Brenda Bunson (Sausage Party)

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Brenda Bunson
"Roberta, put your fucking hand down, you're ruining my joke"
Gender: Female
Type: Ugly and Unfunny Perishable product
Species: Hot Dog Bun
Portrayed by: Kristen Wiig
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Sausage Party

Brenda Bunson is the deuteragonist of the 2016 adult animated comedy film Sausage Party. She is a love interest of Frank.

Why She Doesn't Deserve to Go to the Great Beyond

  1. Her character description is nothing more than just a Christian stereotype who's a self-entitled and immature jerk. 
    • She worships the gods, and most of her dialogue is talking about how awesome they are.
    • She lashes out at anyone, and even looks down and insults anyone who doesn't worship the gods.
    • She believes something is right just because it "feels" right, which something is not morally righteous.
  2. She's very rude and unlikeable. In one scene, she insults Carl in a very mean-spirited and unfunny manner.
  3. She's also shown to be very selfish, as she refused to help Frank find more research about the Great Beyond, and even lashed at him for his newfound beliefs.
  4. She's very bland and uninteresting when she's being more than just a Christian stereotype than being a character.
  5. As stated above, she's not the nicest person towards others' feelings. As she hurts Tesera the taco's feelings and never talked to Tesera about how her feelings, despite already being in a relationship with Frank.        
  6. Her design looks extremely weird for a hot dog bun, especially when her mouth is literally shaped like a vagina; so when she talks, it just looks strange.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her voice is good, thanks to Kristen Wiig (the same voice for Lola Bunny in the Looney Tunes Show) voicing her.
  2. The scene where she, along with all the other characters has an orgy, is considered to be enjoyable to some people.
  3. She saved Frank from a god twice in the movie, so you could say she redeemed herself in a way.


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