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    Complaint: How We're Gonna Fix This Wiki

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    1 MONTH LATER UPDATE: https://loathsomecharacters.miraheze.org/wiki/Blog:How_We%27re_Gonna_Fix_This_Wiki_Part_2:_How%27s_The_Wiki_Going_So_Far%3F Imma be honest, they are multiple issues with this wiki. Now, I know haters gonna hate, but still, it's just an opinion I and a few others have. So Imma go over how this wiki itself is loathsome and how to fix it.

    Why I Don't Like Most Of The Pages

    One major overall issue I noticed with the pages is that:

    1. They focus too much on the character's personalities only, barely going into their actions. The Gale and King Pig pages were notable examples.
    2. A lot of pages are too opinion-based.
    3. Some don't even have much reasonings, and even if they do, they are false or barebones.
    4. No offense to most of the people, but many of the people can't take proper criticism.
    5. For some reason, pages that need to be deleted, such as the Lori Loud page, or the King Pig page, some idiot called "MrMarioBob" moves the page to a blog so "it can't be deleted"...DUMBA*S!!!

    How We Are Gonna Fix It

    1. Pages that seem to have poor reasoning and bad properties will be deleted, such as what's gonna happen with Lori Loud, Gale, and King Pig. Cases where cleanup may come if the character is unlikable but the page is barebones, such as the Mikey and Pencilmate page.
    2. The character must have a decent hate opinion, and should not be a random dislike boner.
    3. Must have decent reasons; bonus points if they have mini sections for examples.
      • This is an example!
    4. More moderation for bad people, and bans and warnings should be handed out better.
    5. NO MOVING PAGES THAT NEED TO BE DELETED TO FUCKING BLOGS!!! That honestly should be a front-page rule.

    Overall, this wiki needs some major improvements if I'm gonna like it as much as Awful Movies wiki and Terrible TV Shows wiki. Don't delete this, as sorry if I got a bit toxic, but it's a rule that any criticism of this wiki can't be deleted.

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