can be excused somewhat, due to her young age.


    1. She's only seen with her hair down in Dork Diaries 4ː Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess, which is the only book so far that features Brianna with her hair down.
    2. Her birthday is between April 2 and September 1, as she said in the fourth book that her birthday is coming up soon.
    3. Her middle name was revealed in Tales from a Not-So-Graceful Ice Princess.
    4. She looks a little similar to her sister, except her eyes are curved downwards like their mother's, and despite that she and Nikki both wear pigtails, Brianna has hers upwards while Nikki has hers downwards.
    5. Every Saturday morning, Brianna jumps on Nikki's bed singing "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed".
    6. Brianna happens to have an interest in romance. This is hinted as she has a 'kid crush' on Oliver Crumbly, Mrs. Wallabanger's grandson, in the sixth book, Dork Diaries 6ː Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker.
    7. As DQ#7 states, Brianna indeed loves Princess Sugar Plum and adores playing the games on Nikki's phone.
    8. She has Dentosphobia, a fear of dentists, but in this case, she's scared of the tooth fairy.
    9. Her favorite books are the Babymouse series, the Ever After High series, The Day the Crayons Quit, The Princess in Black, and How to Trick the Tooth Fairy.
    10. As DQ#2 says, Brianna hates ballet.
    11. Her favorite snack is a ketchup-and-banana sandwich and PBJ&P (peanut butter, jelly, and pickles) sandwich.
    12. She always drags out the second syllable of Nikki's name.
    13. It is shown that Brianna likes My Little Pony and draws their eyes on the wall.
    14. Brianna's personality was inspired by Nikki Russell, the main illustrator of Dork Diaries, when she was a child.


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