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    Hello. Street here. It's been a while since I contributed to this wiki (or any wiki on Miraheze) since Qualitipedia was shut down months ago.

    Anyway, I know I may be a tad bit late to this, but I've been thinking for a while that there should be another rule to both of the Characters Wikis which could improve them a little bit more: and that is to add sources to their pages regarding their quality, AND reception, be it a video, a link to another website, or what have you.

    The reason why I think this new rule should be implemented is because I've been looking at some of the pages here that seem opinion-based without any sources backing up their reception at all, like the Poison (Street Fighter X Tekken) page, and from what I've seen, that page has nothing to justify its existence, and I can't even find anything about other people outside of Miraheze criticizing Poison's SFXT version, which makes the article look opinionated, so I might tag it for deletion later.

    I know I'm not an admin here anymore, and the Characters Wikis seem to be somewhat improving, but I believe that this potential new rule of adding sources to pages would go a long way to further expand the wikis' credibility and help more people take them more seriously. Thanks in advance.

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