Bob Bobowski (SMG4 2018)

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Bob Bobowski
"You're either an asshole or a pushover. A Bob or a Boopkins. And I sure as hell don't want to be Bob in this season!"
Gender: Male
Type: Obsessive Celebrity
The Dark Side of Bob
Species: Garo
Portrayed by: WillFromAfar
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SMG4

Bob Bobowski is a character from YouTuber SMG4's series of bloopers. He is based on the Garo enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

While Bob has typically been portrayed as an ill-minded, moronic, shamelessly selfish yet entertaining and genuine character, his character was slightly flanderized in 2018, particularly during his own arc, the Rapper Bob Arc. Bob ultimately served as the antagonist for the second half of 2018, as well as the arc in question.

Although the Rapper Bob Arc wasn't exactly "abysmal" as a whole, fans did consider Bob's portrayal to be the main flaw with the arc, as well as why fans consider The Rapper Bob Arc to be weaker in comparison to the other three SMG4 arcs.

Bad Qualities

Note: This only applies to his behavior in 2018, particularly the Rapper Bob Arc.

  1. The main problem with Bob in that year (particularly the Rapper Bob Arc) is that he is far more mean-spirited and selfish than his normal personality. While Bob has always been portrayed as inconsiderate and attention-seeking. he at least showed at times that he genuinely cares for his friends. In contrast, this year portrays Bob as an obsessed rising celebrity who desires nothing but fame and money, even going out of his way to abandoning his friends.
  2. Outside of The Rapper Bob Arc, Bob has proven to be more unlikeable and antagonistic as the year went on, as in instances such as:
    • In the episode Mario and the T-Pose Virus, Bob locks the door to the castle rooftop on Mario and Luigi when a horde of T-Pose Zombies are coming in to kill them, implying that he would sacrifice his close friends just for his selfish wants and personal survival.
    • The Mario Carnival showed him to be just as if not more antagonistic, as he plays the role of a greedy carnival owner who scams his friends just to acquire more money.
    • In the episode Mario Battle Royale he selfishly kicked Boopkins out of the car only because he was too obsessed with winning the competition.
    • In the episode Luigi’s Lesson he was very mean towards Saiko by repeatedly making fun of her and ungratefully throwing the ice cream that she gave to him to her face
  3. During The Rapper Bob Arc, where he is the main antagonist, he abandons his friends to pursue a life as a rapper, even going as far as claiming that his friends only made his life "devastating".
    • He ultimately takes advantage of his friends far more during that year of SMG4, as in The Mario Concert, he uses Mario and Luigi as his personal managers, and at one point threatened to shoot them if they didn't come along with him.
    • He also destroyed his relationship with Fishy Boopkins (his best friend), as Bob started to see him as nothing more than a "green turd" that's obsessed with anime.
  4. His character as a now-famous and snooty rapper makes little to no sense. It was established since his debut that Bob's singing is terrible and ear-bleeding. How did Bob's singing transition from ear-bleeding to being worshipped as a celebrity? This transition was never explained.
    • While on the subject of that, his songs aren't even catchy and creative. His hit single, [| Ultimate Diss Track], is just Bob making insults to his friends while repeating the line "ultimate diss track". It also just served as a plot excuse for the characters to realize that Bob is a selfish backstabber.
  5. The plot twist where he betrays Boopkins in The Mario Concert was insulting, as it made the following revelations.
    • In Mario and the Bob Mansion..., it was revealed that Bob deliberately wanted his new mansion to burn down (at the unintentional fault of his friends) just so he could use the sob story to acquire fame.
    • To sum up the problem from both of these revelations, Bob's betrayal cancels out any heartwarming and noble effects either of those videos had. It's basically a large middle finger to his friends and the audience.
  6. As an SMG4 story arc villain, Bob doesn't come off as very threatening or evil. Compared to the other three arc villains (Waluigi, Francis, SMG3, and Zero, all of which were genuine threats to the protagonists), the worst Bob did was backstab his friends and use them as tools for his glory.
    • Even Francis despite his motives being incredibly stupid at the very least was a threatening antagonist (for almost causing a mass genocide). Although fans consider Francis to be hatable, he is written to where he is supposed to be hated and taken seriously. Bob, on the other hand, is written to be a fame-hungry celebrity who the audience is supposed to sympathize with when for the most part, his actions don't give the audience a reason to sympathize with him.
    • Building on this, his motives as the main villain are silly and forgettable. In a similar fashion to Xande, Bob just comes across as an obsessive Benedict Arnold who betrays his friends for a petty reward (fame and money in Bob's case).
  7. While indeed heartwarming (see GQ #6), depending on your perspective, his redemption in SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Important Thing can come across as half-baked.

Good Qualities

  1. He was a much better character in 2016-2017, and he thankfully redeemed himself in "The Most Important Thing", and became more likable in 2019-present. He no longer became the obsessive, backstabbing celebrity that he was in The Rapper Bob Arc.
  2. Bob did have a fair number of comedic moments here and there like he normally does.
  3. His early 2018 portrayals weren't too bad, save for some normal obnoxious moments (which are rather a par for his character by that point).
    • He actually happened to be the character that "saved the day" during the 2018 episode, Mario Gladiators.
  4. His motives for rising as a fame-seeking celebrity can be rather understandable, as he started out as friendless "nobody" who managed to acquire a moment of popularity.
  5. While he may have come across as harsh, his reason for getting angry at Boopkins for ruining his concert is justified, as he specifically told him to not interfere with him while he was on stage performing.
  6. His redemption in SMG4 Christmas 2018: The Most Christmas was heartwarming, although whether or not his redemption was well-deserved (see BQ #7) may also depend on your point of view.
  7. Aside from Saiko's Darkest Hour song, he did receive a subtle comeuppance in The Mario Concert: he tries to persuade Mario to manage his tour by pretending to be a poor tramp, but his sole response is a cheerful "Nobody cares!".


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