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    Bluster Kong
    "Man, it hurts to be this hip."
    Gender: Male
    Type: An Mostly Unlikable Jerk Boss
    Rejected Donkey Kong OC
    Species: Kong
    Portrayed by: Donald Burda
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Donkey Kong Country

    Bluster Kong is one of the characters exclusive to the Donkey Kong Country animated series. He is Candy Kong's boss and a rival to Donkey Kong.

    He was voiced by Donald Burda.

    Why He Hurts His Hip

    1. Bluster's design alone looks incredibly cheap and ugly, looking more like a fan-made Donkey Kong character on DeviantArt and not an actual character from the Donkey Kong Country games.
    2. He also looks like an extremely unappealing replacement for Swanky Kong of his extravagant personality and design, especially since he is not in the series.
    3. His constant attempts to impress Candy as a hopeless love rival to Donkey Kong or even "helping" one of the other Kongs often lead him to do more harm than good.
    4. Bluster's personality is portrayed as a walking stereotype of rich people; arrogant, rude, snooty, and selfish. All done with little to no charm to his character.
    5. Even though he is a typically unlikable boss, he constantly has to tell Candy the most obvious trivia about what she already knows in a very pedantic manner. Like him being the boss of his own factory, it's no wonder why Candy can be in a bad mood sometimes.
    6. He is a massive jerk towards Donkey Kong, who is pretty vengeful and envious of Candy being into Donkey Kong more than Bluster himself to the point of doing nasty things outside of his jealousy.
      • One prime example of him being a selfish jerk was when he prevents Candy Kong from helping Donkey Kong grow his hair back by wasting the hair growth formula in the jungle by spilling it because of how envious he is of him.
    7. Just like Cool Cat, he doesn't get punished for his actions (well, most of the time).
    8. One time, he even stole the Crystal Coconut just so he can become the future ruler of Congo Bongo as a way to impress Candy. This would make him feel more like a sneaky and underhanded villain than an anti-heroic protagonist the writers made him out to be.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He sometimes shows his softer side at times.
    2. Some of his songs are decent.
    3. Dona Burda did a decent job voicing him.
    4. He can be funny and likable at times, especially since he is one of the many characters that are prone to the show's funniest moments.
      • His "Man, it hurts to be this hip." line is hilarious.
    5. As mentioned at BQ#7, he does receive his comeuppance sometimes.
    6. His design is passable and nice to look at, despite WHHHH#1 and WHHHH#2.



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