Bowser Junior (SuperMarioLogan (2019-present))

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Bowser Junior (SuperMarioLogan (2019-present))
[[File:File:SML Bowser Jr.|300px|center|]]
"So guys, what do you wanna do today?"
Gender: Male
Type: Dumb, Troublemaking, and obnoxious plush version of Bowser Jr.
Age: 13
Species: Koopa
Portrayed by: Logan Thirtyacre
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

Bowser Junior is one of the main characters from the puppet web series SuperMarioLogan, he is highly known for his role in the Junior era, the era where there are many videos based off of him. He is voiced by the series creator Logan Thirtyacre.

Why He Sucks

  1. When Bowser Jr. debuted in 2013-2014 in the "Junior Era", he became incredibly overused, which the fans got tired of fast.
  2. He is usually really idiotic, the easiest examples being 2 Tickets and The Test, where he is too stupid to understand simple logic. He didn't notice that 2 tickets wasn't enough for he and his friends to go to the event together, and he and Jeffy created very dumb math logics.
  3. SML Bowser Jr. is almost nothing like his original, canon self in the Mario games; he was able to disguise himself as Mario and frame him for polluting Isle Delfino, and later piloted a huge machine to fight Mario, but in SML, he is stupid enough to always think that the sun is a planet.
  4. He is extremely unlikable, if not the main antagonist, in several videos, including:
    • The School Project
    • Bowser Jr's Prank Gone Wrong
    • Bowser Jr's Package
    • April Fools
    • Bowser Jr's Revenge
    • Gravity
    • Cody's Birthday
    • Bowser Junior's Playtime: Part 5
  5. Bowser Jr is very hypocritical; he was angry with Chef Pee Pee for pretending to shred Thomas in April Fools, even though he played a cruel joke on the Chef saying his mom died.
  6. In most videos where he does something cruel to either Cody or Chef Pee Pee, or a different action, Bowser Jr. never receives a punishment.
  7. The very rude and overused running joke where he insults Cody's mom by calling her a pig or a cow. He even acted upset when Cody insulted his mom in The Loch-Ness Monster, which is another example of hipocrisy.
  8. Despite being a child, Jr's voice is very unfitting for him.
  9. He never listens to Cody warning him about something that could cause trouble. He put a water balloon in the freezer to prank Chef Pee Pee, ignoring Cody telling him that the prank could badly injure or kill the chef, and he does it anyway.
  10. He is usually a really unfunny character.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sometimes, Jr does care about Chef Pee Pee, such as morning his death in Evil Chef Pee Pee.
  2. He has a cute design.
  3. Bowser Jr. has a few funny moments in the videos.


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