Bowser Junior (SuperMarioLogan, 2019-present)

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Bowser Junior (SML, 2019-present)
Bowser Junior.png.png
New Junior Design.png
Hey Cody, your Mom's fat
Gender: Male
Type: Unsympathetic, Greedy Moron Who Only Cares For Himself
Age: 13
Species: Koopa
Human (Puppet videos)
Portrayed by: Logan Thirtyacre
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

"You know what? I don't think you should exist anymore, just get off this planet! The world would be better without you because of how ugly you are!"
-Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong

Bowser Junior is one of the main characters from the puppet web series SuperMarioLogan. He is Bowser's son and he was highly known for his role in the Junior era, the era where there are many videos based off of him. He is voiced by the series creator Logan Thirtyacre.

Sadly, since 2019, he's been flanderized and hasn't recovered ever since.

Why He Deserves to be Grounded Now

  1. In late 2019, or more specifically, "Taken Away", he was badly flanderized and became overbearingly annoying, unfunny, and is much stupider, to the point where he even developed sociopathic tendencies. While he was always supposed to be somewhat of a jerk, he still had a nicer side and was meant to be more rebellious than outright sociopathic.
  2. He has also been noted for acting extremely cruel to Chef Pee Pee and Cody for little to no reason whatsoever; especially Cody to the point that almost any interaction with Cody ends with either Junior insulting him, mocking him/a family member, or sometimes abusing him verbally/physically.
  3. He's started to become aggravatingly petty in most episodes; for example, in "The School Project", when Cody asked Junior if he can play with the helicopter, Junior said "no", but for no reason, he gave Cody a chance to play with the helicopter. Then after it breaks, he gets so angry he refuses to talk to Cody, even when the latter tries to tell him it was an accident and goes as far as to destroy their shared school project to get revenge.
  4. Also as implied above, his stupidity has been over-exaggerated to the point where he often cannot even remember basic facts or even apply a bit of common sense to situations, but whereas his pre-2019 self was able to handle ignorant comedy a lot better, his stupidity now more often seems to be forced into videos for the sake of plot convenience and tends to be more annoying than funny; notably in "Taken Away", his Flanderization episode where he continually predicts the safe combination is things like "1111", "2222" and so forth and gets the safe locked because of it.
  5. A lot of his common recurring jokes have become stale and painful to watch from overuse; a prime example is him making fun of Cody's mom's weight. While the joke has existed in the series for a while, it's started to become beaten into the ground from 2019 onwards; it gets to the point where sometimes 30 seconds or more of a video are dedicated solely to "Cody's Mom" jokes.
  6. He has done many horrible things, all in the name of "comedy":
    • In "Cody Goes To College", when he learns that Cody isn't going to hang out with him and Joseph anymore because he's going to college, they get him kicked out of college so they can continue to have a punching bag.
    • In "Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong" he alongside Joseph, blew an air horn in Chef Pee Pee's ears and made him deaf, and Junior uses that problem to insult Chef Pee Pee, going as far as to say the page quote.
    • He was at his absolute worst in "Bowser Junior's Revenge", as he cyberstalks, sends threatening messages to, and even tries to burn Cody's house down. The reason he does this is simply that Cody accidentally knocked over his piggy bank, which Junior nonsensically accuses him of doing on purpose.
      • Plus, no matter what Junior does to them in most of his videos, he never receives a punishment. This is due to Logan never writing him in the wrong.
  7. Overall, these problems with Junior have ruined the overall reputation of his character, to the point where many people have considered him to be worse than Jeffy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was much more likable before 2019 took place.
  2. Logan still does a decent job voicing him, as always, except for when he is yelling.
  3. Even today he still has some funny and likable moments; in "Precious' Biggest Fan", for example, it's easy to feel sorry for him since he (along with Joseph) mourned the death of Precious and paid his respects for her. He also has some videos where he reverts to his old personality, like "Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday" and "Nine Lives".
  4. His puppet design is commonly regarded as one of, if not the best SML puppet redesigns since it is rather faithful to Junior's original video game design and fits his current personality well, despite some flaws.
  5. He sometimes gets comeuppances in videos. E.g. In The Film Project, Cody slapped him after he insulted his mom in front of the class.


  • In 2021, he, along with every other Mario character, has been permanently turned into SML human puppets that don't resemble the games due to legal issues with Nintendo.



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