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    Collin Brixemarker (LKBumban)
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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

    This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Reader discretion is advised!

    Reason: Contains racial slurs and grotesque language

    WARNING: This character is based on a real influencer NOTE: We are not ableists or racists - many of us Charactapedia users have autism. This is merely a constructive criticism of a character who says negative statements of mental disabilities and black people.

    Emelie Bumbi
    "Va' då med dina n---r kompisar din J--la Hitler K-ks F--ta H--a! "
    Gender: Female
    Type: Online Beggar

    Trisha Payatas Done Worse
    Gambling addict
    Nagging manipulator
    Karma Houdini
    pathological liar

    Age: 17 June 1986 (age 37)
    Species: Human/Puppet
    Portrayed by: (Voice: Emelie Bumbi) (Puppeteer: Bumban)
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: LK Movies
    First appearance: Emelie Går Live

    "Vem är som mig? Jag e' en Fucking giver"


    Emelie Bumbi is a character based on the infamous Swedish TikToker with the same name who constantly beggs for money in her apartment with furniture. She has even a gambling problem and is known for being untrustworthy. She is being called Sweden's answer to Trisha Payatas. The Puppet used for her is The Rose Puppet from SML

    Why She's Not a "F**king" Giver

    1. To start off, her character is just an attention-seeking, gambling-addicted, immature, manipulative, aggressive, false and dumb character who always lies.
    2. She always lies to her viewers who are usually kids to give her money and to buy her OnlyFans pictures.
    3. She lies about her having cancer.
    4. She faked her own death just to be more famous.
    5. This character is even an ableist who wants to put down her kids if they had autism.
    6. She constantly nags her foster family to get her a computer while she complains about her not having a fully functioning LED-sceen devices such as (a Television, a Laptop, a PC, an iPad, a Tablet, a fully functioning phone) and compares it to be in jail.
    7. She constantly beggs for money on her livestreams but on her videos, reels or stories she said she has stopped begging for money
    8. On multiple occasions, she uses the N-word even though she is white.
    9. She always plays in casinos.
    10. She throws temper tantrums if she loses on a slot machine, when someone doesn't want to send money to her, when someone unfriends her without her permission and when someone tells her.
    11. She says that fat kids should die.
    12. Her attempts of being famous are just pathetic.
    13. She constantly compares herself to Britney Spears.
    14. Bumbi is so dumb she makes Jeffy look like a genius.
    15. When she denied she was racist, she said that she was half-Swedish, 1/8 Russian, 1/8 British and 1/4 Albanian because she had an "Albanian" nose.
    16. She acts like a 4-year-old because she can't see the worth in money, she throws tantrums when her order is incorrect, she doesn't think consequently and she wants to be the centre of attention
    17. She thinks that Sherlock Holmes is Homer Simpson and is called "Sherlock homeless"
    18. She acts like Peppa Pig most of the time
    19. The only thing she does is provoke everyone such as:
      1. Faking her phobia of beards and vomit
      2. Tells feminists and "snus consumers" that they are plain gross
      3. Sl*tshamed Nenne Friisk
    20. She made fun of people with spastic cerebral pares. When she claims she has worked as a personal assistant for people with disabilities

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She can be creative on some occasions.
    2. The reason why she is an gambling addict is because she had an ex that played poker.


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