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    Bowly (Super Lifeless Object Battle)

    "Ooooooo, Eye forgoit someting!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Idiotic Sociopath
    Species: Bowling Ball
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Super Lifeless Object Battle

    Bowly is a male contestant from the object show Super Lifeless Object Battle and its 2018 reboot. He is Hypey's rival.

    Why He Forgot Everything

    1. He is just another example of a generic dumb object-show character who doesn't have a reason why he became stupid and immature.
    2. He can also be considered both an Idiot Houdini and a Karma Houdini at the same time, due to him getting away with his stupid and evil actions.
    3. There are a couple of moments where he does bad things for no reason whatsoever, such as breaking a wall with great force.
    4. Most of his dialogue is laughable and gets old very fast, such as "Wots rong Hoypey?" and "Ooooooo, Eye forgoit someting!"
    5. His grammar is awful, and it's not helping with his awful dialogue.
    6. His facial expressions, especially when he talks, are ugly to look at, especially the one in the image of him.
    7. He ruined Hypey's invention by throwing a rock at it thus destroying it.
    8. He can be pretty destructive at times.
    9. Much like Fred Figglehorn, his fourth wall break is awful. In one scene, he yells at the viewers to vote for him. That proves that he can be a whiny brat to get what he wants, similar to Bloo and Crusher.
    10. He's dull, bland, and has no potential throughout the whole series.
    11. He's an awful fighter. In one scene, Hypey fights him. However, he does not fight back to the point where he loses.
    12. His actions were basically for nothing, and no one did anything bad to him, so they didn't deserve it.
    13. Aside from being unintelligent and moronic, he seems like a pointless character, him unfairly winning the first challenge along with Hypey does not excuse him.
    14. The infamous scene in the intro where he says that 1+1=10. What the hell, Bowly?!
    15. For the most part, he is very mean towards Hypey, which can make him a sociopath.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. There are some moments where he can be funny and comical.
    2. He is nice to Hypey at times, for example, he gives him his invention.
    3. His appearance is good despite his ugly face.


    • He was originally going to be named "Bowley" or "Bowling Ball", but it was scrapped in which his name remained Bowly.


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