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    Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!) if it was written by me.

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    Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!) if it was written by me.
    "T-O-D-D-L-E-R! T-I-T-A-N-S! Toddler Titans! They should stop!"
    Gender: Male, Female
    Type: Xenophobic Crybabies
    Sadistic Childhood Ruiners
    Law-breaking Jerkwads
    Annoying idiots
    Age: 16 to 19
    Species: Demanding Loudmouth
    Annoying Giraffe-Neck Robot
    Immature princess with bad grammar and vocabulary
    Gross, ugly creature
    Portrayed by: Scott Menville
    Hynden Walch
    Tara Strong
    Khary Payton
    Greg Cipes
    Status: Active, but once the original Teen Titans find out, they'll throw them into the lava pit and die!.
    Media of origin: Teen Titans Go!
    First appearance: DC Comics

    The Teen Titans (or whom Mr. Enter and the haters call them the Toddler Titans due to their behaviour) are a group of "superheroes" who work together to "save" Jump City from villains that attack the world. They are the main characters of all incarnations of the Titans comic books. Unfortunately, this incarnation of the Titans made them so toxic, immature, and selfish to the point where we all start to hate them with a huge burning passion since it started on April 27, 2013!!


    1. They cause more destruction in Jump City than the villains of the show! They could have gotten arrested and faced FREAKING MULTIPLE DEATH CHARGES because of all the mess they made.
    2. They ruined the original Teen Titans because of their actions and badly influenced cartoons to do the same thing with goofy animation (in a bad way), weak humor, and unlikable characters like the Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Thomas and Friends,Thundercats and Scooby-Doo (in which their original cartoons are better than those pieces of garbage like that freaking VELMA!).
    3. Their voices are annoying, especially when they shout, wail or yell (with Beast Boy being the worst offender!)
    4. Their jokes and most of their songs are very unfunny, gross, laughable, idiotic, and irritating where it makes Fanboy and Chum Chum, Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners look like talented SNL stars in comparison. The worst examples are the B**** S*****, the Waffles song, the Let's Get Serious song, the Pee Pee Dance, and worst of all, STARFIRE BEING SCARED OF FREAKING CLOWNS TO THE POINT WHERE SHE ACTS LIKE A FREAKING TODDLER!
    5. Their character designs are unappealing and too cartoony as they look more like toddlers (thus the given name) than actual teenagers.
    6. Going back to Pointer 1, they started an organization with Caillou, Henry Danger, JJ from Cocomelon, PinkFong and Dora Marquez called the Titans Rule In Power (or T.R.I.P for short) to "lighten" people's childhoods, teach them "good" and "valuable" lessons, and worst of all, how to become a "ultimate superhero" when they're doing the opposite.
    7. In "Hot Salad Water", Robin became a nationalistic supremacist and thinks that Tea is the British national drink when Tea originated in Asia (notably China)! Thankfully in the end, the Titans got insulted by Mr. Bean, Horrid Henry, Thomas the Tank Engine, Harry Potter, Bob the Builder, Postman Pat, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, The Prime Minister and other characters and people from the United Kingdom in the deleted post credits scene.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. They do get their karma by getting slashed by a group of Jedis with their Lightsabers, getting trampled by a group of young puppies from Bluey (one of the members of Toddler Titans Sucks foundation), getting their heads cut off with a guillotine, crying after getting bad gifts and greeted an Unhappy 10th Anniversary, going to Jump City Prison, Control Freak (who actually is also one of the members of Toddler Titans Sucks foundation) criticizing them for their bad actions to the viewers, and getting rick-rolled as their present during Christmas after getting coal.
    2. A few of their songs are catchy, such as Forever Ever and Night Begins to Shine.
    3. Beast Boy and Raven's relationships are one of the few good parts of them.

    Notable members of T.R.I.P


    • Teen Titans (Go! version)
    • Henry Hart/Kid Danger
    • JJ, TomTom and Yoyo (Cocomelon)
    • Pinkfong and Baby Shark Brooklyn
    • Caillou
    • Dora Marquez


    • Johnny Test
    • Fancy Nancy
    • 2023 Velma Dinkley
    • Barney The Dinosaur
    • Sanjay and Craig
    • SwaySway and Buhdeuce
    • AEG Thomas
    • Fanboy and Chum Chum
    • Gus and Wally (Rocket Monkeys)
    • Baby Butterfly


    • Trina Riffin
    • Angela Anaconda
    • Dhar Mann
    • Nikado Avocado
    • Gene from The Emoji Movie
    • Donald Trump
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