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    Welcome to the Loathsome Characters Wiki!
    Home of characters that have put bad tastes in viewers' mouths.

    Characters are an important part of media and can usually be likable, but sometimes a team of executives can make a character that is too bland, gross, mean-spirited, lazy, annoying, and/or poorly written which can lead them to become an unlikable character, and can even play a factor in ruining the media they originate from.
    882 article(s) 109,080 edits 2,372 files
    1. Mainspace pages should be written decently and cleanly, with minimal swearing, caps and out of place wikitext.
    2. Page and category names should be proper; uppercase first letter, lowercase name unless its stylizing or proper name is upper case.
    3. Do not leave sections empty in pages. The only exception is sandboxes in development.
    4. Writing should be your own. It should not pasted from elsewhere without authorization (quotes are fine) and you should not ask others to write articles for you.
    5. Pages should use categories that are appropriate. If there are multiple options, select the best one. Blogs and user pages should only have appropriate categories from here. Sandboxes should not have categories, comment them out or fake them. If you're unsure, ask or leave it to someone else.
    6. New categories should only be made with moderator or admin approval.
    7. Custom headings in content articles are allowed; this also applies to 'average' characters. Defaults for other pages are "Why It Sucks" for all other pages and "Why It Intentionally Sucks" for shows proven to be created with the intention of being awful. For best results in custom headers, do not capitalize short prepositions, conjunctions, or articles in the custom headings, unless they are the first word of the title. For example, "Why It Really Stinks More than Stinky Pete's Socks of Doom, According to Us", not "Why It Really Stinks More Than Stinky Pete's Socks Of Doom, According To Us".
    8. Keep the captions in infoboxes of pages short and simple.
    9. Try to come up with original phrasing. Some such as "more like x", "go watch x instead", and "depending on your view" are badly overused and should be avoided.
    10. Authors of pages are forbidden from protecting their pages from non-authors, as doing so can be easily abusable. Anyone caught using this restriction will be warned, or blocked, if necessary.
    11. Forbidden pointers including toxic fanbases/hatebases, internet memes (which should be included as trivia if necessary), some material being too scary or violent for some viewers, being on a platform or not being on it, and a sequel or a prequel being worse or batter than the show.
    12. The disclaimer that says "WARNING: Do not add to the 'Average' category or change the headings" or vice versa is forbidden due to be overused. Anyone caught adding them again will be warned or even blocked.


    1. Be civil towards fellow users; avoid rudeness, assume good intentions of fellow editors and respectfully disagree. Remember the Code of Conduct.
    2. Be clear in your requests, discussions and edits, particularly making use of the edit summary. When making a major change (such as page move), start a discussion first to ensure it will go over well.
    3. If users are uncivil, unclear or trolling, do not engage. Be the better user and bring the matter to admins to resolve.
    4. If you disagree with the actions of an admin, you may start a topic on their talk page (yours, if you were blocked). Be civil and only post to try and solve the issue. You may appeal to bureaucrats if you are not satisfied with the judgement offered.
    5. If you have any problem, the first thing you should do in any situation is to ask for help, preferably from the staff but trusted users are a great option too. This is the most important rule we have as we do not want anyone to be left hanging. LCW should be a fun place and users shouldn't be hung up on an issue without telling us about it. Plus it's a good way of getting to know the people behind LCW's management.
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         19:51  Blog:Ashley (Stickin' Around) diffhist +3 CrazySpruiker2001 talk contribs
         19:49  Hua Mulan (2020) diffhist −20 CrazySpruiker2001 talk contribs
         19:48  Cat (Room on the Broom) diffhist +4 CrazySpruiker2001 talk contribs

    Have any questions? Have any requests? Feel free to contact any of the admins!


    This wiki is part of a pair of wikis focusing on characters, with its sister wiki linked here:

    Incredible Characters Wiki

    1. Any characters already on the Loathsome Characters Wiki: No explanation needed.
    2. Any characters from upcoming media: Self-explanatory

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