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    Chica (AndrewJohn100)
    No! I want to have my pizza!
    Gender: Female
    Type: Dimwitted Jerk
    Species: Animatronic Chicken
    Portrayed by: AndrewJohn100
    Media of origin: Freddy Fazbear and Friends by AndrewJohn100

    Chica is the main tritagonist (though other times is an anti-hero) of Freddy Fazbear and Friends on AndrewJohn100's channel. She is the back-up singer of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza where she sings along with her band-mates. She also interacts with the kids and is often the one delivering pizzas to them. She is voiced by AndrewJohn100.

    Note: This is a remake of a blog post the user who made this page made. For the old page, see this page.

    Why She Can't Have Her Pizza

    1. Despite being really nice and friendly towards the kids who visit Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, she is disrespectful, ungrateful, disobedient, spoiled, stupid, egotistical, selfish, careless, and overall rude outside of that.
    2. She is very carless, such as in Bonnie's Guitar, where she threw watermelons around the pizzeria which not only hurt Foxy but also broke Bonnie's guitar.
    3. She has done some very unlikeable things throughout the series.
      • In The Missing Car, she steals Bonnie's car, wrecks it and leaves it to get taken to the scrapyard.
      • In Chica's Broken Leg, she bosses everyone around, taking their time away from them due to her broken leg, where in the cause was that she actually had hairline fractures on her femur.
    4. She can be a braindead idiot at times.
      • In Chica's Broken Computer, she vandalizes her own computer after it could not function properly.
      • In Chica's Gun, she takes Springtrap's gun without asking for permission and shoots Freddy, Bonnie and almost Phantom Foxy, as she was unaware of the dangers of guns.
    5. She is an extreme prankster, though her pranks usually go too far ("Chica's Ultimate April Fools","Jokes on You","Chica's Gaming Channel","Prank Wars").
      • Speaking of which, she was at her absolute worst in Chica's Ultimate April Fools.
    6. She is very addicted to pizza, even to the point where she eats very heavy pounds of it, which can kill her one day.
      • Her strangling Foxy for taking a slice of her pizza and refusing to share her pizza is somewhat petty.
    7. She often gets into fights with other characters.
      • In Bonnie Runs Away, she and Bonnie fought each other over Chica playing the guitar horribly.
      • In Free House, she attacks Bonnie over an argument. She also shoves Freddy into the ventilation when he attempted to beat her for cussing at him.
      • In TV Fight, she and Bonnie fight over what shows to watch.
    8. She has received the worst reception among AndrewJohn100's fans, who criticized her character mostly due to her awful personality, destructive nature, and all the stuff she's done over the course of the series.
    9. She doesn't get karma for her actions, making her a Karma Houdini.
    10. Her voice in Freddy Fazbear and Friends and Fazbear Segments is extremely annoying and ear-piercing.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She can be both likeable and funny at times.
    2. There are moments where she is helpful towards others.
      • In Chained Together, she tried to break the chain that was keeping Withered Freddy and Withered Bonnie together.
      • In The Fox Race, she helped Freddy train.
      • In episodes where the Nightmares appear, she helps the gang fight them.
    3. She was decent up until Addicted to Pizza.
    4. Most fans feel bad for her when she gets abused or punished by Freddy or Bonnie.
    5. She gets her comeuppance in episodes, such as Chica's Punishment.
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