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    How to Make Good Characters Bad
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    Fiona RocksLSStudiotheTsPHater1964

    Dumb and Dumber (the first one)

    • It's about Lloyd and Harry doing random stuff and just causing trouble for no reason.
    • Mary's name is "Laura".
    • Instead of Aspen, they go to Detroit.
    • Instead of going to a diner, they go to a club where Harry takes off his clothes.
    • During the part where Harry becomes a dog groomer, he accidentally runs over a cat with the Mutt Cuts van. Only to keep driving after not giving a crap about it.
    • Replace: "I Got Worms" with: "I Got AIDS".
    • Before Harry goes over to where Mary lives, instead of JUST laxatives, Lloyd laces Harry's tea with weed ....and still laxatives.
    • When he gets to Mary's house, the drugs hit him. Harry starts to laugh at seemingly nothing. When Mary asks him "What's wrong?" Before walking off. After he starts feeling the lax effects, he says "My guts are speaking German." Then he screams like Filthy Frank and runs into the bathroom. He pulls down his pants and shits. Missing the toilet, a little bit while screaming "I HAVE NO BALLS ANYMORE!!" when he finishes, he proceeds to look back at the mess behind him and cries " Mama Mia". When he sees the toilet doesn't flush, he tries again and says, "Do your job, b*tch!"
    • When he still can't get it to work, he unscrews the toilet to pour its contents out the window but drops it and the contents go everywhere. He screams in horror and escapes out said window.
    • Mary faints when she opens the door. She gets killed because she hit her head on the floor.
    • The bird starts out alive, Lloyd rips its head off and pees on its dead corpse. Harry claps and says, "Serves that boy correctly!"
    • "Harry, I took care of it." Is replaced with "Harris, go screw yourself."
    • During the scene where Harry says, "pumpkin pie haired freak", Lloyd responds with "Harry you have nice man boobs."
    • Instead of "Pumpkin pie haired freak." Harry says, "Potato headed furry."
    • Have the end credits song be "Butterfly" by Smile.DK.
    • The main characters look exactly the same, but they both like to wear dog collars around their necks.
    • Harry has a thing for being spanked and being a "bad boy".
    • Lloyd gets Harry's name wrong a lot. (EX: Howard, Harris, Harrison, Harold, Henry, Hellspawn.)
    • Lloyd secretly thinks that Harry is sexy.
    • Seabass is named "Shitface".
    • While lacing the tea, Lloyd says "Add the whole bottle for fast relief! Make sure he feels all saucy inside! I also will add some dank ass kush!~"
    • Instead of a little chip off the end, Lloyd's entire left front tooth is missing.
    • Lloyd's catchphrase is "That's not right!" While Harry's is "What doing bitch?"
    • During the scene where they go skiing, Harry pukes while on the lift. It lands on a child.
    • When his tongue gets stuck on the pole, he rips it off and blood goes everywhere.
    • The suit that Harry wears is bright yellow, Lloyd's is bright green.
    • Harry's hat has "Secksy Beazt" written in black marker on the front.
    • During that "I'll stay here and pat out the vibe" part, Lloyd goes up to one of the waiters and grinds his ass on them.

    SpongeBob films

    The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

    • At the start, SpongeBob buys 'Puffy Fluffy' which makes Gary run away forever.
      • As if this makes Puffy Fluffy the main villain of this movie.
    • Puffy Fluffy blows all the bubbles in the shack and he causes SpongeBob and Patrick to get beaten up.
    • The Old Lady's fake ice cream stall (Free Ice Cream) is set off by Puffy Fluffy (by phone, that is).
    • David Hasselhoff is Seth MacFarlane instead.
    • The Cyclops is Nicki Minaj.
    • Shell City is a stuffed animal shop.
    • Puffy Fluffy steals Neptune's crown.
    • Mindy is voiced by Lady Gaga, and she sings really goofy songs.
    • The Goofy Goober Rock Song at the end is Fuck You by Cee-Lo Green, making Puffy Fluffy graphically explode.
    • Plankton and Karen do not appear in the movie at all (Because of Puffy Fluffy).
    • SpongeBob also gets a splinter during the Goofy Goober's sequence and blames Puffy Fluffy for it.
    • The Krusty Krab 2 is a Peter Piper Pizza and everybody who eats at it gets food poisoning.
    • It was directed by Michael Bay and Raja Gosnell.
    • Add a lot of edgy offensive humor, like in the series proper.
    • Dennis is more psychopathic and has a handgun that replaces his knife.
    • Dennis shoots Floyd and Lloyd instead of ripping their lips off. He also shoots up the Thug Tug thugs instead of punching Victor up into it, shoots David Hasselhoff/Seth MacFarlane in the head and kills him instead of stabbing his butt and tries to shoot SpongeBob and Patrick.
    • Floyd and Lloyd are ugly bullfrogs who are avid weed smokers.
    • Remove Ocean Man and Best Day Ever.
    • After the Gooby Goober Rock song, Mr. Krabs calls SpongeBob and Patrick out for everything. As a result, SpongeBob doesn't become manager at the end and is fired from his job.
    • King Neptune curses every sentence.
    • The Patty Wagon is a modified version of the photo ride from Chuck E. Cheese.
    • The movie is released as a direct-to-video movie.
    • Goofy Goober's is a drug shop instead of an ice cream parlor.
    • Instead of getting drunk from ice cream, SpongeBob and Patrick become stoned and end up slurring their speech for the rest of the film.
    • Planktopolis is renamed Puffocaust, and it resembles several World War II concentrations camps, complete with some of the characters being gassed in a gas chamber.
    • Instead of getting seaweed mustaches from Mindy/Lady Gaga, SpongeBob and Patrick have an uncensored threesome with her. This replaces the "Now That We're Men" sequence.
    • Instead of the tear reviving SpongeBob and Patrick after they get dried up, they get revived by someone smoking weed onto them. The person who smokes weed onto them is revealed to be Seth MacFarlane.
    • Remove the pirates' scenes.
    • Rename the movie to Spongey Cheese's Big Freakin' Movie.
    • The credits song, "Ocean Man" is replaced with "Waving My Dick In the Wind."
    • The post-credits scene features SpongeBob dying by suicide after being fired.

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

    • Take out all funny parts and replace them with random poorly made infomercials.
    • Put in more potty humor.
    • Have it directed by Michael Bay.
    • Remove "Squeeze Me" by N.E.R.D
    • SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Sandy and Plankton become live-action humans in poorly-made costumes when on land instead of CGI.
    • Make Puffy Fluffy the main antagonist of the movie and have him work with Burger Beard.
    • Make the characters' superpowers bland and boring. Example: Patrick uses bongs as a superpower instead of ice cream.
    • Burger Beard is more psychopathic.
    • The names of the characters' superhero egos are either clunky and/or unoriginal.
      • Invincibubble/Bubble Sponge has rounder pants.
      • Mr. Superawesomeness/Ice Cream Drug Star is more muscular than usual.
      • Sour Note/Clarinet Squid has a realistic face.
      • Sir Pinch a Lot/Robot Crab has human arms and human legs.
      • The Rodent/Real Squirrel is basically a just a normal sized live-action grey squirrel. She also has rabies.
      • Plank-Ton/Planksmash had a bigger head.
    • Make the movie more like the trailers and promotional media, which means MORE LIVE ACTION!
    • Retitle it "Another Goddamn Spongey Cheese Movie"
    • The credits songs, "Patrick Star" and "Sandy Squirrel," are replaced with the voice crack version.
    • The donut shop is Dunkin Donuts instead.
    • Taco Haus is replaced with Taco Bell.
    • Burger Beard turns Bikini Bottom into Barney's Imagination World instead of an apocalyptic wasteland.
    • Kyle is an ugly dodo bird who smokes weed.
    • SpongeBob's brain sequence is designed by the writers of Angela Anaconda.

    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    • Poseidon kidnaps SpongeBob instead of Gary.
      • He also called him "Fred".
    • The Gambler is Adam Sandler.
    • Remove Sage.
    • Poseidon kills Patrick.
    • El Diablo redeems himself.
    • Otto is voiced by Adam Sandler.
    • Otto's catchphrase is "Smile, Atlantic City. Say "Chuck E. Cheese".
    • The CGI is similar to Norm of the North.
    • The Blue Fin Group is more stupid
    • Young SpongeBob sounds like Alvin Seville.
    • Young Sandy is just an ugly mutant squirrel.
    • Add in Puffy Fluffy and Le Spatula.
    • Retitle it "Spongey Cheese's Third Big Freakin' Movie."
    • Like the bad version of the first film, Goofy Goober's is a drug store, not an ice cream parlor.
    • Make Squidward say offensive quotes, such as "Fuck her right in the pussy!"
    • Patrick is voiced by Jake Paul. He also constantly dabs and says, "Dab on them haters!"

    Pokémon Movies

    Pokémon: The First Movie

    • Have Mewtwo talk like a toddler
    • Ash does not get revived after he turns into stone.
    • Put product placement of Huggies pull ups.
    • WAY too much toilet humor
    • Have Mewtwo sing Barney's "I Love You" song at the end.

    Pokémon 2000

    • Add more poop jokes

    Pokémon: Spell of the Unown

    • Entei is replaced by an ugly cockroach.
    • The cockroach eats Pikachu like a lizard.
    • Add toilet humor please!!!

    Pokémon 4Ever

    • Celebi never gets revived
    • Celebi gets shot by poachers
    • The cast of Mega Babies, Shrek and Vana Glama make cameos.
    • The Iron-Masked Marauder wins at the end.
    • Remove the scene where Suicune purifies the water.
    • Cele-B-R-A-T-E is just Let's Cele-B-R-A-T-E over and over again.

    Pokémon Heroes

    • Latias is voiced by Maria Darling (using her Amelia voice, but sicker)
    • Latios is voiced by Hadley Kay (using his Bix Wheelie voice)
    • Make Latios have a potty emergency 20 minutes into the movie.
    • During the Miramax logo, two of the buildings come to life and sing the "Don't be racist, I am a Building" song. After it finished, the buildings return to normal, and the logos proceed as usual. The reason for this is never explained either.
    • When Annie and Oakley capture Latios, they also capture Latias as well.

    Pokémon Jirachi Wish Maker

    • Taking out Pikachu.
    • Replacing May with Teddy from Good Luck Charlie.
    • Replacing Ash with an average 16-year-old guy.
    • Not having any more Pokémon movies.
    • Having Max kill Ash (or average 16-year-old guy) with Jirachi because they are friends but not with Ash (or average 16-year-old guy).
    • Make it the series finale to the show and franchise.
      • Unless if they reboot it and do something different with it.

    Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

    • Lucario sings this song from Rubbadubbers at one point of the film
    • Lucario has a bratty 2-year-old sister named Lucaria who wears a diaper, sings baby songs, and has trouble with basic math (so basically a female prototype of Riolu).
    • The characters break the fourth wall a la Dora the Explorer
    • Pikachu is replaced by Tico from Dora the Explorer
    • Add incredibly stupid toilet humor.
    • Lucario is voiced by Charlie Sheen (using his Dex Dogtective voice)
    • Aaron is replaced by the Pooh Goes Poop version of Pooh.
    • At one point, Tico meets some Ludicolo and they sing this annoying Spanish song.
    • Every 8 seconds, a character pees, poops, burps, or farts.
    • At one point, Lucario, Lucaria, Tico, and Mew go to a bar and drink too much.
    • Lucario is revived by this poop quote Lucaria says.

    Arceus and the Jewel of Life

    • Add a pointless love story for Sheenia and Kevin.
    • At the final scene make everyone sing the Dora the Explorer theme song as the grand finale.
    • Make Arceus voiced by Tom Kenny.
    • Add toilet humor.
    • Add Back to the Future references.
    • Have 9/11 jokes.
    • Make everyone a complete moron.
    • Have E.T guest star in it.
    • Have cursing.
    • Replace Damos with Panda from We Bare Bears.
    • Have Pikachu poop everywhere.
    • Have Meow Mix product placement.
    • Make Kevin voiced by Alan Tudyk using his Ludo voice.
    • After the grand finale, the screen cuts to a black screen with white text that uses Comic Sans font that says "Congratulation! You have finished watching this movie......" Like if the makers of this movie knew this movie suck. After the first sentence, the next one goes like "Now go and rest our brain cells!"

    Kyurem vs The Swords of Justice

    • Keldeo is voiced by Rob Paulsen (using the Bubsy voice)
    • Keldeo never becomes a Sword of Justice.
    • Get rid of the Swords of Justice.
    • Kyurem is replaced by a bland, boring dragon.

    Detective Pikachu

    • Make the plot ridiculously cliché and predictable.
    • Make MLP references.
    • All of the Pokémon are people in costumes that look like these.
    • No CGI.
    • The Cubone in the beginning was shown with its dead mother Marowak.
    • Sonichu makes a cameo.
    • Make it really low budget.
    • It was created by genwunners who are trying to say that all of the later generations are bad.
    • The cast of Shark Tale, Trina Riffin, Mandy Struction and Jeffy joins the cast.
    • Add 9/11 jokes.
    • Fill it with fetish scenes.
    • Make it a bootleg.
    • Magikarp gets the most screen time.
    • Harry Goodman is dead.
    • Pikachu sings "I Play Pokémon GO everyday" instead of the anime theme.
    • Make Pikachu die after he drowned.
    • Add an offensive joke that was cut out from the original.

    Popples (1986 Live-Action Film Pilot. AKA It's Popple Time)

    • Have Bonnie Wagner throw a very bad swearing tantrum once the Goodwill closes down at 6:00 PM, followed by Ellen Wagner (Billy and Bonnie's mother) spanking her exposed butt.
    • Have the Wagners never get the Popples at the end of the film.
    • Make what Billy's friend Ricky said actually occur.
    • Replace funny quotes such as "Does Springsteen come from Jersey?" and "Shut up, termite." with gross toilet humor-based ones.
    • Replace the background music throughout the pilot with audio portions of the Southern Television broadcast interruption of 1977.
    • Lessen focus on the parents and give them abusive personalities.
    • Give the Popples no personality whatsoever (like in the TV series proper).
    • Delete the Dinner scene at the beginning of the film in exchange for a family fight involving cursing, slapping, rude gestures, etc.
    • Change the instrumentals of Popple Magic to very obnoxious 80's Heavy Metal ones.
    • Do you want to make us puke?
      • It would give the film awkward toilet humor, making it worse. What did you expect?
    • Make the Popple puppets uglier than the characters on Mr. Pickles
    • Show physical abuse between Party Popple and Bonnie Wagner upon meeting each other.
    • It actually tries being overly "hip with the kids".

    All Dogs Go to Heaven

    • Make it a 109-minute kids' matinee film for Loews Theatres in 1990.
    • Every 5-20 seconds, a character shows off his/her/its naked body, complete with girls screaming in the background.
    • Have it produced by D'Ocon Films Productions (I like D'Ocon for their campy stuff, but they would ruin this film!).
      • Not to be off topic, but I love Scruff, a D'Ocon TV series.
      • In case you're wondering why people hate their animation, to the right is an example of how crappy it is. This was from a show of theirs I used to watch a long time ago that I stopped watching after seeing Inside Out for the first time (lesson learned, Inside Out is not the film for non-Disney fans, or else it will brainwash you into stopping watching your favorite shows). This was from a shot where the two characters were talking in their kitchen, but they didn't decide to zoom in on them, instead focusing on the kitchen itself.
    • After separating with Charlie, Anne-Marie goes travelling with the Doctor (through a cameo by a live-action Sylvester McCoy and a reused TARDIS prop from one of the non-canon films chroma keyed in and bad special effects) and is never seen again.
      • So that would explain her absence in the sequel and the TV series!
    • The voice recordings are like The Christmas Tree.
    • Make the animation like.... D'Ocon's shows! (What did you expect? One of the previous statements here is that it would be made by that company.)
    • The Madballs from Madballs: Gross Jokes make time-to-time appearances, making gross jokes about the situation the characters are in.
    • Kraftwerk perform unnecessary (and very weird) songs about the situation the characters are in at some points in the film.
      • Thus, making this film one of Karl Bartos' last projects with the band.
    • The Evil Grimace from the old McDonald's commercials kidnaps Charlie and Anne-Marie and the other characters and takes them to good old New England.
    • Make the hell scene longer and more graphic.
    • Have product placement for Cherry Coke in the film and have the characters sing a song about it. They sing about it once they find Cherry Coke in a soda fountain inside a Bakers Square that popped from the ground in Boston, Massachusetts. They would be singing the song from a commercial for it (as shown in the clip on the right):
    • Have the film be financed by the aforementioned Bakers Square.
    • Charlie is voiced by Jackie Chan.
    • The hell scene was not a dream and is the end.

    Clifford (1994)

    • The cast of Rapsittie Street Kids, Dr. Two Brains, Virginia from Lola and Virginia, Trina Riffin, Perfect Peter, Jeffy, Bradley and Stacy Stickler join it.
    • Have Burp and Belch from the bad version of Toy Story 4 appear as living toys.
    • It was in Foodfight esque CGI
    • It was made by random people on the street.

    Civil War

    Late Night with the Devil

    The Powerpuff Girls Movie

    • The film is animated a la Mr. Bored.
    • The professor doesn't care about and neglects the PPGs, like in the series proper.
    • The talking dog/cute, girly cat always gets beat up whenever the Girls try to save him/her.
    • The violence and fighting are removed, like in the series proper.
    • Add loads more toilet humor.
    • The first joke is a poop joke.
    • The Girls get arrested at the end for destroying Iraq, after Allegro wins against them, and the professor is still in jail.
    • Mojo Jojo does not appear at all, and is replaced with Allegro, the panda from "Painbow", an episode of the 2016 reboot.
      • BONUS: He wins against the Girls.
    • Add in some McDonald's product placement.
    • Allegro's sidekick is a dumb glue bottle named "Glooey".
    • The movie takes place in Iraq, like in the series proper.
    • Have a scene where the Girls use a child's potty.
    • In one scene, have Allegro, Glooey, and the Girls twerk.
    • Have kids' infomercials from the late 90's and 2000's play every 30 minutes. After each string of infomercials, the Girls say, "Buy our stuff or you'll get tickle tortured!"
    • The Girls throw tantrums every minute, and their tantrums are worse than the children's tantrums on Supernanny.
    • Have ads for Nick Jr. shows play every few scenes, in addition, after the ads, Allegro tells the audience to watch all their shows, or he’ll go to their house and steal all their toys.
    • Have a Head-On parody like the one in Epic Movie as a bad dream the Girls have.
    • The Care Bears show up at the end, kills Allegro, Glooey, and their army, and take over Iraq.
    • Put in a marathon of scary logos just to tease and scare us.
    • Instead of the professor buying the Girls gifts, the professor doesn’t care about their birthday and the Girls steal the gifts instead.
    • Replace the evil monkeys with overly happy animals, such as rabbits, butterflies, and pandas.
    • Wipe of the Blossom Blows a Raspberry scene from existence.
    • Add in a reference to 9/11.
    • The movie was just made to be a cash cow.
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