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    Blooregard Q. Kazoo (seasons 2-6)


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    Blooregard Q. Kazoo
    Team blu.png
    Gumball: Your friend really is an big insensitive jerkface, Mac.
    Mac: Tell me about it.
    Gender: Male
    Type: The Dark Side of Bloo
    Age: 5
    Species: Imaginary Friend
    Portrayed by: Keith Ferguson
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    First appearance: House of Bloo's
    Last appearance: Goodbye to Bloo

    "I'm going to the ice charades! I'm going to the ice charades!"

    Blooregard Q. Kazoo, also normally known as Bloo for short, is one of the main characters of the American animated television series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. In the pilot movie, "House of Bloo's", Bloo was only slightly mischievous and showed at multiple points he had a very good heart underneath his occasional mean exterior. As the series progressed since season 2, some fans have complained that Bloo became progressively more anarchic, selfish, and obnoxious while showing far fewer genuinely nice moments, even reaching jerkass levels in later seasons.

    While he was a more friendly and tolerable character in season 1, sadly, he was flanderized to being much more cruel and mean-spirited from season 2 to the final season and never entirely redeemed thereafter.

    Bad Unfriendly Qualities

    • This page covers the 2nd through 6th seasons of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. So, do not add any loathsome moments from the first season.
    1. The way he is written and portrayed is all over the place. He's supposed to be mischievous, yet a good friend to Mac, but nowadays, most of the time, acts like a poisonous friend, making Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy look way tamer by comparison, which doesn't help either when he was on season 1.
    2. He has no character development. In fact, he has character derailment instead, as he seems to get worse each episode rather than better, and also seems to never better himself from the morals of the episodes and usually even commits worse crimes as the series goes on.
    3. His mischief goes way too far, up to the point of breaking windows, stealing, endangering the household, and trespassing on federal property.
    4. He is narcissistic, greedy, strict, arrogant, and self-centered and seems to only care about himself and his looks and not the others. Every time he helps someone, there's some motive behind it.
    5. He is manipulative and willingly cheats friends out of their money.
    6. He barely said anything positive about anyone else throughout these seasons.
    7. His attitude makes everyone at Foster's hate him to the point that they left him at home when they went to the beach.
    8. He can also be a very whiny and immature spoiled brat to get what he wants, such as in this scene, which is very annoying.
    9. He is very disobedient most of the time as he'll do exactly what Mr. Herriman and Frankie tell him not to do.
    10. He's abusive to Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt, who are his friends.
    11. There are many episodes that portray him in an unfavorable light:
      • In "Bloo's Brothers", he boasted about getting ice charade tickets which can irritate you. Even the other Foster residents couldn't stand him.
      • In "Cookie Dough", he was bossy towards everyone in the process of making cookies and had the nerve to fire them despite the fact that he put them through hard labor. Although he apologized for his actions, the residents forgiving him easily didn't earn him sympathy points.
      • In "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down", he constantly made his friends' situation worse and endangered them, such as when he ate all their food and drank all their water. Mac yelled "This was all your fault!" at Bloo, but he got no punishment.
      • In "Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way", he forced Wilt to get him food, even after Wilt snapped and told him no, he didn't care and just told him to do what he asked him.
      • In "Bloo Done It", he tried to demonize another imaginary friend (Uncle Pockets) out of no more than petty jealousy for simply being labeled “The Best Imaginary Friend Ever", showing his envious side.
      • In "Bus the Two of Us", he committed several crimes after being told not to drive the bus, all of which he could get arrested for. He got no comeuppance for his actions and continued to joyride on the bus.
      • In "I Only Have Surprise for You", it was revealed in a retcon that Bloo constantly tormented Mac by throwing him humiliating prank surprise parties every year. In a new surprise party prank, Bloo played what is essentially psychological warfare on Mac, manipulating him and guilt-tripping him into humiliating himself. He had also gotten everyone else in Foster's, even rule-abiding Mr. Herriman, to participate in the prank. Bloo even gloated to Mac that he would always be one step ahead of him.
      • In "Bye Bye Nerdy", he wants to change Mac from being smart to cool, and even though Mac stood up for him, Bloo doesn't learn his lesson since he still tells Mac he's a nerd at the end.
      • In "Schlock Star", he tried to steal Bloppy Pants' role as the lead singer in the latter's band, despite the fact that he knows nothing about it.
      • He told everyone about Mac having a crush on Frankie in "Bad Dare Day" for no reason other than to humiliate him.
      • Even in the series finale, "Goodbye to Bloo", he's still annoying and whiny. Also to make things worse, he even thought of killing Mac (even though he is most likely incapable of succeeding, but still a horrible mindset to have) and visit his grave every day when he thought Mac was leaving, so Mac dying was no loss to Bloo. That means he's a fake friend due to him being a stubborn little twerp.
      • In "Cheese a Go-Go", his theories about Cheese being an alien from space lead him to beat up two innocent scientists and hold them hostage, bound, gagged and all.
    12. Since he's the main character, he appears in every episode, meaning we have to put up with the blue nuisance to no end.
      • Speaking of which, his actions make him come off more as the main antagonist of the show than the main protagonist.
    13. While Keith Ferguson still does a good job voicing him, his voice for Bloo is now too ear-piercing whenever he’s yelling or screaming.

    Friendly Qualities

    1. He was way better in season 1, where he was shown to be a gentler friend who was a jerk at times but also kind to everyone and willing to protect his creator Mac. But his flanderization make us feel sadder.
      • Speaking of which, there are still some episodes where he has his original personality and does show some empathy at times.
      • This thankfully didn’t affect his appearances in Cartoon Network's City Era commercial bumpers of 2004-2008, as he retained his original likable personality in those CN bumpers.
    2. To be fair, he wasn't used to having much freedom at Mac's house before coming to Foster's, which apparently inflated his ego.
    3. Deep down, he does still care for his friends, especially Mac, his creator.
      • In "Read 'Em and Weep", he genuinely misses Eduardo after he gets adopted and cries his eyes out when he thinks he was shot by hunters.
    4. More often than not, he receives comeuppance for his bad deeds, so we cannot clarify him as a Karma Houdini.
    5. His alter-egos like Orlando Bloo and The Bloo Superdude may be brief but very funny and memorable bits from the show.
    6. He did apologize in "Cookie Dough", "Cuckoo for Coco Cards", and "Bad Dare Day".
    7. In the finale, he at least later refused to kill Mac when he saw Mac was pressured in packing, although getting the idea to kill him and starting to take action on it is still bad.
    8. Keith Ferguson still did a great job voicing him despite sounding quite obnoxious and higher pitched at times.
    9. He was responsible for the famous "It's hot in Topeka" scene from "Squeeze the Day", which were funny memes.
    10. Given Craig McCracken's tweets regarding his behavior, he doesn't really understand the consequences of his bad behavior due to the fact that Mac created him at the age of 3.
    11. There are some parts where we feel bad for him, such as him being horribly treated by his assistant in "The Sweet Stench of Success".
    12. The series would mostly wouldn’t be as great without him as he along with Mac are the main characters.


    • According to a trading card in the show's Leapster game, Mac created Bloo when he had to give away his favorite blanket.



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