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    Plush Michelangelo/Mikey (King Frieza's Among Us Plush)

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    Hello im majorpain :))
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    CrazySpruiker2001MajorPain 55
    Plush Mikey
    "Guys, it's me!" Plush Mikey before IDIOTICALLY ratting himself out to all the crewmates
    Gender: Male
    Type: Generic and Idiotic Antagonist
    Species: Turtle
    Portrayed by: MajorPain
    Status: Voted Out (Deceased)
    Media of origin: Among Us Plush (King Frieza)

    Plush Michelangelo/Mikey is a character from the 2020 video of King Frieza's Among Us Plush. He's obviously based off of the charecter Michelangelo (or Mikey for short) from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is the main antagonist of the video, as well as the second imposter next to |Daniel Tiger, and Black Falcon

    Why He Should've Gotten Suspected from the start

    1. For starters: He's a pretty weak antagonist, he really had no build up at the start and it just revealed he's the imposter just like that. While that's not a bad idea to reveal that he's an imposter right off the bat, like we said there was still no build up so that can be pretty dumb.
      • Other reasons why he's a weak antagonist is his constant annoyingness (Even on the same level has Hard Toy Mikey) and other reasons that will be revealed soon.
    2. Like mentioned above, he is extremely annoying. Especially, his voice, in fact his voice is almost like Hard Toy Mikey's (Due to having the same voice actor and both being Mikey).
    3. Idiot Move: Once the videos climax hit, Plush Mikey literally ratted himself out to all the crewmates on purpose which lead to him getting voted out
      • Hypocrisy: Plush Mikey's main goal was to kill the crewmates and he wanted to do that but for no reason he ratted himself out which is pretty dumb considering the fact that he literally wanted to win.
    4. He killed off all of the main characters in the video, well yes it was his job as imposter to kill everyone we are talking about AAAAALLLLL the main charecters here! Which leads us off on just filler characters for the rest of the video.
    5. He's a gary stu, sure as most of his bad qualities said here would make him not that, he literately killed a bunch of people and didn't get suspected somehow until the climax
    6. Connecting with WHSGSFTS No. 3, why did Mikey rat himself out in the first place? He was doing perfectly fine as an imposter by getting a lot of kills, so it would make no sense for him to do so.
    7. He hit Sonic... with a shoe.... just to make him weak?... Mike, buddy, you do realize you could have killed him right off the bat right?
      • He did kill Sonic after that, but still, pretty stupid.
    8. His kills were anti-climactic, expect Spider-Man's who had a build up, but even that kill was stupid.
    9. He can be seen as a [[[Generic_doomsday_villain#/search|Generic Doomsday Villain]]

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. He had potential, but.. that was ultimately wasted.
    2. Some of his actions are justifiable, considering the fact that he's the imposter and he has to do the things imposters do.
    3. Even if the way he went out was forced, he did get karma for his actions by being voted out.
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