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    Sae Taiga (Troy Bobber's Super Hero Taisen)

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    Tessai (Troy Bobber's Super Hero Taisen)
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    FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sae Taiga was GaoWhite (ガオホワイト Gao Howaito) of the Gaorangers. She appeared in Troy Bobber's Super Hero Taisen.

    Why She Sucks

    1. Instead of just being an overreacting brat. She is at her absolute worst in this movie due to killing Onari Yamanouchi after he called her a "piece of shit" in the next 10 minutes of the beginning of the movie, and eats Kai's corpse after he got killed by Ultraman. Making her the villain for her actions.
    2. She swears WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY too often throughout the entire movie.
    3. Very awful dialog. 4 examples: She states that Masato Kusuka is approaching Yokohama within 500 days yet he reached the city in just 2 minutes.
      • She also said that she started having a very weird relationship with Kagura Izumi, In which she takes it too far.
      • She had simply said that she defeated Ura within battle in just 30 seconds when in reality she just died but came back to life by Ren Akamichi when he came to the battle.
      • She also stated that if Tsukimaro was to marry her she would kill him and CELEBRATE HIS DEATH AND RAPE HIS CORPSE...
    4. Much like her original character. She still hates criticism and kills someone who keeps criticizing her.
    5. The acting for her is insanely grating. Even worse than General Crunch and Prince Vekar.
    6. There was one disturbing scene were she cuts Reika's melons off.
    7. Speaking of Reika Shindai, she has a very underwhelming rivalry with her. As well as her rivalry with Kazumi Sawatari.
    Sae Taiga as GaoWhite

    The Only Redeeming Quality

    1. She is still more tolerable than Takaharu Igasaki. Who is much worse in this movie.
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