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    The Banana Splits (Michael Bay)

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    Fiona Rocks

    The Banana Splits are the main antagonists of the Michael Bay film of the same name.

    Why They Will Make You Go Bananas (Except In a Bad Way, Apart from Hooty)

    1. First and foremost, recasting iconic children's characters from family-oriented TV shows like The Banana Splits franchise who previously portrayed protagonist roles as badass action movie villains is an extremely abysmal idea, which was why it upset and angered so many fans of the original show and its characters, since the original versions of The Banana Splits have been fan favorites and audiences have been rooting for them for many years, only for them to end up losing all of their charm, likability and sympathetic qualities to the point that they become universally hated once they are turned into loathsome villains, hence it insults the fanbase very hard.
    2. Snorky somehow talks in the movie.
    3. They have been flanderized to death, as they went from silly slapstick animals who were friendly and funny to murderous badass robots.
    4. They begin killing and shooting people after they find out that their show was canceled. Killing people just because a show is cancelled doesn't mean it's a big deal.
    5. They wanted to abuse children and threatening to kill them. That's technically murdering children.
    6. Their appearances get creepier as the movie goes on. Later in the movie, Fleegle's entire body get their suit covering torn off, making him look like a badass robot dog.
      1. Let's not forget that he resembled the Terminator.
    7. They are one of the main reasons why The Banana Splits Movie was poorly received by fans of the original series.
    8. Their character designs are incredibly ugly and creepy and look nothing like the ones from Hanna-Barbera appearances or the 2008 appearances, looking more like knockoffs of the Splits. Bingo has no black hair, has a golden armor and has shoes, Fleegle is brown and doesn't have shoes, and Drooper has a scar on his eyelid and has shoes. Snorky also has shoes.
    9. They are very inconsistent in movement: Sometimes they move like an elder person, other times they move like a dumb animal.
    10. They are so poorly written that they contribute to countless inconsistencies and logic fails in their film:
      1. During a taping, Bingo attacks Andy in his room, and then seconds later Bingo is seen on stage at the same time. Wasn't Bingo supposed to be in the taping at that moment?
      2. Drooper could easily shoot Andy and Stevie (childhood ruined enough yet?), but he is seen struggling with shooting Beth.
      3. How are the Splits able to say almost anything? It is never explained how they can say all these things not said during the taping. It also wouldn't make sense if they hired a voice actor for the Splits. If they did, then how would they mimic their voice flawlessly while saying things that the voice actor did not record?
      4. As if things weren't silly enough, both The Splits literally roar in this movie.
    11. Overall, they're a giant middle finger to their original counterparts, as well as the original Banana Splits franchise in general.
    12. They sing WAY too much pop culture songs.
    13. They make horrible weapons and creatures, like Banana Guns, Banana Saw, and their minions, The Banana Bots.
    14. They made WAY too many explosions.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. All four of them get major comeuppance for their killing and shooting streaks, with them being blown up by Hooty, resulting in their deaths.
    2. Hooty was the only one who wasn't with them anymore.
      1. In fact, she fought the Splits to save Harley's family; unfortunately, they killed her, but at least she killed them before she died.
    3. Bill Farmer, Frank Welker, and Carlos Alazraqui did reprise their roles as the good versions of them.


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