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    How I'd Write The Caillou Page

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    • Since the Caillou page for now is protected I decided that I'd show how I'd write the page, and what it could be if it gets unprotected. Don't worry, this isn't one of MarioBobFan's "theoratical" blogs. Also, this is a work in progress page. Probs will be deleted if anything happens.

    Behold, the original and preschool version of Jeffy.
    Gender: Male
    Type: Bratty
    Age: 4
    Species: Human
    Media of origin: Caillou

    Caillou is a 4-year-old boy and the titular main protagonist of the Canadian animated TV series Caillou

    Why He Sucks

    Seasons 1-3

    1. To start off the list, he is infamous for his constant whining and pointless temper tantrums. Most infamously, he had a meltdown after finding out that he was going to the circus tomorrow when he thought it was today. Not next week, not next year, but tomorrow. This obviously proves he cannot handle not going to the circus.
      • These temper tantrums got so out of hand that many parents complained about their children's behavior changing after they watched Caillou.
      • His second most infamous temper tantrum was in the episode Caillou's Teddy Shirt, in that clip of Rosie wearing his teddy shirt, he has to have a stupid meltdown all because of that. He even shouted at Doris really loudly that the whole house could hear him. And when Doris told him that it was too small for him, he just shouted back at her by saying ”NO! IT'S NOT TOO SMALL FOR ME!” when it actually was too small for him.
    2. His voice is grating, especially when it was provided by the late Jaclyn Linetsky and when he cries.
      • On that note, his crying will most likely get on your nerves.
    3. He is selfish and often does not like to share.
    4. He is cruel to his little sister Rosie, even going as far as pinching her in the face in "Big Brother Caillou" (and he acts even more spiteful in the book version by biting her).

    Seasons 4-5

    1. He became a Gary Stu in these seasons, as he is given a blander characterization.
      • Modern Caillou (the Caillou with the yellow shirt) also isn't any better than Caillou with the grey shirt for a number of reasons, including:
        • In "Caillou's Cross Word", he along with Leo calls Clementine "stupid" and hurts her feelings.
    2. TBA

    Caillou's New Adventures

    1. Here, he is reversed to his old ways as he starts becoming more jerkish and spoiled again, and there is even still a hint of his Season 4-5 characterization.
    2. Not only that, his deeds have hit rock bottom, and he's redoing things he's already done sometimes.
        • In "Caillou and the Chores", he refuses to go outside to help his dad to work and instead just stay home just to play video games.
        • In "Caillou's Prison Break", he refuses to eat his vegetables (similar to how Jeffy refuses to eat his green beans) and eventually got grounded for it and then later on try to escape his room.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. When he is not being bad, he is kind of cute sometimes, and there are some episodes where he is nice and helps out.
    2. He sometimes does teach decent life lessons about social skills and exploring the world.
    3. Even if he is given a blander characterizartion in Seasons 4-5, he at least is somewhat more behaved.


    • When the book series started in 1987, Caillou was a baby, but when it was time for him to age up, the illustrator found that giving Caillou hair would've made him unrecognizable, thus explaining the character's baldness.
    • He along with Dora are both main victims of grounded videos made in mh:rottenwebsites:Vyond, mh:rottenwebsites:Plotagon, and Wrapper.
      • His misbehavior and unlikable behavior also caused him to spawn a parody series called "Caillou at 22" made by AOK and an apperence in a Family Guy episode named "Stewie's First Word".



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