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    since Terrible Shows and Episodes Wiki is down, i decided to write a blog about a Nick Jr TV show that is disliked by some people.

    The Chocolix is a Brazilian animated television series that premiered on Nick Jr. on September 18th 2018, created by Jacqueline Shor. The 4th season of the show is yet to be announced

    Plot: The Chocolix are a family of chocolates of different colors that live in the splendid Kingdom of Chocoland. Dona Branca, Don Cacau and their children Chocomark and Chocholyne have great adventures and teach them concepts of friendship and the importance of family.

    Bad Qualities

    1. Some people may see the show as a ripoff of Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures.

    2. The idea of a world where everyone and everything is made out of candy (or any type of food for that matter), while a nice concept, is generic and overdone. In fact, the animated Zuzubaland reboot, which had the same exact idea, was made in the same country and same year, manages to be more enjoyable.

    3. Trufão is the only overweight character in the show, which is body-shaming.

    4. Dona Branca and Don Cacau are basically Caillou's parents, but made out of candy, as they rarily scold Chocomark and Chocolyne whenever they do something wrong.

    5. Just like many modern pieces of media, it tries WAY too hard to be hip and cool with Brazilian kids. For example, one of the transitioning cards is a bunch of multicolored emojis.

    6. It's not very well known, due to it never getting more dubs apart from the english dub and the original brazilian dub.

    7. It can get pretty confusing at some points.

    8. Mild gross-out humor, because in one episode, Trufão farted while trying to lift a heavy box.

    9. The show's website makes an annoying sound everytime you hover over a button.

    Good Qualities

    1. It can be undeniably funny at times.

    2. The animation is pretty easy on the eyes, just like many Nick Jr shows from the time.

    3. Unlike other Nick Jr shows like Dora the Explorer, it doesn't have the infamous 4th wall breaks and perfectly treat kids as if they were watching it.

    4. Cute character designs, especially for Trufão.

    External links:

    The show's website

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