Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Seasons 2-6))

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Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Seasons 2-6))
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"Ripoff Artists!"
Gender: Male
Type: The Dark side of Bloo
Age: 5
Species: Imaginary Friend
Portrayed by: Keith Ferguson
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Blooregard Q. Kazoo, also normally known as Bloo for short, is one of the main characters of the American animated television series, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. He is an imaginary friend. Mac created Bloo when he was 3 years old, meaning that, by the start of the series, they had been creator and creation for five years. According to a trading card in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game, Mac created him when he had to give away his favorite blanket.

While he was a much more likable and tolerable character in Season 1, sadly from Season 2 to the sixth and final season, he was flanderized to being unlikable and hasn't redeemed ever since.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is supposedly Mac's best friend and was written that way in Season 1 with decent execution. However, afterwards, he was instead portrayed as a trouble-making criminal who rarely had any regard for anyone, and there was no explanation or reason for this kind of character butchering.
  2. He is narcissistic, greedy and self-centered and seems to only care about himself, such as when he endangered everyone by eating all their food and drinking all their water. In "Store Wars", he stole an expensive couch cushion, and repeatedly called people "Rip-Off Artists", followed by him kicking them in the shin.
  3. He was extremely unlikable in the episode, "I Only Have Surprise For You". In it, he constantly tormented his creator, Mac, by throwing him humiliating prank surprise parties every year, even when Mac tells him to stop. Bloo also (somehow) got practically everyone in Foster's, even rule-abiding Mr. Herriman, to participate with him in a new birthday prank, by playing what is essentially psychological warfare on Mac and manipulating him into ruining a fake birthday party for a fictitious 4-year-old imaginary friend named Artie (really Madame Foster in disguise), turning against Mac, and Bloo guilt-tripping him into dressing up and acting as a clown to entertain Artie and, in turn, humiliate himself. Bloo even sadistically gloated to Mac that he would always be one step ahead of him!
    • That being said, Bloo humiliating Mac every year on his birthday with prank surprise parties was a retconning.
  4. His mischief goes way too far, up to the point of breaking windows, stealing, endangering the household and trespassing on federal property. In the pilot movie for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Bloo was only slightly mischievous and showed at multiple points he had a very good heart underneath his occasional mean exterior. As the series progressed, some fans have complained that Bloo became progressively more anarchic, selfish, and obnoxious while showing far fewer genuinely nice moments, reaching jerkass levels in later seasons.
  5. He has no character development. In fact, he is the complete opposite of character development, as he gets worse each episode rather than better. He seems to never learn from the morals of the episodes and usually even commits worst crimes as the series goes on.
  6. He was hypocritical when he told Mac that he wouldn't miss the trip to Europe for the world in "Foster's Goes to Europe", even though he was constantly changing his mind throughout.
  7. Every time he helps someone, there's some motive behind it.
  8. He is manipulative and cheats friends out of their money.
  9. Although Bloo felt bad about it, he got Mac kicked out of Foster's for a while when he brought Goo into the house, leading her to spawn a lot of imaginary friends to the point that they covered the house.
  10. He barely said anything positive about anyone throughout the show.
  11. He told everyone about Mac having a crush on Frankie in "Bad Dare Day" for no reason other than to humiliate him.
  12. In "Cookie Dough," he was bossy towards everyone in the process of making cookies and had the nerve to fire them despite the fact that he put them through hard labor. The residents forgiving him easily didn't earn him sympathy points.
  13. He forced Wilt to get him food in "Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way," and even after Wilt snapped and told him no, he didn't care and just told him to do what he asked him.
  14. His attitude makes everyone at Foster's hate him to the point that they left him at home when they went to the beach.
  15. Him boasting about getting ice charade tickets can irritate you. Even the other Foster residents couldn't stand him.
  16. Since he's the main character, he appears in every episode, meaning we have to put up with him in every episode.
  17. In "Bus the Two of Us," he committed several crimes after being told not to drive the bus, all of which he could get arrested for. He got no comeuppance for his actions and continued to joyride on the bus.
  18. He once kidnapped someone in a telephone costume just so he could get a reward (though he did erroneously think he was an imaginary friend).
  19. He can also be very whiny and immature, such as in this scene, which is very annoying.
  20. In "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down", he constantly makes his friend's situation worse and endangered them and Mac yells "This was all your fault!" to Bloo, but he gets no punishment.
  21. Most of the time he’ll do exactly what Mr. Herriman and Frankie tell him not to do.
  22. He's such a poisonous friend, he makes Eddy from Ed, Edd n Eddy look way more tame by comparsion.
  23. In "Bloo Done It", he tried to demonize another imaginary friend (Uncle Pockets) out of no more then petty jealousy for simply being labeled “The Best Imaginary Friend Ever ", showing his jealousy.
  24. In "Schlock Star," he tried to steal Floppy Pants role as the lead singer in the latter's band, despite the fact that he knows nothing about it.
  25. He's abusive to Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt, the three of which are his friends.
  26. Even in the series finale, he's still annoying and whiny. Also to make things worse he even thought of killing Mac (even though he is most likely incapable of succeeding, but still it is a horrible mindset to have) and visit his grave every day when he thought Mac was leaving, so Mac dying was no loss to Bloo, twisted.

Good Qualities

  1. Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends would most likely not be as great as it is without him.
  2. His design is still simple and relatively cute.
  3. Deep down he does care for his friends, especially Mac, his creator.
  4. He was way better in Season 1, where he was shown to be a more likable and gentle friend who is kind to everyone and is willing to protect his creator Mac.
  5. He's a lot more enjoyable in the CN City bumpers.
  6. Sometimes, he receives comeuppance for his sinful deeds.
  7. He did show empathy before, but not so much after Season 1.
  8. He can be likable in some episodes.
  9. His alter-ego, Orlando Bloo, is brief but very funny and memorable bit from the show.
  10. In the finale at least he later refused to kill Mac when he saw Mac was pressured in packing, although getting the idea to kill him and starting to take action on it is still bad.
  11. Keith Ferguson did a good job voicing him.
  12. He did apologize in these episodes; Cookie Dough, Cuckoo for Coco Cards, and Bad Dare Day.
  13. To be fair, he wasn't used to having much freedom at Mac's House before coming to Foster's, which apparently inflated his ego.
  14. He is responsible for the "It's hot in Topeka" moment.




14 months ago
Score 4
I kinda feel like they made Bloo a jerk from Season 2 onwards for the sake of having more than one absolutely unlikable character on the show at a time.

Anonymous user #1

14 months ago
Score 0 You
((°J°)) what foreshadowed the end of this tv series

Anonymous user #1

13 months ago
Score 1 You

For those saying Bloo is a jerk,watch the following episodes: Pranks for Nothing Beat with a Schtick


Anonymous user #1

12 months ago
Score 2 You
Bloo Is Okay IMO


10 months ago
Score 3
You can draw him in seconds!


6 months ago
Score 1
While I understand that he is flawed, I still like Bloo because he reminds me a little of Junior from "Thomas and the Magic Railroad", since they're both fun loving, childlike (in a good way), and love pulling pranks. At least thank goodness Junior wasn't flanderized and won't go as far as to act like the flanderized Bloo, since he was created exclusively for the "TATMR" movie.


4 months ago
Score 0
I hope that TheRPRTNetwork has not seen this page!


3 months ago
Score 0
Is he some kind of rabid Bloo Fanboy?


3 months ago
Score 3
IMO he is one of the worst cartoon characters ever


2 months ago
Score 1
I had the feeling he would be considered a bad character because of all he has done throughout the series. It was true he was only likeable in the first season (mostly the plot), and despite the fact his unlikeable side actually debuted in "Store Wars" where he kicks everyone in the shin and calls them "rip-off artists", it was true he became a bit of a "jerk with a heart of gold" type of character throughout the rest of season 1. The "hear of gold" part got dropped since the beginning of season 2 when he became the jerk character.

Brian K. Tyler

one month ago
Score 0
Didn’t he have some character development in the series finale?

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