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    I've been thinking of a few characters I feel should be on this wikia, so I thought I've list them

    • The Be Cool Scooby-Doo renditions of Shaggy, Velma, and Fred - we brought back the pages for Scooby and Daphne so we oughta bring back the other three. These versions of them are terrible!!
    • The A Pup Named Scooby-Doo rendition of Daphne - Like Fred, this show's Daphne was extremely annoying, she was a spoiled tempermental brat who never believed in anything supernatural, only cared about fashion, insulted the rest of the gang's interests, and constantly whined about dust and dirt to the point that it became an annoying running gag. This is also a HUGE STEP BACKWARDS from Daphne during the Scrappy-Doo era where she was an capable and indepent leader (and a much better one than Fred will ever be)
    • Rei Hino from Sailor Moon - When compared to the rest of the Sailor Soldiers (who are all on the Incredible Characters wiki!), Rei is incredibly mean, hypocritical, and a horrid friend to Usagi. It wasn't even a funny gag either. She also very cruel to others throughout the series.
    • Luna from Sailor Moon - Another very mean and hypocritical character, cruelly insults and fat shames to Usagi, accused Artemis of cheating, violently harasses him, roped the other girls into agreeing with her, and downright refused to apologize to him or let herself be held accountable for her actions.
    • Kai-Lan from Ni Hao, Kai-Lan - Chinese ripoff of Dora, refused to let friends be sad or let them quit their activities up to the point where she chased Rintoo to force him to return to their Safari, annoyingly smiled and sang too many times in even one episode. She was much better in the Downward Doghouse shorts
    • Certain Lead Cures from the Precure franchise in general - Particularly Mana Aida, Hana Nono, Hikaru Hoshina, Manatsu Natsuumi, Megumi Aino, Ichikia Usami, Mirai Asahina, Yui Nagomi, and Sora Harewataru (maybe altogether in one page), Besides how they all proudly force and promote half-baked redemptions in their seasons' climaxes, they are also all irritatingly flat and static characters who didn't go through any character development. When compared to the lead cures before them (minus Love), their stupidty and naivety is much easier to get on people's nerves, they hog the spotlight from characters (whether they be other cures, mascots, supporting characters, or villains), and worst of all, the fact that they never develop and always refused to kill the more pure-evil villains (even if the world was at stake) sadly shows how poorly the franchise writes them to stick to their forcibly short-sighted moral codes. This makes them feel like the same girl with a different face and name over and over again.
    • Kawarino from Yes Precure 5 - scary man who makes everything more tense whenever he appears on the screen and is responsible for the deaths of many of the seasons villains (even the sympathetic ones like Gamao and Bloody, who could've had redemption arcs) by forcing them to use the Black mask
    • Lum, Shinobu, Ran, Ryoko, and Kurama from Uruseu Yatsura - Ataru may be a pervert, but the fact that these girls are all bitchy tsunderes who violently (and sometimes unreasonably) beat him doesn't exactly make them any better than he is
    • Rebecca Hawkins from Yu-Gi-Oh - irritating brat who keeps whinning, bragging, and shouting. Only won because Yugi let her because of his stupid moral code (may eventually add her to the Half-Baked Redemptions list)
    • The Director and Sir Thoddeus Sureblade from NImona - Both are terrible elitists. The Director is the much worst figure for killing the Queen for letting commoners joining the Institute and framing Ballister for the crime and trying to destroy Nimona with a cannon that would also destroy millions in between. Sureblade on the other hand is an extremely annoying jock/knight character who sadistically took too much pleasure in hunting down and killing Ballister and Nimona, not even caring when they revealed that it was the Director who killed the Queen. I really wished they actually punched his punchable face
    • Kipo Oak from Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (Season 3) - Before anyone here goes on about how you think "killing some of the humans for aiding Emilia would be genocide" like you did when I had as the half-baked redemption example, hear me out first! In the first two seasons of the show, Kipo was a likable, adorable, and relatable character. She was learning how dangerous being optimistic at the wrong time in a world where animals and humans are at each others' throats for the made-up role of Dominant Specie, and she grew to recognize when you have to take your weapons out and start fighting (best example being her solution just in case she couldn't win over Scarlemagne, who clearly was crossed both the moral lines and the deep end. This particularly made Season 2 a fantastic season in terms of Kipo's character development and a finale promising more. Unfortunately, Season 3 being the final season crushed that all at once! It made Kipo refuse to accept that she couldn't win over Scarlemagne and insist that he has a second chance, disregarding how everyone else felt after the coliseum. She also kept insisting on reaching out to her people, even though they’ve already sided with Emilia and are clearly swayed in by her anti-mute views. This results in them viewing her differently ‘’and’’ many beloved Mute allies cured when she tried to solve the solution with nonviolent methods at the wrong time. And after being taken by Dave's rather ridulous story, she still tries to redeem Emilia, who by this point has proven to be a complete monster who will never budge, even deregarding her mother Song's story of how Emilia killed her own brother for suggesting that humans and mutes can live to together. So that's why I feel Season 3 Kipo should be on this wiki, she's an example of what can happen to a character when you end too early and/or quickly.
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