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    Gumball: Dude, what is wrong with you?!
    Darwin: Yeah, you're such a jerk now, you've started complaining about Taco abandoning you.
    Gender: Female
    Type: The Dark Side of Book
    Species: Hardcover Book
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: 'Battle for Dream Island'
    First appearance: Yeah, Who? I Wanna Know

    Book (formerly known as Dictionary) is a female object contestant from Battle for Dream Island Again, IDFB, Battle for BFDI, and The Power of Two. She is also the main protagonist of BFDIA 5b. Sadly, she was badly flanderized in Battle for BFDI.

    Why She Was Not Well-Read And You Better Believe It

    1. After the third episode, "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", her personality became the complete opposite of her past self. In BFDIA and IDFB, she is shown to be nice, caring, harmless and can be considered to be the voice of reason of the Freesmarters. In BFB, however, this is where her traits have been butchered completely, as she is shown as an arrogant, immature, obnoxious and moronic idiot who acts like a jerk.
    2. She used to hammer the fact that Taco abandoned her team in some episodes in BFB. Like in the said episode (shown in point #1), Taco was stuck in a jawbreaker, in "Four Goes Too Far", Taco jumps back on to earth, and in "What Do You Think Of Roleplay", she believes that Taco has abandoned the team when Taco's body was switched with Tree.
    3. Book is immature, as she doesn't try to reason with Taco or figure out that she was stuck in the jawbreaker.
    4. Book also managed to make almost everyone bully Taco.
    5. In "Today’s Very Special Episode", she seemingly wants Taco dead in her eyes. We are not kidding.
    6. She believes that Lollipop is the fake in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?" by saying that she is being so out of character just to sound smart.
    7. She never received any consequences of her actions, since team Bleh (or GABOP) kept preventing itself from ever being put up for elimination, that was true until BFB 13-14. However, she didn't get eliminated, being safe with 4,419 votes. That can make her a Karma Houdini (Though she did have an early redemption arc at that time).
    8. In "Return of the Rocket Ship" she started to not only accuse Taco for abandoning the team, but is now also accusing Saw for abandoning the team to the point where Ice Cube doesn't even want to be with Book.
    9. She is so obsessed with Taco abandoning the team that she does not want to hear her name.
    10. Book antagonized Saw for leaving Bleh when she had a proper excuse.
    11. After Taco was revealed to be the imposter in BFB 12, Book got mad at her even though she was doing the challenge.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She was more likable in BFB 1 and 2, where she was nice to Teardrop and Ice Cube and regained her old personality again in TPOT.
    2. She was much more likable in BFDIA, IDFB, a few BFB episodes where she doesn't do anything related to Taco "abandoning her" and TPOT.
    3. To be fair, she wasn't aware of Taco trying to help the team in "Four Goes Too Far", since Taco didn't told the team her plan.
    4. She is starting to think that she is doing something wrong when Gaty told Book to look herself up in her self in "Return of the Rocket Ship", and talking to Pin in "Don’t Dig Straight Down", she saved Ice Cube AND Taco’s lives from the lava, meaning she went through some character development.
      • That actually came true as she is shown to become less of a jerk nowadays.
    5. In "The Four is Lava", she was quite positive to her teammates;
      • When Ice Cube became safe, she said happily that Ice Cube is so happy.
      • When Lollipop was in the bottom two, she said to Lollipop she hopes she is safe.
      • She said to Gaty calmly that it's a shame to not study Dora anymore.
    6. In "The Escape from Four", when Taco wanted the BFB, instead of pressuring her, Book decided to let Taco roam free.
    7. Maybe the reason the writers made her a jerk is for her redemption arc.



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