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    How We're Gonna Fix This Wiki Part 2: How's The Wiki Going So Far?

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    Ever since my blog post about a month ago, I think it's safe to say there has been some noticeable improvements with the people and pages of this wiki. Considering the last post did well, I decided to put an update post and share how we're resolving problems I mentioned and other issues. Here we go.

    Why I Don't Like Most Of The Pages: Part 2

    Basically I'm gonna take the original "Why I Don't Like Most Of The Pages" and relook at what I said.

    1. "They focus too much on the character's personalities only, barely going into their actions. The Gale and King Pig pages were notable examples."
      • It appears most of those pages have ended up in the cleanup or delete bag, which is good, especially for Gale and King Pig, which got deleted.
    2. "A lot of pages are too opinion-based."
      • Luckilly, it became noticable that wide spread hate opinions exist, which is helping.
    3. "Some don't even have much reasonings, and even if they do, they are false or barebones."
      • Those pages are in cleanup now.
    4. "No offense to most of the people, but many of the people can't take proper criticism."
      • Still kind of an issue, but Ammar, who defiantly is one of them has been banned, but that's an improvement.
    5. "For some reason, pages that need to be deleted, such as the Lori Loud page, or the King Pig page, some idiot called "MrMarioBob" moves the page to a blog so "it can't be deleted"...DUMBA*S!!!"
      • Ok to begin off, I love how I misspelled MarioBobFan's name. Although someone like him shouldn't get anything good anyhow. Second, sorry for getting so mad to the point where I called you a dumbass and made a whole blog on you, but still. You need to improve MarioBobFan if you don't want to be banned forever. But luckilly, blog moving has been stopped, and any blog movers have been put in their place.


    Anyhow, I think this wiki is starting to come a long. Not the best, but I'm starting to like it more. Maybe 6.5/10. Hope we can continue advancements! Also, if a random user is reading this, I know how you can help:

    1. If you find a page that is rather stupid, either put it in cleanup if the character is unlikable but the page is weak, or delete if it breaks rules or is just plan bad.
    2. Any pages in cleanup you can help contribute to so it becomes better.
    3. Make your own strong pages about characters you haven't seen on this wiki before! Just make sure to read rules.
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