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    Maria Joaquina Vilaseñor/Medsen

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    Maria Joaquina Vilaseñor/Medsen
    "Você se casar? Só se for com a Fiona do Shrek!"
    Gender: Female
    Type: Spoiled girl
    Age: Unknown (kid)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Ludwika Paleta (1991 Mexican version)

    Larissa Manoela (2012 Brazilian version)

    Media of origin: ''Carrussel''

    Maria Joaquina Vilaseñor/Medsen is a character of the Mexican soap opera Carrussel.She's (with Jorge del Salto) the richest girl in the classroom.

    Why She Sucks

    1. The main reason for all this: She keeps belittling and humiliating her classmate Cirilo just because! But it gets worse when she ruins his dreams of wanting to be a doctor just because he's poor.
    2. It shows that she's a snooty. Saying that she has a lot of money, that her dad has a great profession and is well known, that she has the best grades and that she has a luxurious house compared to the rest of her classmates.
    3. For her, only thinks wealthy people are worth it.
    4. Hypocrisy and contradiction: She sometimes says that some of her classmates are rude, but she's also it by being cruel to Cirilo just because and calling some of his colleagues "naco".
      • She also says he is very polite just for saying please and thanks. Are you kidding me, right? Is insulting people lower class than him, being arrogant, running someone out of the house in a violent way, not wanting to help and believing to be absolutely right about everything being polite?
    5. She's not only snooty, but also tantrum-tossing.
    6. Most of her characteristic are similar from Simoleta Molina

    Reedeming Qualities

    1. At least her parents try to scold and correct her when she makes a mistake. Especially her dad.
    2. Carrussel plot would not be complete without her.


    • She is inspired on Maria Joaquina Vilaseñor from Carrussel (1989).
    • According with Jean Paulo Campos (Cirilo's brazilian former actor), Larissa Manoela always cried outside of the recordings because she hated portraying the scenes of Maria Joaquina bullying Cirilo.


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