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    Bonkers D. Bobcat (Miranda Wright episodes)

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    Bonkers D. Bobcat (Miranda Wright episodes)
    This time you have become too bonkers for your own good.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Incompetent Side of Bonkers D. Bobcat
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Bobcat
    Portrayed by: Jim Cummings
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Bonkers
    Raw Toonage

    Bonkers D. Bobcat is the titular protagonist of the 1993-1995 Disney animated television series with the same name. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.

    Originally featured on Raw Toonage, he is a former star of cartoon shorts at Wackytoon Studios. He is an overly energetic and hyperactive, out-of-work, somewhat foolish, and not-so-bright Toon bobcat who works in the Toon Division of the Hollywood P.D. as a police officer.

    Where he was once a decent cop with thoughtful and redeeming qualities to his screwy behavior (ex. being resourceful with using "zany cartoon" logic to defeat villains and showing several moments of competence), but now in the 'Miranda' episodes, he's portrayed as a rather clumsy and foolish character who ends up being the show's punching bag, and he has been badly flanderized into being even more of a klutz for a "cop" and more of an idiotic troublemaker than ever before.

    Why He Wasn't a Good Cop

    Note: This only applies to his character as depicted in all 19 "Miranda Wright" episodes of Bonkers: "Witless for the Prosecution", "Do Toons Dream of Animated Sheep", "Quuibbling Rivalry", "Springtime for the Iguana", "CasaBonkers", "Love Stuck", "of Mice and Menace", "Dog Day AfterToon", "The 29th Page", "Cartoon Cornered", "Trains, Toons, and Toon Trains", "Tokyo Bonkers", "The Stork Exchange", "Bobcat Fever", "The Toon that Ate Hollywood", "When the Spirit Moves You", "Fistful of Anvil's", "What You Read is What You Get" and "Toon for a Day". His prior appearances in both Raw Toonage and the "Lucky Piquel" episodes of Bonkers (including Bonkers in the episode first introducing Miranda Wright: "New Partners on the Block") are passable.

    1. He is an overall Roger Rabbit clone, but without any of Roger's competence, charm and likability that he and Bonkers' previous characterization from the Lucky Piquel episodes ever had, thus turning Bonkers into a complete joke for the show to make fun of.
    2. Compared to the Lucky Piquel episodes having Bonkers being wacky and chaotic yet still reliable as a police officer and as a toon who uses cartoon logic to take down criminals, he has been flanderized into becoming more of a blabbering, dimwitted, incompetent officer who has shown to be flaky several times despite being claiming to know what "toons" can do, becoming even more of a klutzy cop that causes trouble all around him and typically uses lots of dumb luck and contrived conviences to get through any situation instead of using more efficient strategies to overcome his conflicts with catching criminals.
    3. His bungling antics has now reached Jar Jar Binks levels of annoying since his outrageous and ill-advised strategies for taking down low-life toony criminals often cause a lot more chaos and havoc to the police department and the town all around him rather than simply getting the job done efficiently without causing trouble to people all around him, this trait has been amplified and exaggerated much more than in the Lucky Piquel episodes and his antics have now reached to the point that Bonkers has become far too accident-prone for his own good and has become much more of a bumbling imbecile you should not normally trust to help you solve crimes or taking down criminals with a straight face. Since he often relies too much on dumb luck to help himself get him or other people out of distressing situations he has caused instead of using resourceful thinking to his strategies he uses with his knowledge on zany cartoons (like he did in the Lucky Piquel episodes), this is when his lead role as a "extremely clumsy police officer" becomes really grating and tiresome to watch.
      • Whenever he does make sense, it generally comes out of nowhere and is ultimately useless oftentimes rather than it helping the officers on a daily basis (mainly because of poor writing since Bonkers' comedic personality is supposed to be similar to a "dumb clown") and when it's vice-versa, it can sometimes make him look much dumber and more inept towards fighting bad guys than how he is shown to be consistently capable of being very resourceful and astute with controlling "zany cartoon" logic in a imaginative and heroic way in the Lucky Piquel episodes.
      • Not to mention that several characters in the show like Sarge and other cops, have demonstrated how they are just as irritated and bothered with Bonkers' reckless antics as much as the audience does, this shows that it has reached to the point that even in-universe; there are people who are sick of his clumsy behavior causing destructive misadventures and see him as more of a "unwonted" member instead of someone necessary to the police force, even when the police force are discussing about a solution to track down a criminal, taking down said criminal or even when they are done finishing solving a crime and catching said criminals, with several episodes like "Toon for a Day", "Quibbling Rivalry", "When the Spirit Moves You" and "Dog Day AfterToon" for example, show many shades of this.
      • In fact, his antics had gone too far off the rails, that it even annoyed and bothered someone normally patient and even-tempered like Miranda Wright, who is the most likable character in these episodes that usually behaves in a levelheaded manner since she is the hypercompetent cop that does all the work for Bonkers, and often tolerates everything Bonkers does or says, proof of this has the episode "Quibbling Rivalry"; where Miranda made some reasonable complaints about Bonkers' reckless antics causing destruction during the mission of arresting a thief after they had issue catching a thief who escaped and was climbing down a building due to Bonkers goofing around in the mission by pretending he was on a vacation in a vault the thief opened and Bonkers making a corny "island" joke that relates to "throwing sand in the eyes" towards the thief before Miranda takes things more seriously and confronting the thief before he escaped, and despite the thief climbing down the building with gadgets, Bonkers wasted time asking Miranda how she's doing while the thief is climbing down the building and then Bonkers immediately rushed in doing a "strategy" he thought would work (without thinking about it nor discussing said strategy with Miranda) as he tried using two plungers with oil to climb down a building to pursue the thief on his own (which predictably backfires on Bonkers and sends him falling and flinging himself back up to float in the air while telling the thief a couple of lamebrained "you're under arrest" jokes by reading two notebooks before falling and flinging himself back up to make a mess to a plank of paint before brutally falling to the ground and Miranda had to outsmart the thief herself with her quick wits and strength before she arrested him while Bonkers remains on the ground). After they caught the criminal and had him in cuffs, even Miranda had to call out Bonkers for his troublesome antics that is often causing disasters so many times in the missions as discussed above, Bonkers said "at least it was consistent" before the plank of paint breaks loose from the rope, falls from the sky, before it bounces and falls onto Miranda's police car and trashing said car with paint and the sound of a siren is heard being dismantled, all of which just shows that Bonkers does not really care too much about the havoc he himself causes so often and usually makes flimsy excuses to justify his recklessness without feeling any remorse for it.
    4. He has also become way too much of an overly hyperactive and cowardly Butt-Monkey (even more so than in the previous Lucky Piquel episodes), has become more a complete schlemiel who often makes a fool of himself by using illogical ideas or decisions that usually make no real sense, and his flamboyance while rambling out tons of words and "jokes" he tells usually frustrates several police officers before and after completing missions, especially in terms of crime-fighting and unreviling crime mysteries (ex. "Dog Day AfterToon" has him starting off being clumsy and awkward by stumbling while crossing a street before asking an officer what happened by standing on the officer's head before seeing a bank robbery taking place, and "When the Spirit Moves You" has Bonkers making a overexaggerated "jaw dropping to the floor" expression to express cowardice towards a toon ghost he and Miranda had encountered), which makes him too awkward and irritating to be around.
      • He becomes a actual 'dude-in-distress' for a brief amount of time and becomes even more of a heedless punching bag in the episode "CasaBonkers", where him messing around when Miranda had to find a beanie that everyone wanted to make a fortune out of, was hidden by Bonkers so the villainous Vermins wouldn't use it for scheming money-laundering schemes, Bonkers gets captured by Al Vermin and forced into giving answers about the beanie hat despite Bonkers claiming to not remember where he has hidden it (which is the treasure everyone wants in the episode, mind you). By the time he flies around with a flying beanie hat he wore for himself, he goes through a whole "humilation conga" while his hijinks get fairly violent and destructive in a movie studio by having Bonkers getting clobbered from a giant bat that a alligator is holding, making Bonkers zipling through water to fly through a bush, hitting a giant telephone that sends him propelling higher in the air after slamming himself into it, falling down the sky results in a projectiled giant penny (launched by a giant jack-in-the-box) to whack Bonkers while falling from tall heights, and he slams into Jitters A. Dog (which causes him and Jitters to be violently slamming into a bus).
    5. Despite being the show's frequent Butt-Monkey, in these episodes he also carries a Idiot Houdini trait to his clumsy personality since a large majority of his senseless decisions and mental shortcomings tend to be problematic enough to set all of his partners (or other people) into tons of distressing situations and destructive misadventures (whether he knew what he was doing or not) as a result of his naivete and idiocy.
      • Which is seen in episodes like "When the Spirit Moves You" for example (where his clumsiness caused him to slam himself into a bunch of citizens and officers while acting clueless and dopey while Sarge is seen being knocked over). It's already established that Bonkers and other toons can't really be harmed too badly because they're cartoon characters, but other humans in the show CAN be harmed and injured (like in real life), this actually makes him more of a nusiance and a overall amateurish cop whose chaotic antics are more of a danger to society despite wanting to do good for the police force (and it also makes you wonder why Bonkers has not been fired from the police department yet for nearly endangering tons of people multiple times such as Miranda Wright herself, violently or otherwise causing people to stress out). Does that sound familar?
      • In the episode "Dog Day AfterToon", where during a bank robbery, Bonkers steps on a officer's head and asking him of the situation before rushing into a bank robbery scene with other competent police officers rushing in the scene and surrounding the thief; Bonkers hardly takes anything seriously here and treats the situation like it's a game to him instead of handling it as a serious crime since it's a toon holding a bomb and threatening to blow up people while robbing a bank! Then Bonkers think to use a megaphone to speak to the thief and talk like a child who fails to come up with a comeback insult to stop Pitts from bombing a bank, and then he tries sweet-talking the hardened canine thief toon named Pitts holding a bomb (as if it's some high school reunion) and Bonkers' attempting defusing the situation by Bonkers doing a forced comedy stunt act to inflict on himself like a mascohist does and then try convincing Pitts that he could get him anything he wanted and try talking him out of the situation by offering him a "tricycle" when Pitts wanted a getaway car, which only made Pitts mention his dream of wanting his job back as a cartoon star again, and Pitts took Bonkers' cheap deal of a "tricycle" as a act of disrespect and nobody taking him seriously enough, which only made Pitts break Bonkers' deal and continue his evildoing by threatening all the cops and had them all vulnerable to Pitts' bombing act. Even though Bonkers' overall incompetence is treated as a serious mistake of his part, he then chooses to use giant lady legs to threaten the robber while imitating the mannerism of a distressed mother disciplining her child but it backfires horribly on him, and his nearly smart plan to use a hot dog bait trick to lure said robber with the bait into a doghouse to drop a anvil on the robber, the robber prevents Bonkers' plan from working by making X Bonkers marked on the ground, go back to him and said anvil lands on Bonkers, which allowed the criminal to escape again. Meaning that Bonkers' antics first resulted in him failing to stop a bank robbery, which nearly caused everyone's lives to be in pure danger and the robbery was only stopped by Bonkers pleading the thief by promising him to give him anything he wants, which only worked out of dumb luck since Sarge believed the thief wouldn't buy it (as anyone would realistically believe) and the bomb itself nearly imploded in a car Bonkers and Miranda went into since the thief left it there when nobody was looking, this is until Bonkers threw said bomb into the thief's car. And despite this, Bonkers feels like he earned the moment of being congratulated for defeating the criminal once Miranda claims this, as if this act of convenience makes up for his incompetence that nearly setted everyone's lives in danger (which it does not! He should be immediately fired on the spot for putting the whole public in danger!).
      • In the episode "CasaBonkers", once he does reveal to remember where he hid the box with the treasured beanie was (as well as making a signature after everyone was looking for it!), he finds the beanie hat everyone wanted and becomes chased by everyone for the hat he wanted for himself, which him causing it to fly made him propel in the air and break through the floor to make trails on the floor from the cafe and making his way outdoors. Which also shows he can also be self-centered and still act reckless while causing a scene and fleeing away from a situation HE has caused yet again, especially after he escapes some amount of karma for a bit by having a rope with anchor untie itself while Bonkers flies and making the anchor land on Al and the two other vermins.
    6. His "zany" sense of humor has become even more passé, uninspired, generic, unintelligent, needless, bland and rather unfunny, which starts to become a lot more repetitive and stale than ever before. Especially when he shoehorns some forced meta humor into his jokes about what you see in zany cartoons (which aren't really that funny to begin with) and he also shoehorns visual cartoon gags to use as his plans for stopping toony criminals in supposedly "creative" ways (which barely helps him stop the criminals he's supposed to be stopping instead of being astute in manipulating toon logic into a "reality-warping" superpower to fight and overpower his enemies in the same way Screwy Squirrel does it).
    7. His bizarre voice only becomes more grating and harder to listen to when he gets more talkative than he was before, even much more than in the Lucky Piquel episodes.
      • It especially becomes pretty hard to tolerate listening to him when he speaks insanely fast-paced and in such a way that can be incomprehensible sometimes.
      • The absolute worst offender of his voice getting very annoying to listen to, are when he cries and wails like a crybaby while blubbering nonsensically like a 4 year old does in the episode "The Toon That Ate Hollywood", where despite his sadness being played for sympathy due to being attacked by a villain (and his tears and sneezing were proven to be useful to get them out of a drowning situation), his crying still gets very ear-grating and ear-piercing to listen to since it sounds like nails on a chalkboard (and this scene has caused several viewers to lose interest in watching Bonkers as a show because of Bonkers' meltdown causing a couple of viewers to have some meltdowns of their own as well).
    8. Many of his "wacky" and "crazy" actions he does in these episodes come off as very random and too over-the-top, incredibly senseless and graceless to the point of being reckless more often than not, sometimes jarring, a bit disgusting at times (ex. sneezing a lot as a weird superpower to get him out of a drowning containment unit in the episode "The Toon That Ate Hollywood"), and most of the time, it's simply annoying, which can make his behavior seem rather obnoxious to sit through. Mainly because of the writers thinking that Bonkers behaving and acting like a "strange dorky noisy clownish goofball" non-stop would make him look likable and comical, but it just makes him come across as incredibly awkward most of the time and a lot more of a weirdo whose exaggerated antics just make him rather outlandish, witless and unpleasant to watch instead of it being overall charming.
      • His annoying antics are also offbeat and somewhat out of place to the "buddy-cop" theme the show had already established, especially when the show has established some serious moments here and there to showcase that there is real danger that can still be present in the town Bonkers and the toons live in outside of having a light-hearted tone, Bonkers' "Looney Tunes" style antics being amplified much further in these episodes just destroys any real sense of tension and conflict the show had already shown beforehand as seen in the Lucky Piquel episodes (ex. the villain The Collector who was a human disguised as a toon who was depicted as scary enough to pose a genuine threat to Bonkers and Lucky Piquel in the episode "Going Bonkers"), and as a result, Bonkers' overwhelmingly laughable behavior (as the main character) has made these last 18 episodes feel like there isn't any real conflict is going on half the time besides Bonkers himself being a incident-prone klutz who is causing issues and problems most of the time despite being him the show's titular protagonist who fights off evil-personified criminals. One good example of this being "Dog Day AfterToon"; which is a episode that, while having some moments in seriousness because of Pitts showcasing genuinely threatening moments as a criminal who had the whole police force surrounding him, viewing him as a threat and managing to get everyone fearing him with the bombing attack Pitts planned on making, said moments he created get diminshed and making Pitts treated to be just as humorous and childish as Bonkers is because of Bonkers' tastelessly cartoonish antics that frequently offsets the necessarily serious tone of the episode centering on a hardened terroristic thief like Pitts as the main antagonist (which starts to make Pitts treated as not too much of a threat than earlier and more of a typical terrorist despite having his fair share of menacing moments in the episode), which also shows how badly written and badly timed Bonkers' antics are here despite Bonkers also being the show's "comic relief".
    9. To make matters worse, he has had moments where he was acting significantly more childish and whiny than usual, and these moments are meant to make him look "childlike" and "endearingly immature" but it only makes him more infantile and juvenile to the point of being a lot more annoying than necessary. Two notable examples of these moments includes:
      • "Quibbling Rivalry", where Bonkers is seen annoying Miranda with a back and worth "are-so" remark about Miranda denying and hiding the fact she was feeling genuinely grouchy about Bonkers' recklessness he has shown earlier when catching a thief (which the problem with catching said criminal was all Bonkers' fault, mind you).
      • "of Mice and Menace", when he was trying to take care of Flaps and three mice who were manipulating and lying to Bonkers beyond his back to free an elephant criminal (he even ignores all the signs Miranda was telling Bonkers what they were really trying to do and not trusting her because of Bonkers saying how "cute" the mice are) and at one point, Bonkers is seen complaining and lamenting like a whining child when he was asking Miranda what did he do wrong about raising his "pets" that were the mice in his mind, and even when Miranda tries reassuring Bonkers that the mice were crooks anyways; he then throws a tantrum at the fact he even trusted them (and he does all of this in a very immature and whiny way).
    10. He had moments of being too much of a lustful simp and a hypocrite because of his lust in the episode "CasaBonkers", where he had creepy-looking infatuated eyes while staring at Fawn Deer lustfully while she was sitting down and he even attempted to chase after her once she leaves the cafe like a stalker does and resulting in Bonkers slamming himself into a door and making himself dizzy. His most hypocritical moment in the episode came from Bonkers' friends telling him that Fawn Deer wasn't his one and only love-interest and said that Catcha LegsALot was also his love-interest in the past, Bonkers stubbornly denys this fact (while also holding a pictured frame of her!) and he starts contradicting himself even more by lusting over her and even invading Catcha's personal space by hugging her aggressively and simping over her by telling her that she "never" forgot about him because of her only being a attractive cat lady before he holds her hand and brings her to Frog to order Frog to play a cartoon to impress her (not knowing that Catcha has never met Bonkers in his life).
      • Speaking of which, even though he did not impress Catcha with Bonkers' film he wanted to show and impress Catcha, he was gonna block out Catcha from his memory by saying how she "walked" into "his" world (What a charming guy.) When he was then called by Catcha in need of helping her with hiding a box from the Vermins and the elephant villain, Bonkers acts romantic by saying he saw it as a "meant to be together" scenario, which Catcha says "whatever" to his pathetically infatuated response and pretends to be "chivalrous" to show how desperate he is for her while Catcha tells him to focus on the mission (when he eventually got kissed by Catcha as part of her plan to stop Vermins from getting the beanie and pretends to fall in love with Bonkers as a part of her schemes, Bonkers stiffens himself and bounces onto a table out of infatuation, he also forgot about the mission with hiding the box and there was a whole beanie search chase because of Bonkers' clusminess and absent-minded behavior, he also gives Catcha a creepy perverted stare at her while she was pretending to fall in love with him before Bonkers tries floating in the air from the kiss and falling onto her arms, literally beginning to melt his arms and legs while being held by her before she rejects the love deal since Bonkers doesn't remember where the beanie hat was, he even asks her "can't we get back to the love part?" before being snatched by a elephant villain). Now where have we seen this kind of behavior before?
      • At the end of this episode, even though he finally had a moment of being normal and rejecting Catcha's flirtatious signs before entering a bus, he drops his genuinely coolheaded behavior and acts lovey-dovey over Fawn Deer, which makes him resort back to being simpy again and saying she's his "one and only", even when he forgot about her for most of the episode and was simping over Catcha, making him show some "unfaithful" signs even though Fawn Deer is basically Bonkers' girlfriend of the show and in the Raw Toonage series. Does this ring a bell to anybody?
    11. He also has several moments of being even more cocky or rude than in the Lucky Piquel episodes, which can make him act like a jerk at times (which is unlike his pervious personality in the Lucky episodes as a kind-hearted and thoughtful if clumsy and crazy cop). Two good examples of this includes:
      • "Trains, Toons and Toon Trains", when Bonkers and Miranda Wright get wrapped up in a case when a 'Giant South American Sewer Squid' gets ahold of them, and he nags and acts like a smart aleck to Miranda by smugly telling Miranda about how does she not know about this octopus that has been discovered with a annoyed bad attitude (he even nags even when they're still antagonized by said octopus and getting squished by it's tentacles!).
      • "CasaBonkers", where because of his lustful infatuation for Catcha and also being a hypocritical liar in this episode (as well as a drama king), he starts to look angry as he forces Frog to show the whole cafe a cartoon Bonkers told him not to show to anyone and only did this to impress Catcha like a desperate lover does (and even when Frog told Bonkers that he said nobody should ever see this cartoon Bonkers is referring to and when Bonkers says "You show it to her then you can show it to me" then Frog also said that he has never shown the cartoon to anybody, and he then says "Show it." in a bossy cranky tone to Frog's face to force several people in the cafe into creating a projected display of a old-fashioned cartoon that Bonkers once said shouldn't be seen publicly, which feels quite off-putting to see Bonkers speak in a mean harsh tone of voice, considering Bonkers usually has a kind-hearted demeanor to his behavior in the same manner that Mickey Mouse has kind demeanor). To make matter worse from here, once the film plays; it is presented as a love film centering Catcha and having a romantic story that features her in it, he then orders his friends to fast forward it in a bossy way before it got the part Bonkers was in the film, and once the film was over, Miranda even asks him if the point was to show her "That's it? You got beat up by pirates?" and Bonkers acts like a critic by pointing out "the chemistry" that was only a few seconds and asks Catcha if she wanted to see it again, which she says no (and rightfully she should! Because this is such pathetic behavior for Bonkers to even do!)
    12. Overall, the most tragic part about this flanderization of Bonkers D. Bobcat is how it was so fatal and intense, it just gave the original Bonkers a bad name and a bad reputation in the animation community once the show was already made fun of by Warner Bros back in the day for being a unsuccessful show compared to Animaniacs (which has made a few unsubtle jabs of the show Bonkers being a show that "rots children's brains" in their episodes such as "Deduces Wild"; which had Yakko saying there needed to be a funny episode of Bonkers and "Rest in Pieces" having Slappy Squirrel saying the show Bonkers wouldn't last while), mainly in terms of first impressions of the character Bonkers D. Bobcat.
      • Besides Nostalgia Critic's popular if disinterestedly unfavorable take on the whole show itself in his "Disney Afternoon" video as well as Jay Vaters' ranking video that displayed Bonkers as "the most annoying character on the Disney Afternoon", Bonkers' characterization in these following episodes has also served as the strongest reason for why most impressionable viewers who are introduced to the show in a unfavorable light by many critics alike, would most likely see Bonkers as a overall annoying bobcat Disney created and tried to make you forget about instead of his original personality as a "insane but adorkable police officer", which even made some of the more popular reviewers mention in their reviews of Bonkers such as Saturday Mourning Cartoons' video, who have founded Bonkers to be the most annoying character ever made on the Disney Afternoon channel (originally in the Lucky Piquel episodes and this version combined altogether without knowing what this version of Bonkers seperates from the original Bonkers character). This being the reason for Cosmodore made a full-on review of the show with provided backstory and context for said show.
      • Due to these episodes amplifying Bonkers' worst flaws in the Lucky Piquel episodes to the point of no return, this has resulted in most people besides diehard fans of the show Bonkers, not bothering with finding good aspects about Bonkers D. Bobcat himself (making him an incredibly obscure characters in terms of Disney cartoon characters on the Disney Afternoon and Disney cartoons in general), and that is the biggest mistake that this version of Bonkers has done when this version of Bonkers just glorifies the worst flaws of Bonkers to the point of being seen as a "loathsome" enough to be a widely forgotten Disney cartoon character.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Just like Jar Jar Binks, he does mean well, and Bonkers has shown to care a lot about his friends most of the time and is willing to do some nice things here and there, even if he is extremely childish, pitiable, and fallible to a fault.
      • He can also be genuinely affable and sympathetic to those he interacts with (mainly when he isn't annoying other characters with his clownish antics), one good solid enough example includes the episode "of Mice and Menace". Where, despite being decieved by Flaps and the other mice, he was kind enough to let them mess around with him and his house, and he was even willing to give them cheese, which has reformed Flaps and two of the mice from their villainous roles as minions of a mob boss.
      • Not to mention he can be supportive and at least a little helpful of those by carrying his faithful attitude with the police force, especially when he is told to take care of some amends that are taken fully seriously despite being a flake, a wacko and a clumsy idiot. This is better shown in his cutesy "brother-sister" relationship with Miranda Wright, where he's shown to care a lot about her and one good example of defeating the villains in the episode "CasaBonkers", where despite there being tons of dumb luck to be found here, had Bonkers (unintentionally) leading Catcha, Al Vermin and several villains into a bus that takes them to jail by surprise (due to Miranda Wright being in the bus and taking them all there for Catcha attempting to be a golddigger and the rest for their money-laundering schemes).
      • While he happens to be the brunt of the slapstick mayhem that ensues, he can sometimes be a little earnest about his screwups.
    2. Speaking of cute, his design still has some appeal and effort put into it (even if he looks more like a rejected Looney Tunes character than a Roger Rabbit lookalike).
    3. Despite his apparent unfunny sense of humor and clumsiness, special moments of his ridiculous behavior can be genuinely entertaining to watch every once and a while, mainly when he is given some comeuppances for his nonsensical behavior.
    4. He was a much better character in the Lucky Piquel episodes, where he's less of a buffoon and more of an Inspector Clouseau-type of cop who was in control of himself (though still hyperactive and a little clumsy), and carries extensive knowledge about the Toons and their cartoonish behavior, which is an asset on cases dealing with rogue Toons who antagonize people in the real world (Lucky would very rarely acknowledge this, although he knows it deep inside), and has resorted back to his previous personality after "Cartoon Cornered" had aired.
      • He also redeemed himself in the 2017 reboot of Ducktales.



    • Bonkers made cameos in two episodes of the 2017 reboot of Ducktales.
      • He first made a silent cameo in the episode Let's Get Dangerous!, in which he was portrayed as a comedic klutz.
      • He also made a cameo in the series finale.
    • Because his show was having difficulties with production, it was canceled and Disney attempted to scrap the character from all public consciousness.


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