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Bowser (SuperMarioLogan (2011-present)
I'm watching Charleyyy
Gender: Male
Type: Plushie, white trash version of Bowser
Age: 53 (born on February 21st, 1968)
Species: Koopa
Human (Puppet videos)
Portrayed by: Lovell Stanton
Zeke (formerly)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan
First Appearance: SuperMarioLogan's Nintendo Merchandise (as showcase)
American Idol Mario Edition Episode 2 (physical)

Bowser is a main character in the SuperMarioLogan YouTube channel. Unfortunately, he was flanderized starting from 2011.

Bad Qualities

  1. He has become an unintelligent, excessively lazy, sadistic, abusive and negligent father figure who's barely in his own son's life, doesn't care about anybody and verbally abuses his own chef.
    • The few times he does interact with Junior, it's usually just to beat him up with a belt or sometimes just punch him out, usually for minor annoyances; according to "Switching Bodies" he doesn't even need a reason.
    • He is cruel to Chef Pee Pee, often refusing to pay him and screaming at him constantly, sometimes beating him, and frequently threatening him with death if he makes his food incorrectly or doesn't make it fast enough.
  2. The repetitive, annoying gag of Bowser always watching Charleyyy and Friends and obsessing over the titular Charleyyy is basically his entire character nowadays. He is very rarely seen doing anything else aside from yelling at Junior or Chef Pee Pee.
    • His dependency on the show reaches the point where he tried to commit suicide simply because the show was cancelled in "Bowser's Depression".
  3. He has a fiery temper and launches into tirades over minor, insignificant things, such as missing a Charleyyy and Friends episode because his TV broke in "Bowser's Broken TV".
  4. Like many SML characters he is incredibly unintelligent, to the point that he didn't even recognize his own son in "Bowser Junior Sneaks Out".
    • It's shown that he has been brainwashed by the media in "Bowser Junior's Halloween" as he directly states everything on the news is true.
  5. He has also been shown to be a sore loser, especially in videos like "Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt" where he cheats by slamming Junior into walls and later throws a tantrum when Junior beats him.
  6. His character isn't even fully consistent, as despite never caring about Junior much of the time, he suddenly becomes an overbearing and overprotective parent during the Halloween specials.
  7. He is shown to be racist and sexist.
    • He got Mario to stop saving Peach because "women just sometimes need to be quiet".
    • In at least one video, he remarks that "dark skinned people" are suspicious. This is actually rather ironic as not only Bowser's idol Charleyyy is black, but his voice actor is also black.
  8. It has been shown several times he is emotionally unstable and implied several times he is a psychopath:
    • He supposedly killed a girl at a gas station over a key chain of all things.
    • He has beaten up and even killed pet animals multiple times ("Bowser Junior's Pet" and "Bowser's Parrot").
    • He is shown engaging in bestiality with Junior's late pet, Chompy, by smearing peanut butter on his genitals for Chompy to lick, and the same video implies this was a regular occurrence.
    • In general he is shown to be sexually deviant with him being implied to regularly hire strippers in "The Button!".
    • The earlier videos probably had him at his most psychotic, especially the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures series where he slits the throat of a Goomba for teasing him, murders Mama Luigi and Black Yoshi, raped and impregnated Peach and wrongs Mario to the point of making him suicidal.
  9. His human puppet design known as Boss is horrendous. He looks like an abusive father who is angry all the time, even whenever he is happy.

Good Qualities

  1. Bowser has had many funny moments both past and present.
  2. He has great videos centered around him like "Bowser's Dilemma", "Evil Bowser" and "Bowser's Video Game".
  3. He was great in the "Mario and Bowser's Stupid and Crazy Adventures" series.
  4. While it may be hypocritical of him to do so, he does call out Mario for beating up Jeffy in "The New House", which suggests he does still have standards.
  5. Sometimes he does get karma for his abuse, such as in "Home Alone" where he gets arrested for leaving Bowser Junior home alone.
  6. In the newest videos, Bowser has eased up a bit on the abuse and has been shown caring for his son more often.
    • Even before the newer videos, Bowser has shown himself to genuinely care for his son on several occasions and even if misguided some of his actions are done with Junior's best interest in mind. For example, in "The Fishing Trip", he gets Junior on a fishing trip to bond with him and even saves him from a shark attack by beating up the shark.
  7. Even his obsession with Charleyyy is entertaining and was a funny addiction to his character before it became his main trait.
  8. Depending on your viewpoint, his psychotic and destructive behavior can be considered amusing.


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