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Brian Griffin
"I am done with you! Do you hear me?! Done! Get out of here now!" (Walks away from Stewie) (In the episode “Brian Writes a Bestseller”)
Gender: Male
Type: Seth MacFarlane's Political Soapbox
Age: 10 (human years)/70 (dog years)
Species: Dog
Portrayed by: Seth McFarlane
Status: Alive
Deceased (During "Life of Brian" to "Christmas Guy")
Media of Origin: Family Guy
First Appearance: "Death Has A Shadow"

Brian Griffin is one of the main characters of the American adult animated TV series Family Guy. He is the Griffins' dog and is the voice of reason of the show. He is voiced by the series' creator Seth MacFarlane.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. He was flanderized in Season 8; he went from being a sarcastic and snarky talking dog to a pretentious, arrogant and narcissistic jerk who isn't above manipulating and tricking his friends and family into getting what he wants.
  2. He occasionally acts like a complete jerk to his family for no apparent reason, he even treats Stewie like garbage from time to time:
  3. He sometimes lets innocent people die over simple things, for example, when a woman was in a car about to fall into the ocean, he attempts to rescue her, but upon hearing that she has a child, instead of being encouraged to save them, he lets go of the car so they drown, it's bad enough letting a woman die, but an infant? That's way too far!
  4. He once conned Quagmire, even though Quagmire helped Brian at the beginning of the episode, and the fact he had sex with his robot duplicate.
  5. He has become nothing more than just the soapbox for Seth MacFarlane, as most of his lines nowadays are just him preaching Seth's beliefs.
    • Not helping is the fact that Brian's voice is basically Seth MacFarlane's own normal voice.
  6. In one episode, Brian invested in a company that sold protein shakes, even after Stewie showed Brian that the shakes were made of dog meat, Brian still willingly invested, making him a cannibal.
  7. He was infamously killed off in Life of Brian, only to be brought back in Christmas Guy, yet little was done to make Brian a better character after his resurrection.
  8. He has shown to be a hypocrite from time to time:
    1. In Brian & Stewie, in which despite being liberal, he keeps a pistol because of protective reasons and pretends to be against using a gun itself over the "national tragedy at Combine".
    2. He calls himself an Atheist, despite the fact that he met Jesus Christ and God before.
    3. He deliberately ran over a squirrel, which, unbeknownst to him, traumatizes Stewie. He also hires a hitman to kill Quagmire's cat. Also during a date in Love, Blactually, he mauls a rabbit at a pet store. These actions make him a hypocrite because in several episodes he supported animals' rights and was against violence towards animals.
    4. He violated his views on LGBT rights in Family Gay when Lois is depressed that Peter is leaving her for another man. Brian then takes Stewie's idea for ending Lois' depression by kidnapping Peter and taking him to an ex-gay center to "turn back to his old self".
  9. To make all of this worse, he's aware of the fact he's, in his own words, a "self-righteous liberal douchebag", showing that he doesn't care.
  10. Though we do get that his design is still good and nothing changes, some versions of him look very disturbing like him without fur (though it is to stop Peter from flashing him).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Like Peter Griffin, he used to be a more likable character in Family Guy's earlier seasons.
  2. There are some episodes where he does get comeuppance for his actions. In fact, 5 seasons after the episode, "Brian Writes A Bestseller", he does get a VERY satisfying punishment here.
  3. He sometimes acts like the likable voice of reason in some episodes.
    • He was likeable and sympathetic in "The D in Apartment 23", as he was getting non-stop harassed over a tweet that was supposed to be nothing more than a joke, he even stood up to everyone who was calling him a racist and called them out for bullying and harassing him 24/7.
  4. He does have some funny moments, such as these.
  5. He cares a lot about his friends and family and is one of the few persons who don't bully Meg (with the exception of the one time that he and Stewie helped with spitting on Meg.)
    • He reconciled with Quagmire, being on much better terms now.
    • He has an awesome and believable chemistry with Stewie. (the season 16 episode "Dog Bites Bear" is a good example of how awesome their chemistry really is)


  • Along with Peter, Brian has mostly been poorly-received since Season 8; some fans still like him even after his flanderization, and others claim him as one of the worst characters in Family Guy.


  • Brian's dog breed is a Labrador.



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